Upper Bleecker Cemetery

A. K. A. Grant Cemetery

This cemetery  can be reached by an access road, on the north side of County Highway #125, locally called the Caroga Lake to Benson Road.  This access road is just below Lindsley Corners/Pinnacle Road intersection, going east on County Highway #125.  The access road is narrow and in the early Spring of the year (or if your car has a low carriage), it is suggested that you park on the Main highway and walk in.  The cemetery has been kept up and used for recent (1978) burials.  It is surrounded by a stone wall and is situated in a thickly wooded area.

There is evidence of earlier burials and grave sites and fieldstone markers.  Two lots possess a wrought iron fence about them, and some marble slabs have been tipped over and deteriorating.  Locally, this cemetery is known as the Grant Cemetery, due a family of that name possessing property near the site.  This recording is part of the  Fulton County C. E. T. A. Cemetery Recording Project.


Surname First Name Dates Comments Location
Smith William J. 8/9/1831-6/29/1896   Lot 1, Sec A
Bowler Maria 3/28/1831-4/28/1912 wife of Wm. Smith  
Smith William A. 6/24/1858-4/15/1859 s/o Wm. J. & M. Smith  
Smith Marette 4/13/1854-6/30/1854 d/o Wm. J. & M. Smith  
Smith Henry Z. 3/2/1796-4/24/1870    Lot 2
  Margaret 5/29/1794-1/7/1868 wife of H. Z. Smith  
Soards Agnes 4/26/1789-10/5/1864     
Smith Henry Z. 8/21/1851-9/8/1861 s/o Wm. J. &M. Smith Row 1
Lindsley William d. 12/23/1853 age 63    Row 2
Lindsley Ephraim d. 12/15/1844 age 80      
Lindsley Polly d. 6/21/1851 age 79 wife of Ephraim  
Lindsley William H. d. 1/5/1854 age 2 yrs.5 mos. s/o H. & E. Lindsley  
Lindsley Hannah J. d. 1/5/1854 age 5 yrs 2 mos. dau. of H. & E. Lindsley  
Hamilton Ransley Otis d. 8/11/1833 age 29    
Ellis Squire b. 6/27/1837 - ?    
Bowler Lucinda J. 9/16/1837-6/11/1912 wife of Squire Ellis  
[Kline] [Adelia] A. d. Aug [27], [1863] age [24] yrs. wife of John G. Kline, "Mother"  
Barlow Floyd d. 8/24/1893 age [1] yr 9m.14d s/o J. H. & H. Barlow Row 3
Barlow John 1839-1908    
  Polly Ann 1844-1910    
McClary Eunice 1828-1897 wife of H. McClary Row 3 & 4
Skiff William H. 7/5/1829-?    
Clifford Martha J. 4/20/1836-12/16/1898 wife of Wm. H. Skiff  
Skiff Frank d. 3/3/1868 age 9 days s/o W & W Skiff  
Fish ("Our Little Infant") [  ] -5/14/1864 dau. of R. E. & H. A. Fish  
Clifford William d. 3/30/1883 age 88yr 2m 22d   Row 5
  Harriet d. 8/11/1879 age 74 yrs. wife of Wm. Clifford  
Clifford Emma [P.] 11/[14]/[1845]-11/[11]/18[61] dau. of [H. & W.] Clifford  
Clifford G. Richmond 7/30/1850-5/22/1860 s/o W. & H. Clifford  
Wright Sophronia d. 10/7/1846 d/o W. C.& A. Wright  
Wright Martha A. d. 7/16/1853 age 12 yr 5m 5d d/o Willard C. & Almira  
Wright Willard C. d. 4/7/1871 age 54 yrs. 13 days    
Savage Ella d.7/23/1883 age 6yr 5m 23 d   Row 6
Savage [   ]
[   ]
both d. 9/30/1879 daus. of D. A. & C.A. Savage, "Our Babies"  
Baird George E. d. 11/1/1868 age 46 yr 19days    
Beaird Martha d. 10/18/1866 age 79yr 8m 23  w/o Beriah Beaird  
Baird Beriah d. 2/4/1850 age 71 yr 6 m.    
Beard Beriah d. 3/10/[1811] age 3 mo. 9 days s/o W. H.& M. Beard  
Beard Catherine E. d. 8/19/1843 age 1 yr. [3 mo.] d/o W. H. & M. Beard  
Beard Walter C. d. 4/24/1824 s/o W. H. & M. Beard  
Baird William C. d. 8/31/1861 age 3 yr. 4m 25 d s/o W. H.& M. Beard  
Beard Mary d. 10/18/1875 age 57 yr. 1m 5d w/o Wm. H. Beard  
Baird William H. d. 4/24/1897 age 88    
Leslie Walter C. d. 2/5/1885 age 43    
Wright Almira d. 7/3/1889 age 81 w/o Willard C. Wright  
Baird Ezriah R. 9/12/1815-2/16/1894   Row 7
Buchanan Eliza M. 3/13/1831-1/15/1906 w/o Ezriah R. Baird  
Baird Cora D. d. 4/18/1861 age 3yr 6 m 11 d d/o E. & M. Baird  
Baird Alla[n] d. 2/13/1876 age 21 days s/o E. & M. Baird  
Baird Helen J. d. 9/6/1861 age 9 yrs d/o E. & M. Baird  
Baird Julia A. d. 6/26/1818-12/15/1892 age 74     
Sally A. d. 1/5/1848 age 26 yr. 5 days w/o B. E. Baird  
Baird Beriah Edwin d. 12/7/1881 age 68    
Baird Beriah E. Jr. d. 7/4/1861 age [4 yr] 1 mo. 17 d s/o Beriae & Esther  
Baird Beriah Jr. d. 11/13/1853 age 10 mo. 18d s/o Beriae & Esther  
Baird William H. d. 3/31/1850 age 7 months s/o Beriah & Esther  
Robinson Charles H. 1851-1942   Row 8
Robinson Leonard Star 1876-1941    
Buseck John 1816-1891   Row 1 Sec B
Buseck Gustie 1868-1869    
Schaffer Coonrode 1816-1886   Row 2
Daniels Caroline 1839-1906 w/o Coonrode Schaffer   
Schaffer Willie no dates s/o C & C. Schaffer   
Schaffer Samuel no dates s/o C & C. Schaffer  
Schaffer Annie 1876-1892 d/o C & C Schaffer  
Daniels Jacob d. 2/14/1864 age 58    
      fieldstone marker  
  Katharine d. 11/14/1857 age 48 w/o Jacob Daniels  
      fieldstone marker Row 3
Young Frank 1884-1957    
Grant Sarah 1896-1973 w/o Frank Young  
Lesser Rose K. 1801-1875 "Our Mother"  
      fieldstone marker Row 4
Grant Leroy 1892-1924    
Grant Samuel 1867-1922    
Sheaffer Louise 1870-1957 w/o Samuel Grant  
Grant Lotinda d. 11/15/1901 age 7 d/o S. & L. Grant  
      fieldstone marker  
      unmarked grave  
Peters John M. 6/28/1829-3/30/1903 "Father"   
  Catherine 1/1/1838-12/29/1907 w/o John M. Peters, "Mother"   
Sawyer  Charles H.  6/5/1906-8/13/1975    
Peters  Ernestine  8/6/1905- ___ w/o of Charles H., large flat fieldstone  
Ernst Baby ____ - _____    



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