Coon School-house Cemetery


This cemetery is located in the town of Johnstown.  These inscriptions were copied May 1944, by Dr. R. M. Palmer, Former Fulton County Historian.

This transcript can be found at the Johnstown Historical Society, William Street, Johnstown, New York.  It was sent in to the Fulton County GenWeb site by James Morrison, archivist for Johnstown Historical Society, and transcribed by Linda Jasztal,  March 8, 2000.

Sent in by a site visitor:
The added names are Olive Countryman. Died march 19, 1917, aged 19. 
I can not find only but a corner stone which I believe is hers next to Joel and Hannah Contreman, her parents.
Info provided by the obituary in the Leader Herald newspaper.. Also George B Foss. No Dates, only a hand made cross next to his stone. I have been trying to restore it with not much luck. He was my grandmother's dad.
   -   Submitted by Sandy Town


Sarah, dau. of Henry and Eliza Le Roy
Died July 16, 1828
Aged 32 yrs. 2 mo. and 11 days

James A., son of A. D. and Lydia Haggart
Died March 19, 1851
Aged 8 mo. and 19 days.

Daniel Haggart
Died July 7, 1851
In his 83 year.

Catherine, wife of Jacob L. Frederick
Died June 22, 1859
Aged 36 yrs. and 7 mo.

John Coon
Died May 21, 1855
Aged 86 yrs.

Nancy, wife of Nathan Duel
Born Aug. 4, 1810
Died March 6, 1845

Sabra, wife of John Lavender
Died Aug. 1, 1859
In her 23 year.

Weep not for me, my husband and friends
nor after my repine,
Death is the deabt we all must pay
and no man knows the time.

Alice J. Duel
Born Oct. 14, 1858
Died Feb. 13, 1860

An infant born May 21, 1855.

Amos, son of D. and J. Duel
Born Sept. 3, 1856
Died Jan 5, 1858

James F., son of William and M. J. Allington
Died Aug. 14, 1872
Aged 2 yrs. and 6 mo.

William Haggart
Co. K 77, N. Y. Vol.

Gilbert D. Haggart
Died Dec. 22, 1866
In his 64 yr. of his age.

He that overcometh the same shall be clothed in white raiment and
I will not blot his name out of the book of life;
but I will confess his name before my father and before his angels.

Truman, son of William and H. Haggart
Died July 9, 1861
Aged 2yrs., 2 mo. and 11 days.

Martha, wife of John Allen
Died March 20, 1852
Aged 20 yrs.

John Smith
Died June 1, 1845
Aged 79 yrs.

Sarah, wife of John Smith
Died May 19, 1851
Aged 75 yrs.

Joel Counterman
Co. M. 5 N. Y. Vol.
Born December 9, 1832

Hannah Chatterton, his wife
Born Dec. 11, 1835
Died Apr. 24, 1907.

John G. Coon
Died Jan. 19, 1882
Aged 59 yrs., 10 mo. and 8 days
We miss thee.

Jennie, wife of Andrew P. Duel

Their infant son George
Aged 4 mo.

William H. Coon
Died Sept. 17, 1886
Aged 50 yrs.
At rest.

Garrison Coon
Died Oct. 1, 1876
Aged 75 yrs. 4 days.

Margaret, his wife
Died Sept. 13, 1870
Aged 75 yrs. 5 days
Father and Mother

Lottie, dau. of Charles and Mary Brothers
Died Sept. 1, 1881
Aged 5 yrs., 10 mo. and 14 days.

Luis, son of Charles and Mary Brothers
Died Aug. 4, 1881
Aged 7 yrs., 9 mo. and 14 days

Abagail, wife of John Dunmore
Died March 26, 1846
In the 59 year of her age.

A mark of death's surprising power
Near this cold marble see
And often in a lonely hour
View this and think of me.

John R., son of John and Abagail Dunmore
Was killed by a fall from a sleigh
Feb. 1, A. D. 1837
Aged 24 yrs., 2 mos. and 20 days

Thou hast gone to thy tomb in beauty and bloom,
To waste and moulder away.
I saw them carry thy corpse to the tomb,
And cover thy bosom with clay.

Peter A. Dunmore
Died April 11, 1831
Aged 1 yr. and 8 mos.

Elias Dawley
Died July 27, 1856
In his 82 yr.

Sarah Dawley
Died March 30, 1831
Aged 79 yrs.

Hannah, wife of John Coon
Died May 23, 1860
In her 98 year.


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