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The Fraser Family of Johnstown

The following has been researched, written and submitted to this web site by Marcia Buffet.

First Generation of Fraser.

1. JAMES FRASER was born 1765 in Scotland, and died March 12, 1851, at the age of 86, in Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY. He married MARY SPRAKER.  She was born 1769, and died July 18, 1830. They are both buried in the Johnstown Cemetery.

They had two children that I know of;
2.  George who was born in 1797 
3.  Ann, born December of 1799

Second Generation.

2.  GEORGE FRASER married CATHERINE MCINTYRE. She was born in 1797 and died March 13, 1861.

They had three children:
4.  DANIEL (1819 - Sept. 11, 1862)
5.  CATHERINE F. (1825 - March 13, 1836)
6.  MCINTYRE FRASER who was born March 30, 1822.

The daughter of James and Mary, 3. ANN FRASER, married JOHN MASON (1796 - Jan.22, 1876).

They had two sons:
8.  JOHN C. MASON.  John was born 1834 and died April 10, 1850.

Third Generation.

6.  McIntyre Fraser married LOUISA WELLS. She was the daughter of ELEAZER WELLS and AMY AKIN. Louisa was born October 27, 1825 and died October 3, 1874.  Louisa came from a large family -  More on Wells/Akin relations and Wells Genealogy.

McIntyre and Louisa had a son:
9.  GEORGE FRASER who was born on September 23, 1852.

After Louisa died, McIntyre married SARAH E. BRIGGS, the daughter of THOMAS and RACHEL (SAMMONS) BRIGGS.  McIntyre and Sarah Briggs had a son named
10.  MCINTYRE FRASER, JR., who was a New Year’s baby in 1881.

In 1845, McIntyre studied law under Judge John Wells at Johnstown and in September 1847 was admitted to the bar. In 1869 and 70 he shared an office with Judge John Carroll in Albany.  He also had practices with:   Martin McMartin, Judge John Stewart, Daniel Cameron, Hon. John M. Carroll and John C. Mason. In 1871, he was elected County Judge of Fulton County.

7.  James Fraser Mason, son of Ann Fraser (3) and John Mason, married ELIZABETH CAMPBELL a couple of weeks before Christmas in 1854. Elizabeth was the daughter of Duncan Campbell and Catherine Walker. James and Duncan started a firm, Mason & Campbell, in 1869, that manufactured gloves.

14. JOHN C. MASON.  He studied law and became a member of the law firm of Carroll, Fraser, and Mason.

Fourth Generation.

9.  George Fraser married a woman named Margaret. Unfortunately, I don’t know her maiden name. However, the dates on her tombstone in the Johnstown Cemetery read:  February 13, 1857 - August 25, 1913.  George died less than a year later on April 20, 1914.

10.  McIntyre, Jr., at the age of twenty-six years old, in January of 1907, he married KATHERINE STEWART ARGERSINGER. She was the daughter of JAMES PIERSON ARGERSINGER and MARGARET STEWART. Katherine’s father, James, had gone to the Pacific Coast in his younger years, about 1860, and stayed there for four years. When he came back, he became a glove manufacturer. Katherine was born on March 21, 1881 and died in Johnstown on June 21, 1935.

In September of 1837, McIntyre, Jr. (10) was married to ETHEL F. ROBINSON.

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