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1290 SMITH John 1868-1927  
  SMITH Kate 1873-1939  
  SMITH Walter W. 1894-1948 W. W. I.; Cpl., 4th Reg. Band
617 & WALSH John H. 1858-1947 "Father"
1531 WALSH Ethel H. 1896-1958  
  WALSH Joseph W. 1896-1973 U. S. Vets. flag holder with flag.
  HAMM George H. 1850-1934  
  HAMM Sarah E. White 1849-1926  
  HAMM Edwin H. 1880-1934 U. S. Navy, U. S. Flag
  SPARKS Ellen L. 1889-1951  
1515 WALKER John H. 1874-1946  
  WALKER Mabel C. Donnan 1877-1911 (Wife of John H. Walker)
  WALKER Ella M. Dockstader 1870-1921 (Wife of John H. Walker)
4 1/2 STEWART     (infant daughter of Roy & Marion Stewart)
& 970 NESTLE Henry A. 1864-1930  
  NESTLE Neta V. 1868-1948 (His Wife) L. O. O. M. _ Moose Clubflag holder.
  NESTLE Edward D. 1891-1962  
  VEEDER Alice   (infant daughter of Clarence & Eva Veeder)
  VEEDER Clarence C. 1901-1935  
  VEEDER Eva N. 1901 -  
  ERCANBRACK Henry W. 1909 -  
  Ercanbrack, Ruth Alter 1918-1972  
385 EHLE Rev. Archibald I. 1863-1930  
  EHLE Kate Hagadorn 1867-1942 (wife of Rev. A. I. Ehle)
  EHLE   died 1903 (infant son of Rev. A. I. & K. H. Ehle)
  EHLE Sarah Jane Days 1839-1927 (wife of Alvin Ehle)
170 BETTS Miles Castle 1855-1929  
  Betts, Emma L. Feeney 1857-1925 (his wife)
  SHAFFT Bessie L. 1895-1944  
  NEWTON Edwin B. 1860-1928  
  NEWTON Carrie S. 1870-1945 (his wife)
  NEWTON Andrew E. 1889-1950  
  NEWTON Alice L. 1892-1961 (his wife)
1058 PUTMAN Arthur S. 1898-1951  
  Putman, Myrtle E. Ortell 1904-1950 (his wife)
  PUTMAN David 1936-1936 "Son"
  PUTMAN Edward 1933-1933 "Son"
  PUTMAN Donald 1926-1926 "Son"
CROSS CROSS Charles O. 12/30/1849-2/18/1932  
  CROSS Isabelle Cameron 6/20/1849-9/9/1934 (Wife of Charles O. Cross)
  CROSS Little Dannie age 9 mos.; died 2/13/1876 (Son of Charles O. & Belle C. Cross)
"Sleep In The Arms of Jesus"
  CROSS Katharine age 8 days; died 1912 (daughter of E. I. & M. L. Cross)
  CROSS Egbert Tracy 12/22/1877-11/9/1951  
  CROSS Richard M. 6/2/1911-10/11/1945  
  CROSS C. O.   Large field stone engraved with name.
434 FOLMSBEE Norman 1854-1931 "Father"
  FOLMSBEE Emma J. Button 1863-1922 "Mother"; (wife of Norman Folmsbee)
  FOLMSBEE Virtus R. 1886-1948  
  FOLMSBEE Katharine Gardiner 1890-1971  
  FOLMSBEE Emma Jane 12/24/1893-12/19/1963 W. W. I.; N. Y. Nurse Navy Nurse Corps
1127 RICHARDS William Edward 1888-1952  
  RICHARDS Daisy Dovey 1886-1947  
169 BAKER Carrie A. 1875-1924 (wife of H. E. Baker)
490 FARGUHAR Melissa 1915-1947  
  FARGUHAR Anna 1876-1949  
  FARGUHAR Henry 1911-1954  
  SMALL STONE     No Markings
  GREEN George P.    
  Green Clarence G.   "Infants"
1011 HOFFMAN Margaret A. 1866-1943  
  HOFFMAN Elizabeth No Dates Shown  
  HOFFMAN Harry C. 1/12/1897-2/26/1977 W. W. I., Vets. plague & flag Saddler, U. S. Army
  HOFFMAN Clarence 1899 -  
  Hoffman, Bertha Anna 1900-1973  
  VanKECH   1888-1972 (No Other Information)
1598 McMILLAN George D. 1897-1975 American Legion flag holder with flag.
  McMILLAN, Iona H. 1894-1961 Vet. W. W. I. Auxilary Flag holder with flag
1010 MILLER Floyd H. 1902-1974  
  Miller, Mabel E. 1894-1974  
1602 KOLLAR Louis Sr. 5/20/1885-6/29/1963  
  Kollar, Julia 5/20/1884-4/1/1967  
1604 WASSUNG Frank 1891-1964  
  Wassung, Harriet T. 1892-1975  
1609 JULIEN Lucien P. 1893-1970  
  Julien, Elizabeth Jenner 1892-1968  
  FAIRCHILD Robert, M. D. 1905 -  
  Fairchild, Jeanette Julien 1908 -  

The following addition for this plot (#1069) was sent in by Robert Fairchild:

Lucien and his wife Elizabeth Jenner and my grandparents are in [this plot]. Dr. Robert died in 1975, Jeanette died in 1986. (It's Jeannette on the tombstone and in reality)

"A" FOSTER Clarence A. 3/27/1895-12/7/1969 W. W. I.; N. Y. Pfc., Co. I, 161st Infantry
  Foster, Emmett L. 1920 - (his son)


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