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Dorn Surnames: In and Around Fulton County

The following records were researched, extracted, transcribed and contributed by Marcia Buffet.  Marcia is one of Fulton's very generous volunteers; not only does she share her wealth of information and resources, but she does so time and time again!  Thank you Marcia! 

Abraham Dorn son of Michael and Elizabeth Dorn was born June 7, 1794, baptized June 22, 1794 (First Presbyterian Church Record).

Adelia Dorn and two daughters Cora and Pearl are guests of Mrs. Dorn's brother E. S. Trumbull at Trumbull Hollow. (Fulton County Republican newspaper, Thurs. July 18, 1895).

Albert Dorn and his brother Charles left Saturday for a picnic in Northville will stop to see relatives in Gloversville.  ( Fulton County Republican newspaper,  August 22, 1895)(Note:  Mrs. Albert Dorn was Ida Trumbull)

Alfred Dorn married Adelia Trumbull (both of Caroga Lake) March 13, 1873.

Anna Dorn, daughter of E. J. Dorn to marry F. J. Trumbull of Bainbridge June 29, 1889.

Bertha May Dorn, daughter of Chauncy Dorn, died May 1893.

Catherine Dorn, daughter of Jacob and Hannah Dorn, was born July 1, 1827; baptized Feb. 3, 1828 (St. Paul's Lutheran Church).

Charles Dorn of Rockwood married Hattie Nixon of Ephratah on Nov. 30, 1887.

Charles W. Dorn, son of William and Hannah Harden Dorn, was born July 9, 1848.  He was baptized Oct 28, 1848, First Presbyterian Church Records).  Later he married Josephine Price.  (History of Fulton Co by Frothingham) He died at age 48 Oct 1895.

Chauncey Dorn of Caroga Lake and Ida Gage of Johnstown were married on Tuesday, Aug 19, 1884. ( Fulton County Republican newspaper, August 1884.)

Chester Dorn, infant son of Alfred and Adelia Dorn, died July 1879 age 2 months.

Dewitt Dorn ill at old homestead between Garoga and Ephratah, brother of Mrs. Richard Murray (Fulton County Republican newspaper,  May 23, 1895).

Dewitt Dorn III, age 55, died Sacramento, Ca. born on May 26, 1934.  He was the son of Dewitt II (Gloversville) and Edna Fredericks Dorn.  Survivors are son Dewitt IV, daughter Mrs. Deborah King of Gloversville and sister Mrs. Lean Cowles.  (Leader-Herald newspaper, Thursday, December 7, 1989, page 5).

Dewitt W. Dorn, age 68, of Walker Road, Utica (formerly of Johnstown), died August 23, 1988.  He was born January 21, 1920, son of Guy A. and Lulu Smith Dorn.  Survivors are brother Milton Guy son of Dewitt Dorn of Keck Center. (This didn't make sense to me but I typed it just as it was written)

Edna K. Dorn, age 92, of Washburn Road, Gloversville, died Dec. 26, 1988.  Edna was born Sept 28, 1896.  She was the daughter of Clarence and Sarah (Oberg) Fredericks.  Her husband was Dewitt Dorn whom she married in 1924.  He died in 1955.  Survivors are son Dewitt Dorn III of California, a daughter, Lena Cowles and a sister Mrs. Marion Persee of Johnstown.

Edna L. Dorn, age 84, of Kalamazoo, Michigan died at Ann Harbor Nov. 1994.  She was born Sept 6, 1910, daughter of Laty and William J. Lucas.  Survivors: Husband, Alva L. Dorn, daughter, Maryrose Hopkinss of Adrian Michigan.  Predeceased by brother Richard Lucas who died in Feb. 1993.

Eleanor Elizabeth Dorn, daughter of Eli Dorn, was born Aug 20, 1855 and baptized April 20, 1859 (St. Paul's Lutheran Church).

Eleanor M. Dorn married William A. Briggs Aug 1, 1849 (First Presbyterian Church).

Eli Dorn died March 27, 1877, age 29 buried in Johnstown, NY married Mary M. Haring on May 19, 1869 at St. John's Episcopal Church, Johnstown.

Eli Dorn's daughters married in a double ceremony.  Mary Dorn to Willis Baird of Burtonville, and Adelle Dorn to Cassides M. Weichard of Carthage.  (Fulton County Republican newspaper)

Eli Russell Dorn, son of Nicholas and Mary, was baptized on March 25, 1870. (St. John's Episcopal Church)

Elinor Dorn wife of Michael: Child Michael born July 7, 1799 bapt. Aug 18, 1799 First Pres. Ch.

