Prospect Hill Cemetery

Located in the City of Gloversville, Fulton Co., NY 

Access to  the cemetery:  there are two entrances from Fulton Street, and one at the south end of S. Kingsboro Ave. This is recorded as the "second half of the older part" of Prospect Hill Cemetery, sections two and five.  The cemetery was never fully recorded and this is the only information transcribed and available.  Please beware of possible errors.   Females, for the most part, have been crossed referenced, maiden and married names so you may want ot check both surnames.

For further information or confirmation about Prospect Hill Cemetery records, either listed or not, contact:  Prospect Hill Cemetery Assoc., attn. Superintendent, 5 Lee Avenue, Gloversville, N. Y. 12078.

Copied 1934 by Mrs. J. V. W. Miller, Gloversville N. Y.  Contributed by James Morrison, Gloversville Town Historian.

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ACKART James H. 1818-1877  "Father"
  Catharine A. 1819-1883 "Mother"
  Allson 1856-1927  
ADAMS Henry    
  Barbara Clifton 1786-1856  
  William 1819-1845  
AKELEY Mary J. 1854-1906 wife of John W. Hines
  Sally Shutts 1812-1898 wife of John W. Akeley
ALLEN Rebekah 1780-1848 (Wilmarth?) wife of Pardon
  Pardon   son of Pardon b. Prov., R. I.; gd. son of Joseph Allen, Rev. soldier
  Ethan P. 1811-1900  
  Deborah S. 1813-1881 (S - Shepard?)
  Ethan C. 1844-1911  
  Rozallon D. 1844-1915  
  Joseph 1794-1875  
  Jemima 1801-1876 or 1875? wife of Joseph
  Jan D. 1843-1916  
  Mary E.   same lot- see Aaron Fosmire
  Angelina 1814-1884 wife of Henry Coleman
  Rosamond 1813-1891 wife of Samuel Allen
  Almira 1810-1860 wife of Homer J. Parsons
  Thomas 1801-1874  
  Lydia 1804-1882 wife of Thomas
  Mary E. 1846-1873 wife of Chas. P. Buschman
  Amanda A. 1819-1913  
  Sarah 1853- wife of Albert Fox
  Myron 1851-  
  Margaret 1855-1905 wife of Myron
  Lovina Ann 1820-1894 wife of  Warren L. Newton
ALLSWORTH David 1790-1845  
  Achsah? 1798-1874 wife of David
  M. L. 1832-1900  
  Mary 1821-  
  Palmyra 1822-1872 dua. of D. & A.
  Harriet 1817-1883  
  William Edwin 1829-1889  
  Emily A. Banks 1826-1883 wife of William E.
ALVERSON William B. 1832-1912  G. A. R.
  Betsey Ann 1824-1922 wife of William B.
ALVORD Calvin 1786-1867  
  Rebecca 1788-1871 wife of Calvin
  Mary Ann 1815-1896 sister of Calvin Jr.
  Louisa H. Noyes 1813-1895 sister of Calvin Jr.
  Catherine M. 1819-1902 sister of Calvin Jr., wife of Seymore Warner
ANDERSON Duncan 1821-1894  
  Harriet A. Steenburgh 1853-1892 wife of Duncan
ANDREWS Loesa L. 1824-1846 on Oren Warner lot
ANDRIST Louisa   wife of Jerome Suits
ANIBAL Marcellus 1861-1929  
  Ellen C. 1862-1928  
  Philo W.   son
  Marion A. Dovey 1893-1926 wife
  Robert 1879-  
  Isephene Shutts 1868-1926  
ANTHONY Sarah 1801-1850 wife of Amos Dye
  Charles 1822-  
  Samantha 1828- wife of Charles
  James W. 1849-1895  
  Carrie N. Holcomb 1861-1925 wife of James W.
  Hiram J. 1856-1927  
ARMENTA George H. 1865-1930 (with Billingham)
ARRONET Rev. Alexander 1836-190_  
  Constance 1886-1888 dau of A. & L.
ATTY James A.   see John Tooker
  Sarah E. Tooker 1853-1872 (See John) wife of Jas.
AVERY Alfred H.    
  Catherine E. Smith   wife
  Charles A.    
BACON Harriet M. Steele 1867-1917 wife of Wm. C.
  Blanch 1889-1914 dau.
  George 1895-1913 son
BAILEY Matilda Heron 1841-1904 wife of Edwin H.
