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There is a monument located to the center and rear of this cemetery and divides the cemetery in half for this recording into two sections, A and B.  The monument was placed on the site of the old historic butternut tree that grew here and became a landmark in the cemetery until it was destroyed.

The unveiling and dedication of this memorial erected "In honor of the Pioneers who founded Kingsborough" was on September 30, 1932, with a program in the Kingsborough Presbyterian Church at two-thirty....The unveiling of the Memorial was by Master Tallmadge Gurdon Parson, Great Great Great Grandson of three of the original pioneers; James Parson, Frederick Steele and James Green.  Full information can be found on this and the other memorials in the park in front of the cemetery in a booklet published for the occasion titled, "The Parson Memorials, to Dr. Elisha Yale, Prof. Horace Sprague and The Pioneers of Kingsborough, 1932".

The Bronze Figure is Entitled "Benediction", standing on a granite base and before a decorated granite slab.  The figure was originally designed for a family mausoleum in Greenwood Cemetery.  It has since been used in several War memorials.  It was modeled by Julius Loester and Stina Gustafson, "one of the then, most gifted of American women Sculptors".  The design was owned by the Presbery-Leland Co., from which it was purchased.  On this same occasion of the bronze tablets was placed on the stone gatepost at the entrance of the cemetery (right hand side).

Inscription on front of the Monument reads:  "In honor of the Pioneers who founded Kingsborough".

Inscription on the back of the Monument reads:

"Oft did the harvest to their sickle yield,
their furrow oft the stubborn glebe has broke,
how jocund did they drive their team afield,
how bowed the woods beneath their sturdy stroke."


These Names of Pioneer Families Appear in the Record of the 
Congretional Society of Kingsborough 
before and including the year 1804 when Elisha Yale became pastor.

Ayers Ellis Kellogg Seymour
Bard Enos Lard Shepard
Baxter Giles Levenworth Smith
Beach Gillett Leonard Steele
Bedford Hall Linsley Thrall
Belden Haskins Manrow Throop
Bell Haydon Newton Van Nest
Burr Hildreth Nott Van Northstrand
Case Hosmer Owen Ward
Cheadle Horth Parsons Wells
Clark Jones Potter Wilson
Cough Johnson Robbins Woddoms
Cowle Judson Rood Woodworth
Easterly     Yale


These Additional Names Appear in the Early Record of
Methodist Society of Kingsborough.










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