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The following was generously typed by Bette Hill, of Virginia, and she writes:  "I know Mark and Martha Cooper both died in Gloversville.  My ancestors lived downtown (37 South Main, 14 Park Street and 57 Forest Street) about 1900.  I think they were Baptists, but I'm not sure about that."


Section B

Row 1






1.  Foote

Died [9/5]/1826
In 67th year


2.  Case Huldah Who departed this life 5/[13]/1807
Age [16 years] [2] months and 19 days.
Daugher of Decon Darius and Mrs. Henzibah Case
Epitaph:  “Stop you (here) Stop and view nature debt have paid and so must you”
3.  Case Rocksany Died 1/8/1820
Age 23 yrs.
Daughter of Decon Darius and Hepzubah Case.
4.  Case [Rufus] Who departed this life 9/7/1820 In the 2(7)th year of his age “memory of”
5.  [Case] Darius Who departed his life [    ]/23/1797
In the [  ] year of his age
"Here Lieth
Waiting for a glorious [reserection] 
The remains of

Epitaph:  “Whose [Meditating] though [  ] on things that [are] [   ]
Who [though] [  ] of his soul while God allowed him.”  As you pass by [heed] this grave and [learn] like him thy God, to love.  (Monitor)
Stone cutter: Hartshon 
(has foot stone)

6.  [Farmer] Rhod I. Died [3/13]/182[6]
In 30th year.
Wife of Joseph [Farmer]
7.  Clancy James William B. Died in 12th year of his life. Son of G. H. and C.A. Clancy, Epitaph unreadable.
8.  [Clancy] Elizabeth Died 8/11/1810
Age [8] yrs., 19 mths., 17 days
Daughter of George [H] and [Caroline] Clancy. 
Epitaph: (unreadable)
9.  Clancy Francis Sarah J. Died 7/24/[1833]
age [18] yrs., 19 mnths and 17 days.
Daughter of [George H.] __ and [Caroline] M. Clancy
Erected by Grand Father Clancy.
Epitaph: (unreadable)
10.  Clancy George H. Died 5/18/18[39]
age [41] years.
“His name was”
“His Piety an example”
11.  Bigford Maria Died [4/7/1877]
Age [69]
Wife of William Bigford
12.  Bigford [William] Died [2/2/1890]
Age 90


13.  Veteran
Note: Hand made concrete post (one time described as being plastered and having inscription: 
“old soldiers grave”





Given Death/Age Comments
1.  Case [Harvey] Died 11/23/1815.
2yrs, 6 mts, 7da
Son of Darius and [Betsey] Case
2.  Case Helen Died [12]/25/18[16]
Age [5] yrs., [4mos].) & [18] days
Daughter of Darius and Betsey Case
3.  Case Betsey Died 9/[26]/182[4]
Age [41] yrs.
Wife of Darius Case
4.  Case Amelia Who died 4/20/1822
Age 30 years
Wife of Darius Case
In memory of
5.  Case Sophia Died 12/15/18[5]7
Age [65] yrs.
Wife of Darius Case
6.  Case Darius Died 3/30/1863
Age 81 yrs.
Born 3/30/1782
7.  Case [Jason] Died 12/8/1862 [Born 4/26/1815]
8.  Hildreth [Talmage] Died 10/[6]/[1796]
Age [18] yrs
9.  Hildreth [Bulah] Died 2/[26]/1812
In 26th year
[Wife of Robert J. Hildreth]
10.  Hildreth Polly Died 10/27/1815
Age 57 yrs.
Wife of Noah Hildreth
Epitaph: unreadable
11.  Hildreth
Noah Died 2/22/1813
In 54th year
“Thrice happy those who when their summons come
Can welcome with a smile, the dreary tomb”




Row of eight Gov’tVererans grave markers (Rev. War):

1.  Wells
Jas. Revolutionary War In Grosvener’s Pa. Mil.
2.  Judson
Elisha Revolutionary War In 19th Con’t. Troop
3.  Cheedle
Elijah Revolutionary War 4th Ct. Mil.
4.  Ayers
Jeddediah Revolutionary War U.S. Soldier
5.  Throop
Major Josiah Revolutionary War U. S. Mil.
6.  Loder 
John  Revolutionary War  Grane’s N.Y. Mil
7.  Giles  
Sam’l Corp’l. Revolutionary War  15 Mass. Mil
8.  Green 
Jas. Revolutionary War  8 N. H. Mil.