BAIRD William R. 1832-1918  
  Pheebe A. Dunlap 1834-1891 wife of William R.
  Ida 1856-1914  
BAKER Manville C. 1847-1918  
  Harriet Brown 1847- wife of Manville
  Elnathan 1850-1928  
  Fannie C. 1852-1919  
  J. Frances 1851-1900 wife of Wm H. Skaine
  Sarah   wife of Julius Cole
  Elizabeth 1868-1900 wife of Orange Mills
BALLARD L. D. 1816-1885  
  H. D. 1824-1893  
  Angus 1853-1913 with Plummers
  Mary C. 1847-1927 wife of Wm. Harding
  Cora E. 1858-1895  
BALLENTINE Robert 1810-1866  
Lucinda B. 1813-1847  
BAME Fred C. 1852-1908  
BANTA Truman 1833-1906  
Amanda M. 1837-1920 wife of Truman
Mamie   wife of Arthur; no dates
BARBER James D. 1839-1905 Co. E. 77 N. Y. Vol.;
Sergt. Co. C  41 N. Y. Vol.
  Seraph 1844-1891 wife of James D.
  William Amassa 1826-1884  
  Elizabeth 1830-1920  
  Charles 1851-1925  
BARD Charles 1804-1891  
  Maria 1810-1873 wife of Charles
  Oriel 1814-1887  
  Abigail 1818-1894 wife of Oriel
  John Oscar 1844-1921  
  Abigail Adelia Carpenter 1853-1918  
  Wilbur F. 1840-1909  
  Elizabeth M. 1842-1895 wife of Wilbur F. (next to E or C Sloan & May L. Walker) 
  Alberta E. 1865-1891 wife of C. W. Casler
  Hester M. 1842-1922 wife of Johnson J. Wallace
  Isabella 1842-1922 wife of Saml. Johnson
BARNES Jane H. 1820-1857 wife of wm. T. Mills
BATES Mary J.   wife of Albert F. Gorton
BAUER Azenath M.   wife of Milton Maloney
BEACH Harriet Newell Wadsworth 1825-1891 wife of Amos
  Amos Giles 1818-1886  
  Philanda   wife of Deac. Jennison Giles
BECKER Hiram 1835-1906  
  Electa Dibble 1839-1919 wife of Hiram
  Sarah M. 1838- wife of Cornelius V. Hall
  Catherine   wife of Cornelius V. Hall
  Esther   wife of Foster Potter
  Margaret Kriskern 1807-1875 wife of Henry Becker
BEDELL Alma J. 1859-1894 wife of Jerry D. Lasher
BEHLEN Frederick 1803-1863  
  Susan 1806-1895 wife of (see Rudolph Stemple)
  Mary   see Henry Bock
BELDEN Hosmer 1810-1845  
  Margaret E. 1817-1857  
  Miriam E. 1836-1852  
BELLENGER Willis P. 1865-1928  
  Nettie A. Phelps 1862-1950 wife of Willis P.
BELLIS Jacob 1807-1881  
  Mary 1805-1886 wife of Jacob
BELLOWS Charles Russell -1906  
  Catherine S. Heacock 1831-1912 wife
  Sarah Elizabeth   wife
BENNETT Edwin Jr. 1852-1888  
  Susan Welsford 1851-1925 wife of Edwin Jr.
BENTLEY Nathaniel 1842-  
  Mary C. Jeffers 1844- wife of Nathaniel
  Hannah 1839-1901 see Walter Dye?
BENTLY Louise 1824-1888  
  Kate Bentley Emory 1864-1893  
BERGEMAN Sophia   wife of Frank King
BERRY William T. 1867-1924  
  Freda R. 1851-1929  
  Fannie E. 1852-1885  
  Francis   "Father", no dates
  Eliza   "Mother", no dates
BEST Ann   wife of Millard F. Shults
BIER Emma   wife of John Gloning
BIGHAM Cora Churchill    
BILLINGHAM William 1824-1872  
  Martha 1824-1888 wife of William
  Ella   wife of George Reed
BISSELL Daniel, M. D. 1851-1916  
  Clara E. Hamlin 1855-1912  
BLANCHARD John 1799-1868  
  Harriet S. 1797-1889  
  Harriet 1838-1904 wife of Augustus R. Cadman
BOARDMAN Adeline   wife of Alfred Dye
BOCK Henry W. 1833-1917  
  Mary Behlen 1841-1900  
BOLLEN Sarah   wife of Wm. Oaksford
BONFEY Charles -1860  
  Mary Potter -1888 wife of Charles, dau. of Edward
BONG Matilda 1870-1890 wife of Wm. T. Smith
BORST William 1809-1884  
  Pamelia Hoose 1809-1898  
  Kate Lawler 1863-1884 wife of John R.
