Old Methodist Church
Burial Ground

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Section B, Row 1

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
[    ]       Stone broken off, missing
[    ]       Stone broken off, missing
Footstone w/ initials C. W.

Section B, Row 2

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
Place Daniel 11/4/1842 2yrs, [11] mths. Son of Benjamin W. &  Emeline J. Place
Place John 5/25/1842 15 mths. Son of above
Place Emeline 11/11/1812 22 [yrs.] Stone broken part at foot of grave
[    ]       Stone missing
Field stone at foot of grave

Section B, Row 3

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
*Parmenter John [M. R.] 4/16/1834 2yrs, & [15] days Son of Snell and Clarinda Parmenter

Section B, Row 4

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
[    ]       Fieldstone
[    ]       Fieldstone
[    ]       Footstone (looks like young childs grave)
Hollett Joseph 7/5/1833 67 [yrs]  

Section B, Row 5

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
*Northup Cathy [Caty]   44 yrs. Who departed this life 2/13/1812
Wife of Eldredge Northup
(stone broken)
[     ]       Footstone


There is evidence in this cemetery due to its pattern that stones have been moved around in later years??

Following recordings have been added and found in an earlier D. A. R. recording of August of 1927 and no longer found in this cemetery.  We used this earlier recording to compare our recording as well...

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
Emmons Mary 8/30/1822 35 Wife of Horatio Emmons
(see below)
Richard 8/28/1826 4 yrs. Son of John and Johanna Hart
Hart Richard L. 8/29/1826 4 yrs., 2 mo. & 1 day "In memory of"
Son of John and Joanna Hart
James 8/23/1829 2 yrs.
2yrs. &  8 mo.
Son of George and Bithina Harden
Son of George and Bithina Early
Ezra A. 3/3/1810
1 yr.
4 yrs., 3 mo. and 8 days
Son of Aaron & Catharine Wemple
(Note:  stone could be the broken one next to his brother, Wm. A. Wemple, Sec. A., Row 3)


Dr. Palmer also recorded these findings that the 1992 recording did not:

Surname   Death Date Age Comments
Smith Hellen 8/2/1816 In her 12th year daughter of Elias and Betsy Smith


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