Elizabeth Dorn married to William Stewart Feb. 12, 1824 at the First Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. Elizabeth Dorn died July 27, 1878, age 100 years 4 months and 12 days.  Sister Mrs. Veghte.  She had ten children:  Mrs. Peter Smith, Mrs. William Stewart, Francis Rupert Dorn, Mrs. Jacob Argersinger, Mrs. Levi Wick, Mrs. Lewis Dorn, William Dorn, Eli J. Dorn, Nicholas Dorn, Mrs. John Young.

Mrs. Elizabeth Dorn, daughter of William and Hannah Harden Dorn, was born March 22, 1845 and baptized on Nov 9, 1845.  She married Dr. James Scofield and had daughters Grace E. and Florence S. (Church record).

Elizabeth Dorn died Thursday, November 22 at age 67.  She born in Sammonsville. Survived by 2 sisters: Mrs. Margaret Hodgson and Mrs. Kate Ireland. (Fulton County Republican, November 29, 1906, page 8.)

Elizabeth Dorn, wife of Michael, had child Abraham, born June 7, 1794 and baptized on June 22, 1794 (church record).

Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Dorn had a daughter, born March 26, 1900 in Utica. (Fulton Co. Rep.)

Elmer Jay Dorn, son of Eli and Margaret, was born August 4, 1861 and baptized on December 8, 1861. (St. Paul's Lutheran Church).

Mrs. Elmer J. Dorn (Emma Charlotte Wood) died Mar. 30, 1900 in Utica. She was the daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Wood.  She was born in Deansboro, Oneida Co., NY and was about 20. She died of pneumonia. She is survived by: She had an infant daughter (Emma C.'s infant daughter of Elmer J. was baptized in Utica. She was brought to Johnstown where she will live with her Aunts Ida and Hattie Dorn.). Her brothers were Albert P. Wood, Frank D. Wood and William H. Wood, Grove H. Wood, and Alfred H. Wood, all of Utica.  (Fulton County Republican, May 3, 1900, page 5).

Estella Dorn, daughter of Eli and Margaret, was born December 22, 1864 and baptized March 20, 1867 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. She married Schyler Lottridge of Fonda Sept 1, 1886 (Fulton County Republican, September 2, 1886,  page 2).

F. O. Dorn Rockwood, died age 61, Oct 1899.  He was the son of Michael Dorn. Survivors include his wife and son Frank, brother Dewitt, and sister Mrs. Richard Murray. (Fulton County Republican, October 12, 1899,  page 5).  Francis O. Dorn married Laura Laird (Lamb) on April 29, 1863, both of Ephratah. (St. Paul's Lutheran Church Records).

George Dorn moved from Lassellsville to Johnstown in Jan 1896 married to Maggie Snell (record found in Johnstown Library).

Grace Dorn died June 1883, age 21.  She is buried in Johnstown Cemetery. (Johnstown Cemetery Assoc. Record).

Hannah Dorn, wife of William, died January 1895.  She was born 1810 in Montgomery Co.  and married William in 1830.  She had five children. Survivors are: sons Dr. John H. Dorn and Charles W. Dorn of New York City, and daughter Mrs. Elizabeth Scofield of Johnstown. Her brother was George Harden and sister Mrs. Elizabeth McKinley of Amsterdam. Lived on the corner of Market and Clinton Streets in Johnstown. (Fulton County Republican, Thursday February 2, 1895.)

Hannah Dorn, widow of John Dorn, died Friday at Caroga Lake, age 75 years.  (Fulton County Republican, December 25, 1899, page 5.)

Hannah Harden Dorn, wife of William, were married on October 12, 1830.  Their Children: John, baptized August 6, 1842; Elizabeth, born March 22 and baptized on November 9, 1845; Charles, born July 9 and baptized October 28, 1848. (First Presbyterian Church records).

Harriet Dorn, wife of Charles, died September 20, 1893. (Fulton County Republican, September 21, 1893 page 3.)

Harriet Haring Dorn, daughter of Eli R. and Mary, was born February 14, 1873 and baptized March 9, 1873. She is buried in Johnstown Cemetery on  May 10, 1873 age 11 weeks. (St. John's Episcopal Church records).

Hattie Dorn, daughter of Nicholas Dorn, married Stephen Wemple in Johnstown on 23rd September 1868 by Rev. Dr. Stewart.  (Gloversville Intel., September 30, 1868 page 3).

Hattie Dorn married Daniel Ellsworth on January  2, 1889.  (Fulton County Republican, January 3, 1889,  pg 2).

Hattie Mae Dorn, daughter of Eli and Margaret, born November 5, 1866.  She was baptized March 20, 1867.  (St. Pauls' Lutheran Church Records.)