  Eveline   wife of Chas. H. Fremmer (d 1919)
  Louise Sponnable 1849-1928  
BOVEE Abel 1766-1831 dates wrong (typed), hand:1826-1891
  Mary A. Lasher   wife of Abel
  James V. 1862-  
  Ella M. 1862-1928 (Bentley) wife of James V.
BOWLER William H. 1841-1925  
  Zenobia P. Plaisted 1844-1905 wife of William H.
BOWMAN Joseph H. 1838-1901  
BRADFORD Lucretia 1826-1895  
  Louisa B.   wife of E. V. Dixon
BRADSHAW Emma J. 1858-1896 wife Eugene Davis
  Katherine 1861-1921 wife of Daniel Gould
BRIDGEMAN Stephen 1855-1922  
  E. Agnes Coe 1856-1921 wife of Stephen; see Geo. A. Coe
BROAS Hattie M.   wife of Daniel Cole; or BROSS
BRONSON Ashiel 1839-1914  
  Anna   wife of Ashiel
  Douw 1823-1885  
  Ruth Ann 1844-1872 wife of Douw
BROWER Caroline   wife of David A. Fuller
  Margaret 1833-1909 Mother, wife of Seth Moak
BROWN T. O. 1810-1881  
  Harriet N. 1817-1863  
  Alice -1890 dau. of Truman & H. N.
  Marietta Brown 1843-1903 wife of John B. Stone
  Thomas 1802-1869  
  Eunice 1805-1869 wife of Thomas
  Thomas 1842-1877  
  Helen F. Fritcher 1843-1927  
  William 1823-1888  
  Caroline Wilkins 1821-1900 wife of William
James O. 1848-1907  
  Sarah E. Wilson 1849- wife of James O.
   Addie M. Groff 1850-1878 wife of James O.
  Truman 1833-1906  
  Amanda M. Banta 1837-1920  
  Mamie 1854-1886 wife of Arthur Brown
  George L. 1861-1890  
  Charles H. 1854-1886 son of M. & M. A. Green
  George D. 1858-1869  
  Alice L.   wife of Leon H. Morgan
  Margaret Wagoner   wife of W. L .Brown; see Morgan
Layton 1848-1912  
  Mary 1851-1890 wife of Layton
  Harriet 1847- wife of Manville C. Baker
BROWNELL Leah   wife of Edw. Collins
BRUCE Sarah A.   wife of Geo. D. Fuller
BRUGE Nancy H.   wife of Adam A. Hedden
BURTON Nathan 1764-1841 ae 77
  Eleanor 1777-1859 ae 82, wife of Nathan
  Nathan J. 1834-1916 Buried at Red Bluff, Cal.
  Elias C. 1809-1907  
  Catherine J. 1181-1890 wife of Elias C.
  Elisha 1812-1862 ae 46
  Esther Leonard 1819-1899 wife of Elisha
  Leonard H. 1860-1866 son of
  Louisa 1848-1920 dau. of
BURLINGAME Melander 1802-1846 ae 44
  Eleanor 1812-1888 ae 76, wife of Melander
  Eleanor J. 1841-1922  
BUSSEE Charles P.   Co. F Ind. Vol
  Mary E. Allen   wife of Charles P.
  Charlotte Jacobs   wife of  Harvey L. Jacobs
BUSSELL Julia Ann   wife of Hugh McDougal (Russell?)
BUTLER Ezra A. 1820-1863 ae 43, 91st Reg. N. Y. Vol.; Native of Peasmarsh, Eng.; died at New Orleans Sept. 1, 1863
  Susan E. Hills 1838-1859 ae 21, wife of Ezra, Native of Sussex, Eng., dau. of W. & F. Hills
CADMAN Stephen 1827-1909 Co. A 153 N .Y. Vol.
  Malinda 1827-1876 wife of Stpehen
  James R. 1835-1923  
  Charlotte R. 1822- (1824-1885?)wife of James R.
  Edward R. 1845-1897  
  Genet 1854- wife of Edward R.
