Frederick Baum Cemetery

Oppenheim, NY


This cemetery transcription was originally sent in by Johannah Adams, who writes below. However, in the interim, the full recording was obtained and added below. This cemetery is kept up by the town as an abandoned cemetery with a fence and a gate surrounding it. This recording was funded through the C. E. T. A. in 1979 by the efforts of Lewis G. Decker, Nancy MacVean and David Miller.

This cemetery transcription was sent in by Johannah (Baum) Adams; she writes:

"The Baum Cemetery is a small, abandoned cemetery. Although it was reported to me in a 1975 correspondence that no stones were left standing, apparently the graveyard is in better condition than I thought, and is worth a visit. It is located in the town of Oppenheim on Gabyszewski Road (dead end road), north off Youkers Bush Road.  I was also able to add to some of my original information as well, so double-check it even if you have read it over before.

Frederick Baum is both my gggg-grandfather and my ggggg-grandfather. I am descended from his son Henry on my father's side and from his son Phillip on my mother's side. He was a Private in the Tryon County Militia from 1777-1781. Elizabeth Helmer (1765-1839), was the 2nd of his 3 wives and is twice my grandmother.

If anyone knows who Frederick's parents, 1st or 3rd wives were, I would love to hear from you. I also have additional information on some of the people on this list, which I would be happy to share.

If anyone has any further updates on either transcriptions or the condition of the cemetery, please let me know."



Frederick Baum  (3) died 16 Oct 1843, aged 84 years 11 months 22 days (Inscription)
Elizabeth Helmer   daughter of Philip, wife of Frederick, died 10 Jan 1839 aged 73 years 8 ms 3 ds
Maria Duesler (1) died 28 Nov 1878, aged 88 years 4 ms 16 ds
Henry F. Baum (1) died 10 Oct 1867, age 79 years 3 ms 8 ds
Jacob F. Baum (4) 13 Jan 1800 - 12 Jan 1878, aged 77 years 11 ms 30 ds (Inscription), son of Frederick Baum
Eliza Ann Lock   wife of Jacob F., died 23 Oct 1843 aged 34 years 10 ms 19 ds (Inscription)
Phillip F. Baum    
Elizabeth Handy   daughter of David & Hanah (Baum) Handy, died 6 Jan 1810, aged 1 year
David F. Baum   died 14 March 1891, aged 83 years, "He is entombed in the cemetery at Broadalbin, Fulton County, NY"
Catherine Walrath (5) (with David) died 21 Feb 1840, aged [41] ys 10 ms 9 ds
Daniel Baum   die 24 Oct 1846, aged 67 years (Inscription)
Philip Baum
Jacob Baum
(2) ___ - ___ sons of Philip & Elizabeth Baum, both sons 
___ - ___ on same stone
Nancy Fry   wife of John Michael
George Miller   died 3 Oct 1856, aged 29 years 10 ms 10 ds
George H. Miller   died 24 March 1853, 4 ms 22 ds, son of George & Mary M. Miller
Mary M. Miller   died 13 March 1853, aged 19 yrs 11 ms 28 ds, wife of George Miller
Eliza Gowars   died 14 Sept 1847, aged 1 yr 5 ms 14 ds, daughter of W. & E. Gowars
John Michael   died 23 Aug 1844, aged 45 years
Freddie Miller   died 2 March 1884, age 1 yr, 1 mo, 6 ds
David A. Miller   1 Sept 1880 - 25 Jan 1881, son of James B. & Martha L. Miller
[    ]  [     ]   fieldstone marker
[    ]  [     ]   fieldstone marker
[    ]  [     ]   fieldstone marker
[    ]  [     ]   fieldstone marker
[    ]  [     ]   fieldstone marker
[    ]  [     ]   a blank footstone marker

Additional information provided by D. A. R. recording in 1937:
Nancy Fry Michael   died 1867, wife of John Michael
Mary Sweet Baum   1828-1896, 2nd wife of David F. Baum, buried with husband in Broadalbin, N. Y.
Alonzo M. Baum   no data


(1)  Maria Duesler was teh 2nd wife of Frederick Baum.  They were married 9 May 1840.

Please note:  Johannah Adams remarks:  "The DAR goofed here - Maria Duesler was not the 2nd wife of Frederick. 
She was the only wife of Henry F. Baum.  It was Margaret Duesler that was Frederick's 3rd wife, married 9 May 1840.  (Elizabeth Helmer was his 2nd wife, 1st wife is unknown, & is a piece of information I would LOVE to get!)

(2)  Philip and Jacob Baum were the grandchildren of Frederick Baum.

(3)  Frederick Baum was a Revolutionary War soldier, born at Palatine, N. Y.

(4)  Elizabeth Handy died 16 Jan 1819 ??  Hanah Baum Handy, who became blind, was the daughter of Frederick Baum. 

Also, Johannah writes, "There was another Elizabeth Handy who was the wife of Philip F. Baum, but she was still alive at the 1860 census, so she can't be the one who died 16 Jan 1819.  So I don't know who they are talking about, here.  Unless they just messed up the death date of the baby & meant to put 6 Jan 1810.

(5)  Catherine Walrath died at age 21 years (the reading has 41 in brackets).

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