Ina Dorn, eldest daughter of Alfred Dorn, of Rockwood, married Charles B. Meserve. (Johnstown Daily Rep., February 17, 1892, page 3.)

James Dorn, died December 8, 1877.  He was born November 12, 1856. (Fulton County Republican, December 20, 1877, page 2).

James Dorn, died February 8, 1889 age 44.  He is buried in Johnstown Cemetery. (Fulton County Republican, January 9, 1890, page 3).

Dorn, Mrs. James, died age 87, was born in Garoga.  Survived by daughter, Mrs. Oscar Erkenbrack, a granddaughter Mrs. Charles Bronk, and 2 brothers Abram Lowrey and Jackson Lowrey (Fulton County Republican, May 10, 1906, page 3).

Jerry Dorn, age 45, died April 1879 (Fulton County Republican, April 17, 1879, page 3).  Also from the Johnstown Cemetery Assoc. report, he died in New Orleans on April 7, 1879.

John Dorn, age 4 1/2 buried March 10, 1841 (St. John's Episcopal Church Records).

Dorn, Dr. John, formerly of Johnstown, has retired as police surgeon of New York city with pension of $1500 per year. (Fulton County Republican, May 30, 1895).

John Dorn, of Kinderhook, died August 16, 1909 age 33 at the home of his mother, Lucinda Dorn, of Johnstown. He was born in Ephratah 1876.   He is survived by: a sister, Mrs. Frank Everson, and a brother, William Dorn, of Wilmington Delaware.  Buried in Ferndale Cemetery, Johnstown.  (Daily Rep., Friday August 17, 1909.)

John Dorn, of Caroga Lake, married Matilda Hooser of Bull Runn on March 28, 1869.  (Gloversville Intel., March 31, 1869 page 2).

Dorn, Dr. John H., age 62, died Friday in London, England. He was the son of William and Hannah Dorn. In August 1872 he married Margaret Johnson who died in 1888. He married a second time to Sarah Eckert in 1897. (Fulton County Republican, June 23, 1904 page 5).

John H. Dorn, age 85, of Utica a native of Johnstown, died Jun 21, 1986.  He was born October 9, 1900, a son of John and Orvilla (Baker) Dorn.

John Dorn, died Monday August 7, 1895. He is survived by his wife, four sons and one daughter. (Fulton County Republican, August 10, 1893 page 3).

John Y. Dorn, married Libbie Veghte March 14, 1878. (Fulton County Republican, March 28, 1878 page 3).

Dorn, Mrs. Kate Q, wife of John Y. Dorn, died September 13, 1876 age 28. (Fulton County Republican, September 21, 1876, page 3).

Lester A. Dorn, married M. Etta Lillie on August 23, in Watertown. (Fulton County Republican, August 31, 1899, page 7).

Lewis Dorn, married Eliza Pierson in Johnstown on December 27, 18337 by Rev. D. Stevens.  (The Garland, Vol. 3 no.1 January 6, 1838 pg 12).

Louisa H. Dorn, daughter of Eli J. Dorn, died age 30.  (Johnstown Daily Rep., August 25, 1904 page 8.)

Mabel Dorn, daughter of Mrs. Lucinda Dorn, married Frank Everson October 5, 1904. (Fulton County Republican, October 13, 1904 page 8.)

Margaret S. Dorn, wife of Dr. John Dorn, died 1888.  She was the daughter of Dr. William H. Johnson.  (Fulton County Republican, April 19, 1888 page 3.)  Note:  According to the Johnstown Cemetery Association she was 41, according to church records she was 43.

Margaret B. Dorn, age 75 of Johnstown, was born Aug 1, 1913 in Hope Falls. She was the daughter of Arclous G. and Lona (Buyce) Biron. Her husband was William U. Dorn whom she married on June 1, 1833 and he died Jan 16, 1976.  She died 1988.

Dorn, Mrs. Maria, of Garoga, died Wed., December 1884 age 83.  (Fulton County Republican, Thursday, December 25, 1884.)

Mary Dorn, daughter of Eli R. and Mary M.  She was baptized July 31, 1870;  married February 5, 1890 to William Baird.

Mary Dorn, daughter of Eli and Margaret, was born April 4, 1863;  baptized on March 20, 1867 (St. Paul's Episcopal Church Records).

Mary C. Dorn, married Charles G. Little, December 1, 1886.  (Fulton County Republican,  December 9, 1886, page 2.)

Mary M. Dorn, wife of Eli R., died March 7, 1873 age 25 years.  (Fulton County Republican, March 13, 1873 page 3.)  According to the St. John's Episcopal Church Records, she is buried in Johnstown Cemetery.)