Note:  These stones were acquired from the federal government by the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and descendants of above veterans. these markers are duplicate of markers already in cemetery or were once in cemetery and have through the years been reinterned to other located cemeteries.  There are no known deceased buried at these markers sites.








[possible foot stone for Gurden Wells]




[foot stone for Huldah Case]


11.  Wells


Died 9/25/18[66]
In 25th year


12.  Wells


Died 9/18/18[11]
Age 28 yrs.


13.  Wells


Died 2/[  ]/[1857]
Age [79]

Wife of Josiah Wells
Epitaph:  (unreadable)

14.  Port


Died [3/21/1854]
In [73rd] yr.

Wife of William Port
(stone broken)

15.  Port


Died in [1865]
Age [85] yrs.

[stone broken]

16.  Levenworth

Ann Mary

Died  9/15/[1839]
Age 14 yrs., 8mths, 3 days   

Dau. Of [Trad] M. and [Catherine] Levenworth

17.  Levenworth


Died 7/3/1844
Age 4 yrs., 9mths., 18 days

Dau. of [Trad] M. and [Catherine] Levenworth




Surname Given Death/Age Comments
1.  [Wa] [   ] Died [  ]/6/1849
Age 21 yrs.
(Stone broken, part placed against tree)
2.  Parson [Lyon H.] Died 8/27/1838
Age 1yr. & 4mths.
Son of G. & [  ] Parson
3.  Bard Solomon Died 11/14/1866
Age 91 yrs.
3.  Bard [Phoebe],  his wife Died [1/19/1876]
Age [96]
[both above on same stone]
4.  [Goodrich] Ann Who departed this life the 29th of April 18[12]
Aged [5]0 yrs. [   ] mths. [   ]days
Wife of Charles [Goodrich]
“In memory of”
5.  Hoo[e]sic Benjamin Jr. Died 9/1/1835
Aged 3 years
Son of Penelope & Benjamin Hoo[e]sic
6.      Footstone with initials J. L.
7.  Bard Franklin S. Died 5/2[3]/1840
Age 1 yr.
Son of [Merrell] W. & Caroline [B] Bard
    Epitaph:  “Sleep on my child, while over thy grave, a mother drops a tear, Sleep on sweet Cherub; Take thy rest.  Till Jesus Christ appears.”
erected by Isaac C. Spaulding
8.  Judson Amy Died 12/(10)/[   ]
Age[6] yrs.
Wife of Darius Judson
9.  Coughnet Christina Van Deusen Died 1924 Born 1878
[modern polished granet]

Note:  Marble broken base of grave marker (near rear fence); also broken foot stone with initials E. Y. W.







1.  Cough John Died 7/6/(1839)
Age (31)
2.  Cough Elizabeth Died 3/31/1839
Age 33 yrs.   
Wife of John Cough
3.  Cough Willard Henry Died 2/28/(1834)
Age 6 yr 6mth 25 da.
Son of Henry & Elizabeth Cough
      Epitaph:  “Stay, stay vain man survey the tomb Perhaps your shroud has pass the loom”
4.  Baird George Died (12)/20/1822
Age 47 yrs.   
5.  Baird Esther Died 7/23/18(54)
Age (79) yrs
Wife of George Baird
6.  Enos
Abijah Died 3/(21)/1813
Age 66 yrs.
7.  Enos Hannah Died 2/27/1820
Age 69yrs. 10mths.   
Consort of Mr. Abijah Enos
8.  Enos Hannah Died 3/20/1796
Age 15 yrs., 2 mts. 17 days
Dau. of Abijah & Hannah Enos
9.  Enos Abijah    Died 8/26/1793
Age 21 yrs.   
Son of Abijah & Hannah Enos
10.  Patten Kate Died 1889
Born 1852
Wife of Wm. H. Patten




