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John A. Snell, Manheim, Herkimer County and Mary Youker, Oppenheim

Originally posted for the Holiday Extravaganza 2003 Families

Transcribed by Joanne Murray.  Contributed by Lisa Slaski.

GEORGE HEYL, a miller and retired farmer of Lafargeville, town of Orleans, New York, was born February 9, 1838, a son of Henry and Kate M. (Heldt) Heyl, and grandson of Philip Heyl, who was born in Grosszimern, Germany, whence he emigrated to America, first locating in the town of Orleans, and subsequently at Evans Mills, where he died aged about seventy-five years. His wife died in Germany. Their children were: Henry, Peter, Wendle, Mary, and Catherine Heyl.

Henry Heyl (father), of Lafargeville, Jefferson County, New York, was born near Frankfort-on-the-Main, Germany, in 1805. He spent the early years of his life in his native land, and learned the trade of weaver. In 1829 he came to America and purchased the first farm in the town of Orleans, New York. He was very successful in his operations, and built the first log house, which was later replaced by a frame one, which still stands. He was a member of the Lutheran Church, and a worthy and exemplary citizen.

In 1831 Henry Heyl married Kate M. Heldt, a native of Germany, daughter of Barnard Heldt, and they were the parents of the following named children: 1. Phillip, born September 1, 1836, is now a retired farmer, residing in Lafargeville, New York. He married, December 31, 1861, Lucira Lingenfelter, a daughter if John Lingenfelter. (See sketch of William H. Lingenfelter.) Two children were born of this union, one of whom is living, John, who married Lottie Vincent, of Clayton, New York, and their children are Howard and Elmer H. Heyl. 2. George, born February 9, 1838, mentioned at length in the following paragraph. 3. Catherine M., born December 29, 1839, who became the wife of Adam J. Snell, born February 22, 1828, in the town of Manheim, Herkimer County, New York, a son of Joshua and Nancy Snell. His career has been devoted to agricultural pursuits in the village of Lafargeville, and he is one of the most prominent farmers in that section of the state. They are the parents of one daughter, Emma E., who was united in marriage to Dr. Frank M. Vebber; a prominent physician of Clayton, New York, and one child has been born to them, Lottie Vebber. 4. Henry, born September 4, 1841, in Lafargeville, now resides in Depauville, New York. 5. Wendell J., born September 13, 1844, in Lafargeville, New York, married Mrs. Sarah J. Putnam, nee Lingenfelter, of Clayton, New York. She was born in Clayton. They have two daughters: Minnie, who became the wife of Peter Schultz; and Georgia, who became the wife of Manford Jerome, of Lafargeville. 6. Maria H., born February 24, 1847, died at the age of fifteen years. 7. Henrietta, born July 16, 1849, became the wife of Jay Cadwell, of Depauville, New York. Henry Heyl, father of these children, died in 1879, aged seventy-four years. George Heyl, second son of Henry and Kate M. (Heldt) Heyl, worked on the farm summers and attended school winters until he was eighteen years of age. He then removed to Clayton and resided there six years. In 1864, at the age of about twenty-six, he married Ruah H. Snell, born in Manheim, Herkimer County, New York, daughter of John A. Snell, of Lafargeville. They resided on and conducted the farm of Mr. Snell up to 1892, and in addition to this operated a farm of two hundred and sixty acres, which he purchased in conjunction with his brother, Henry Heyl. In 1900 he purchased his present custom grinding mill in Lafargeville, New York, and a steel contrition mill for custom grinding, which he conducts successfully, in addition to looking after his real estate interests in the town. Mr. Heyl is a member of the Lutheran Church, an adherent of Democratic principles, and a member of the Grange.

John A. Snell, father of Mrs. Heyl, was born in Manheim, Herkimer County, New York. He followed the occupation of farming, and the last years of his life were spent in Lafargeville, town of Orleans, near the present railroad station, where he died in 1894. He was the father of two children: Sophia, who became the wife of Meltzer J. Henry, of Lafargeville; and Ruah H., aforementioned as the wife of George Heyl. Mrs. Heyl’s mother, Mary Youker, was born in Fulton County, a daughter of Jacob P. Youker, who was born in Oppenheim, Fulton County, in 1782; he was a tailor by trade, and died May 2, 1850. Mrs. Mary Youker Snell died in 1890, aged sixty-six years. She was the mother of two children. Her family came from Germany in 1750, and were the first settlers in Oppenheim, New York. Members of the family served in the Revolutionary War.

Two sons were born to Mr. And Mrs. Heyl, as follows: 1. William H., educated in common schools, and is now engaged in farming on the old Snell homestead. He married Ida E. Baltz, eldest child of George F. and Mary (Haas) Baltz, the former-named having been a son of Phillip, a native of Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany, and Elizabeth (Dorr) Baltz. Two children were born to William H. and Ida E. Heyl, Alberta May and George F. Heyl. 2. Frank A., educated in common schools and Adams Collegiate Institute. He has followed various lines of business, and since 1900 has operated his father’s mill. He married Lottie Bauter, eldest daughter of Sylvester and Clare (Nash) Bauter, and one child has been born to them, Clarence F. Heyl.

Source:  Oakes, R.A. Genealogical And Family History of the County of Jefferson New York. Volume I. (C) 1905. Pp. 248-250. New York. Chicago. The Lewis Publishing Company. 

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