Mary Russell Dorn, age 21, married Gordon John Scott, age 24 on November 5, 1890 at the residence of the bride. (St. John's Episcopal Church Records).  She was the granddaughter of Mrs. Mary Haring.  Gordon J. Scott was from Minneapolis, Mn. and the couple are going to reside in Minnesota.  (Johnstown Daily Rep.,  November 5, 1890 page 3.)

Matthew Dorn, died age 15, Mayfield, NY (Fulton County Republican, February 15, 1877, page 3).

Michael Dorn, died Thursday age 82 in Gloversville. He was born in Johnstown and was a veteran of the Civil War. He is survived by his wife and son Lorenzo, 2 daughters, Mrs. Elwilda Lee and Emma R. Dorn; sisters Lucinda Sprung, Kate Sammons and a brother, John.  (Fulton County Republican, November 15, 1906 pg 2.)

Same announcement but another newspaper, Johnstown Daily Republican, Thursday November 8, 1906:
Dorn, Michael A., age 82 died Thurs November 8, 1906 at home of his son Lorenzo on 18 Clinton St. He lived most of his life in Caroga and moved to Gloversville in 1904. He served in the 115th Regiment during the Civil War for three years. Daughters are Mrs. Elwilda Lee of Kalamazoo, Michigan, Miss Emma Dorn of Gloversville, brother John of Caroga, sister Mrs. Lucinda Sprung of Gloversville, Mrs. Kate Sammons of Sammonsville and Mrs. J. Saxton of Tilden, Nebraska. Burial in Prospect Hill Cemetery, Gloversville.

Nicolas Dorn, golden wedding anniversary. He was married December 29, 1840 to Delilah Merrill. (Johnstown Daily Rep. December 31, 1890, pg 3.)

Nicholas J. Dorn, died age 76 January 1894.  Sons were John and Peter; daughter, Mrs. Fred young; granddaughter, Mrs. Gordon Scott (daughter of Eli Dorn).  His brothers were Eli J. and William. (Fulton County Republican, January 25, 1894.)

This additional information from Daily Rep., Thurs. January 18, 1894:  Dorn, Peter resided "somewhere in the West". In 1894 Gordon Scott lived in Baltimore. The rest of the information was the same as above.

Dorn, Mrs. Nicholas joined First Presbyterian Church on June 6, 1858.

Pearl Dorn, daughter of Mrs. Adelia Dorn, was married to Winfield Ochampaugh, Wednesday June 19, 1907.

Richard Dorn, son of John and Mary Suits Dorn, was born February 9, 1856 and married Lucinda Smith December 8, 1875.  He died August 1893. He is survived by 3 brothers: Charles, Albert, Alfred; and one sister, Anna; his widow and children, John age 17, William age 15, daughter, Mabel age 10. (Fulton County Republican, August 31, 1893 page 3.)

Sarah Ann Dorn, daughter of Eli and Margaret Wert, was born June 21, 1855; baptized April 20, 1859 at St. Paul's Lutheran Church.

Thomas Dorn, age 80 residing in Bleecker, died April 16, 1896.  (Johnstown Daily Rep. April 17, 1896.)

Dorn, Viola and Kincaid Shubert, both of Johnstown, were married on Monday, June 25, 1907 at Fonda. (Johnstown Daily Rep., June 25, 1907.) (Note:  Not sure if this is Shubert Kincaid or Kincaid Shubert...there wasn't any comma).

William Dorn, born Aug 12, 1809, was the son of Jeremiah Dorn, died December 2, 1898 age 89. He was the father of ten children. Survivors are: a son John, daughter, Mrs. James Scofield, brother Eli J., and one sister Mrs. Elizabeth Stewart. (Fulton County Republican, December 8, 1898 page 7.)

William Dorn, married Nora Bloss Saturday evening. (Fulton County Republican, March 24, 1898 page 4.)

Dorn, Mr. and Mrs. William, had a daughter, born April 19, 1900.  (Johnstown Daily Rep., April 20, 1900.)

Dorn, William, husband of Hannah Harden, were married October 12, 1830. (Note: name is spelled in the record as Dorne and Harden is spelled Hurden, but they are definitely Dorn and Harden as history proves out). Their children:  John, was baptized on August 16, 1842;  Elizabeth, born March 22, was baptized November 9, 1845; and Charles, born July 9, and baptized on October 28, 1848.

Dorn, William E., of Sloansville died Sept 10, 1895.  Survived by daughter Jennie.  (Daily Republican, Tues. September 10, 1895.)

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