  Electa S. 1824-1885 wife of W. H. Dillenbeck
   Ann Schoonmaker 1829-1869  
  Ann L. Schoonmaker 1856-1871  
Alice Cadman Taylor 1853-1929  
  Agusta R. 1853-1873 wife of John Blanchard
CALDWELL Sarah E.   wife of H. M. Ward
CAMPBELL Isabella 1821-1881 b. Oban, Scotland
  Jessie 1822-1886 b. Oban, Scotland
  Nancy F.    
  Clara E.    
  Jane   wife of Dr. Eisenbrey
CANFIELD Katie A. 1857-1924  
CAPRON Sarah K.   wife of Chauncey Kasson
CAREY James D. 1827-1888  
  Elizabeth Ann Pettit 1831-1918 wife of James D.
  Nancy 1824- wife of John Marley
CARLIN Elizabeth   wife of Edward B. Foster
CARPENTER Abigail Adelia   wife of John Bard
CARR Olive   wife of William Dingman
CASE Ira 1787-1881 son of Elihu Sen.
  Mary 1769-1879 wife
  William 1819-1894 son of Ira
  Mary 1823-1904 wife of William
  William James 1840-1912  
  Emma L. 1852-1903 wife of William James
  Zina 1815-1883 son of Ira
  Anna M. 1825-1882 2nd wife of Zina
  Loiuse Leonard -1849 1st wife of Zina, mar. 1837
  William 1806-1878  
Elizabeth 1813-1892 wife of William
  Hosmer 1848-1920  
  Minerva A. Fox 1847-1884 wife of Hosmer
  Sarah E. Moore 1853-1933 next
  James Wilbur Case 1844-1911  
  Anna S. Ham    
  Sherman W. 1808-1844 son oElihu Jr.
  Mary Hosmer 1809-1888 wife of Sherman
  Mary Emma dau., wife of Isaac West
  Laura 1853-1897 wife of c. C. Recknagel
  Uriel 1810-1888 son of Ira
  Lucinda J. 1812-1891 wife of Uriel
Amelia 1804-1831  
  Chauncey 1802-1858 son of Elihu Sen.
CASLER Jacob 1857-1893  
  Minnie Flint 1862-1911 wife of Jacob
  C. W.   see Bard
CASTLE Hannah Griffis   wife of William Castle
CASWELL Egbert R. 1839-1876 Co. K 34th N. Y. Vol.
  Margaret Ann 1838-1903 wife of Egbert R.
  Nellie Caswell Neahr   no date
CAULKINS Anna 1837-1885 wife of V. M.  see Kent
    Note: Albert Koppish, next wife of E. R. Caswell-
CHADWICK Laura K. Lyke   wife of G. B. Chadwick- see Lyke
CHAMBERS William 1814-1906  
  Harriet 1814-1872 wife of William
CHRISTIE Amos 1843-1_33 1933? 
  Sarah J. 1850-1921 wife ofAmos?
  Marcus 1848-1923  
  Catherine Wessells 1849-1902 wife of Marcus
  Libbie Slade 1855-1893 wife E. (?)
CHRISTMAN John I. 1848-1911  
  Jennie Wells 1852-1893 wife of John I.
  Ira Sholls 1848-1878  
CHURCHILL Henry 1807-1868  
  Selina 1808-1851 wife of Henry
  Elizabeth 1807-1921 wife (Sybil E. Roberts-
Albany, m. June 1, 1852)
  Cora 1859-1906 dau. of Eliz, wife of Wm H. Biggam, M.D.
  Allen C. 1820-1889  
  Caroline 1821-1886 wife of Allen C.
  Allen C. Jr. 1857-1929  
  Clara (B.?) 1852-1888 dau., wife of T. DeLap Smith
  Alice 1838-1870 dau., wife of Henry D. Moore
  Alice B. 1873-1922 dau.
CLANCY Elizabeth Clancey Clark    
CLAPP Gracie   dau. of Wm. H. & S. M. Clapp; Sabbin lot
CLARK William N. 1766-1847 Queens Co., Ireland
  Lydia 1761-1802 wife of William N.
  Mary 1762-1853 wife of William N.
  Elizabeth 1793-1870 dau of
  Hepzebah   wife of John L. Clark, no dates
  Darius C. 1796-1858  
  Sarah T. 1800-1866 wife of Darius C.
  Jonathan L. 1841-1862  
  Ellen K. 1836-1865 wife of Jonathan L.
