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Homer D. Baum, A native of Broadalbin

Sometimes, you are lucky.  Every once and a while a treasure is saved. This is just one example.

Homer David Baum,
at 22 years

Imagine yourself going through old photos in an antique shop.  Do you look for names and dates?  If you do, would the photo above catch your attention?  Maybe...maybe not.  But if you're Jim Innis of Harrison, Ohio, it does.   Here's his story:

"While browsing a stack of old photos in an antique shop in Fort Myers, Florida in December 2000, I came across a postcard-sized photo of a young man. On the front was penned his name, "Homer David BAUM at 22 years."

On the back of the photo is written:  "Homer D. BAUM, Douglas, Ga. Born at Broadalbin, Fulton County, New York. Born Aug. 22, 1888."

After Jim went home, he checked the Social Security Death Index (SSDI)  and found a Homer D. BAUM. He died in July 1970, and his last residence was known as Arcadia, Florida 33821.

After contacting Jim, I contacted the Broadalbin Historian, Gordon Cornell.  Gordon provides this insight:

Homer was probably the son of David H. Baum and his wife Dora Pennock.  David was born 1860 and died in 1951, at 91 yrs.  Dora was born in 1868 and died in 1935.  Dora and David are buried in the Broadalbin Cemetery.

Please contact the site coordinator if you have further information on this family.  There is obviously a much greater story to tell....why Homer left Broadalbin and when?  Did he travel alone?  Was he married?  Did he have children or siblings?  What a great success story this would be if someone can provide more insight as to the life and times of Homer David Baum.

UPDATE! - 10/25/2005

From Julie Hampton Ganis:

Homer D. Baum (Aug 22, 1888 Fulton Co, NY-d.Jul 03, 1970 Lee Co, FL) was the son of Samuel H. Baum (b.c.Feb 1865 NY-d.aft 1930 Mayfield, Fulton Co, NY). Homer's mother died before 1900, so I don't know her name. Samuel H. Baum was the son of David Baum and wife Mary of Fulton Co, NY. David and Mary had many children, including another son, David H. Baum (1860-1951) who married Dora Pennock (1868-1935).

I am not related to these folks, But I, too, found Baum photos in Florida several years ago. I did not find them in Fort Myers as Mr. Innis did, as I've never been there, but we lived in St Petersburg and I probably found them in that vicinity. I collect old photos so it's hard for me to remember exactly where I bought them.

Anyway, the 2 Baum photos I found were of Samuel H. Baum and his nephew, William P. Baum:

Samuel H. Baum

William P. Baum

The photo of Samuel H. Baum says the following on the back:

"Samuel H. Baum, 1/2 Indian. Dady (sic) of Homer D. Baum. Homer D. Baum 1/4 Indian. 1/4 Blood Indian."

William P. Baum was the son of David H. Baum and Dora Pennock. he was born in 1900 in Fulton Co, NY and died in 1966 in Fulton Co, NY and is buried there at Johnstown Cemetery. The back of the photo of him says: "Wm. P. Baum, about 1917."

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