Cemetery at Albany Bush


This cemetery is located in Albany Bush, in the town of Johnstown.  These inscriptions were copied October 7, 1944 by Dr. R. M. Palmer, Former Fulton County Historian.

This transcript can be found at the Johnstown Historical Society, William Street, Johnstown, New York.  It was sent in to the Fulton County GenWeb site by James Morrison, archivist for Johnstown Historical Society, and transcribed by Linda Jasztal,  March 5, 2000.


Godfrey Moore
Died Oct. 7, 1862
In his 63 year

Think who has died his beloved to save
Think of the crown all the ransomed shall have
Serve ye the Lord that my bliss ye may share
Look up on high and believe that I am there.

Jasynthia, wife of Godfrey Moore
Died Dec. 1, 1837
Aged 37 yrs.

Henry, son of Godfrey and Jasintha Moore
Died Jan. 11, 1834
Aged 3 yrs. and 8 mo.

Arian, wife of James Quilhot
Died Oct. 30, 1836
Aged 44 yrs.

Miss C. L. Quilhot
Died Feb. 17, 1882
In her 70 year

Mary Van Nest
Died July 9, 1849
In her 62 year

Baltus Lingenfelter
Died Nov. 15, 1855
Aged 71 years

Mary, wife of Baltus Lingenfelter
Died Jan. 6, 1863
Aged 73years, 9mo. and 2days

Susan Moshier
Died May 11, 1856
Aged 31 years

John Moore
Died April 5, 1849
Aged 90 years

Elizabeth, wife of John Moore
Died Aug. 27, 182- (stone broken)
Aged 64 years

Catherine, wife of John Moore
Died July 4, 1847
Aged 84 years

In memory of
Harriet, wife of Levi Shults
Died Nov. 21, 1837
In the 29 yr. of her age

Depart my friends, dry up your tears,
Here I must lie till Christ appears!

Sacred to the memory of
Mary Kline, wife of Levi Shults
Died Oct. --, 1811
Aged 39 years and 11 mos.

Jane L., dau. of G. and (Bottom of stone gone)
aged 53 yrs. 4 mos. and 1 day (Top of stone gone)


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