  Maria 1798- wife of Henry Ward,
dau. of Hepzebah & J. L.
  Catherine Rexford 1811-1883 wife of Eli E. Clark
CLEMANS Henrietta   wife of Charles Schuyler
CLEMENT Rachel   wife of Joachime G. Winne
 CLIFTON Barbara   wife of William Adams
CLOSE Cynthia   wife of George Potter
CLOUGH Louisa   wife of Francis C. LaValley
COE Henry 1766-1870  
  Elizabeth -1869 wife of Henry
  James A. 1818-1904  
  Juliett L. 1817-1897  
  Reuben S. 1818-1904  
  Darius 1820-1902  
  Mary E. Polar 1831-1895 wife of Darius
  Catherine A. 1842  
  George A. 1848-1881  
  Agnes Lestina 1879-1882 dau. of George & Agnes L.
  E. Agnes 1856-1921 wife of Stephen Bridgeman
  Reuben S. 1867-1932  
  Juliette L. 1855-1881  
Louise J. 1851-19_7 1927?
COCKRANE J. Sidney 1847-1910  
  Chloe Wright 1845-1899 wife of J. Sidney
  Byron -1876 son
  Margaret M. Sheets 1811-1896 wife of William
COLE Hiram 1812-1865  
  Mary F. Wrigley 1831-1907 wife of Hiram
  William S. 1855-1919  
  Sarah J. 1845-1891 wife of L. P. Johnson
  Thankful S. 1802-1879 wife of Andrew S. Cole
  Julius 1818-1887 1st Lieut. Co. M 3rd N.Y. L. A.
  Sarah Baker   wife of Julius, no dates
  Annie L. Furbeck   wife of Rev. P. A. Cole, see Furbeck
  Daniel 1860-1931  
  Hattie M. Broas 1863-1905 wife of Daniel
  George H. 1860-1931  
  Robert P. 1863-1905  
  Rebecca Lont 1833-1922  
  William A. 1869-1911  
COLEMAN Angelina Allen 1814-1884 wife of Homer
COLLINS Oliver C. 1821-1903  
  Sarah Wilkins 1819-1887 wife of Oliver C.
  Edward C. 1856-1922  
  Leah L. Brownell 1857-1878 wife of Edward C.
  Loretta E. Glascow 1855-1929 wife of Edward C.
  Mary   wife of John VanAlstyne
COMBES Isaac 1807-1879  
  Eliza A. 1811-1895 wife, (next to Elisha Burton?)
  Mary E. 1833-1912  
  Eustacia F. 1836-1908  
CONKLING Patrick 1832-1916  
  Bridget 1829-1894 wife of Patrick
CONOVER Emma   wife of Chas. Knickerbocker
COOK Orrin A. 1812-1867  
  Margaret J. 1815-1863 wife of Orrin A.
  Mary Sprague 1831-1883 wife of A. J.
  A. J. 1838-1897  
  Van Renslaer 1840-1920  
  Julia Sprague 1842-1927  
  Maryett 1844-1921 wife of Francis Burns
  Helen M. 1835-1879 wife of David Dorrance
  J. D.  1823-1902  
  Catherine 1826-1880 wife of J. D.
COON Almida J.   wife of Minard Martin
COOPER Emma   wife of Charles J. Leach
CORBIN Emily M. 1835-1866 dau. of J. B. & L. E.
COREY Saray   wife of Joseph Davis
CORNELL Maria   wife of Amos Smith
  Jane   wife of Paris O'Brien
  L. P. 1849-  
  Jennie   wife of Wm H. Perry
COWLES Daniel F. 1836-1907  
  Sarah F. Hill 1846-1933 dau of John H. Hill
COX Alfred J. 1850-1903 b. England
  Sarah Jane 1851-1913 wife of Alfred J.
CROMER Jacob 1802-1881  
  Ruth 1811-1871 wife of Jacob
  William H. 1840-  
  Mary E. Lair 1844-  
CROSS/GROSS Donaldson R.  1860-1895 Cross or Gross
CROUSE Adeline M. Gorton 1871-1931  
CROUNSE A. R. 1849-  
  Agusta A. 1849-1908 wife of A. R.
CULBERT Maggie -1883 wife of H. C. Day
  Almira 1818-1866  
  Jennett 1810-1863  
CURTIS Elizabeth   wife of Philip Pauley
  Julius   wife of George H. Ward
CUTLER Blanch   wife of Edward Judson


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