Note:  Modern polished granite marker, marks original burial site of Nicholas Stoner (supposedly buried next to his last wife.)  He was reinterred and now rests in the soldiers circle (civil war vets) in Prospect Hill Cemetery, off E. Fulton St., Gloversville, N.Y., where he has a government veterans stone.  This marker was installed by the local chapter of the D. A. R. in 1828.  Soldier in the Revolutionary War and War of 1812.  Hunter, Trapper, and Indian Fighter. Erected by the General Richard Montgomery Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution and the State of New York in 1928.

1.  Stoner
Nicholas Died 1853 at Newkirks Mills, N. Y. Born in 1762 Colony of Maryland


Surname Given Death/Age Comments
2.  Van Northstrand Phebe Died [  /6]/1842
In her 76th yr.

Wife of William VanNorthstrand
3.  Van Northstrand"
William Died 5/6/1849
84 yrs.
4.  Rice Ebenezer Died 3/6/1842"
Age 71 yrs. 7 mos. 5 days
5.  Rice Martha Died 4/30/1840
In her 80th year
Wife of Ebenezer Rice
6.  Throop Mrs. Martha Died 2/5/1795
Age 60 yrs.
Wife of Josiah Throop
“In memory of”
7.  Throop Josiah Jun. Died 7/[23]/[1795]
Age [32]
Son of Col. Josiah Throop and Mrs. Martha Throop
“This tribute erected in memory by his father”
cut by S. Hartsborn




Surname Given Death/Age Comments
1.  Cough Christopher Died 7/25/1822
In his [52nd] yr.
2.  Cough George D. Died 9/27/1817
[   ] yr.
Son of Christopher & Elizabeth Cough
3.  Cough Elizabeth Died [5/5]/1817
In [55th] yr.   
Wife of Christopher Cough

Rice Monument:

Surname Given Death/Age Comments
4.  Rice Ebenezer Died 5/22/1875
Age 73
4.  Rice      
4.  Rice W. E.  Died12/(4)/1851
[  ] yrs.
(above on same monument) Note: two foot stones Ebenezer & William
5.  Rice Eliza Ann  Died 9/28/1847age 37yrs & 28 days    Wife of Ebenezer Rice
Epitaph:  [   ] lies[  ] able [   ] to keep that which I have [   ] him against that day”




Surname Given Death/Age Comments
1.  Shepard Elizabeth Died 7/[12]/1833
Age 36yr., [11 mth], 5 da
Daughter of [Petatiah] and Elizabeth Shepard
(foot stone with E.S.)
2.  Shepard [Oliver] Died Nov./[14]/18[13]  In [25] yrs.
3.  Shepard [Joan] Died 3/8/1816
In her 61st year
Wife of [Ashrell] Shepard


End of Section B (Faint picture of several headstones)


NOTE:  The following names were included in a D. A. R. recording of 1930. These stones were not found in this recent recording of 1992, but are included for your research, they could have been destroyed or the deceased could have been reinterned to another location or cemetery by their descendants.

Glass, James, Revolutionary Solider, Born 1747, Died 1/2/1834, age 87yrs. 8 mos.

Seymour, Mary Esabell, dau. of Isaac and Isabell N.     Died 1854

Seymour, Isaac    Died 5/6/1828, age 59 yrs.

Wadhams,Lucinda    Died 1811, age 68

Epitah:“This earth is effected no more with sickness or shaken with pain, the war in the members is o’er and never shall vex her again”


Following information added to D. A. R. recordings:

Green, James, Revolutionary War Soldier, served in 8th N. H. Militia, born 1751 at Durham, N. H.,  Died Sept. 13, 1837.  (Veteran)
Margaret Crowley, wife of James Green, born 1750, Died May 18th, 1810

Miller, Anna M. Green, wife of Dr. Willard Miller, Died 1861, buried on the James Green lot in Prospect Hill Cem., Gloversville, N. Y.


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