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Brief Bios from F. W. Beers:  taken from F. W. Beers, 1878
Family Sketches from Frothingham:  taken from W. Frothingham's History of Fulton County, 1892
Old State Road (route 29), Oppenheim, includes bios of residents
Obituaries and Bios of Broadalbin (part 1)
Obituaries and Bios of Broadalbin (part 2)
Obituaries and Bios of Northampton

By Surname

Andrews and Dell Family
Argersinger, Philetus Pierson  - Brief biography of an early glove maker of Johnstown

Baker, Judge Ashley Delos - Gloversville
Baker Family - Northampton
Baker: Jonathon Baker and son John Randolf Baker, of Cranberry Creek
Barker, Dr. David N. - Broadalbin
Baum, Homer D. - Broadalbin
Bidwell, Addison Hull - Caroga
Bleecker Family Tragedy - Gloversville
Bogardus, Catharine: The Matriarch of the Bronk family in Fulton County - Ephratah
Bradt, Charles E. - Gloversville
Bronk, Ephraim of Lassellsville - many other names listed - Ephratah
Bronk, Helen Lassell, wife of Ephraim Bronk of Lassellsville - Ephratah
Brown, Jacob H. - Oppenheim
Brownell, Daniel, Profile of descendants and family - Northampton
Brownell - see Carpenter, Brownell and Harrises
Burkes of Gloversville - Gloversville
Burton: The Ancestry of Judah Burton of Burtonsville - Off site link to Montgomery County NYGenWeb. - Johnstown

Caldwell, Veeder of Amsterdam - A small family profile.  His grandfather and other relatives have residential ties to Fulton County, mainly Ephratah. Off site link to Montgomery County NYGenWeb.
Carpenter, Brownell and Harrises, of Northville and Wells, Hamilton County Link
Clancy Family records - Johnstown
Clark, Dr. John - Mayfield
Cline Family - Oppenheim
Cuyler, David H. - Johnstown

Dell Family - see Andrews and Dell Family
Dorn Related Families - if you are researching the "Dorn" surname, don't miss this page! - Johnstown

Evans Family and Ancestry - Johnstown

Empie Family - this contribution was given to Montgomery County GenWeb. - Ephratah
Finch Family, The Medical Heritage of the, 4 generations - Broadalbin
Fisher, Descendants of Vincent, of Bleecker
Fraser Genealogy - Johnstown

Daniel Green Factory - started by Alfred Dolge - Oppenheim
Groff Family Letter & Photo  - This family was originally from Holland and settled all over the Mohawk Valley. - Gloversville
Groff - Brief Biography of Henrietta Elnora "Nora" Groff Masten Brown
Gurney, Beatrice Wayne - born in Perth

Harrises - see Carpenter, Brownell and Harrises
Husted Family, by Gordon Cornell - Broadalbin
Hyatt, Eugene, born in Stratford

Johnson, Sir William - since he came to Johnstown before Fulton County was established, his history is in the Montgomery County GenWeb.
Here are some other related links:
    * Sir William's Irish heritage recalled
    * Sir William Johnson, Indian Superintendent
    * Sir William Johnson, Historical Site
Jones, Gladys Duesler - Gloversville

Lassell, Daniel of Lassellsville - Ephratah
Littauer, Hon. Lucius N., Congressman - Gloversville
Loomis: Move Over Marconi!:  The Story of Mahlon Loomis of Oppenheim.  The REAL "Father of Radio"!

Masten, Descendants of Charles Henry
McIntyre, Duncan - Perth
Meeker, C. Alonzo - Northampton
Mosher Families of Oppenheim & Stratford
    * Mosher Burials in Oppenheim

Poole, John H. a short bio - Johnstown

Resseguie, Alexander - Northampton
Ripton, Benjamin H. - Johnstown
Robertson Family - Broadalbin

Shaul, The Murder of Lyman - Ephratah
The Shews of Fish House - original settlers of Fish House, their story is posted on the Montgomery County GenWeb.
Snell, Mary Youker - daughter of Jacob Youker born in Oppenheim
Spaulding Family Biography - Johnstown
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady - Johnstown
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady:  The Formative Years of a Crusader - Johnstown
Stewart, David - Mayfield
Swartout House & Genealogy:  Settlers from 1790's and builder of the great brick house - Oppenheim
Swartout Family, of Oppenheim/Canada

Trumbull, Descendants of Jonathan - ties from England to Connecticut to Massachusetts - Ephratah

Van Nostrand, William  - Family Biography  - mainly families settled in Johnstown & Oppenheim

Walker, David - Johnstown
Weaver, Andrew - Ephratah
Wells Family - Johnstown
Wells Family - Johnstown
The Woodworths - Rev. soldiers and family burial recording - Mayfield

Yauney, George - Ephratah
Yost, William S. - Johnstown

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