Prospect Hill Cemetery


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HADDOCK Jennie   wife of Henry C. Day
HAFF Joan B.   wife of Joseph Allen
HAGAN Mamie   wife of Harry B. Lowe
HAGADORN Eli Leavenworth 1836-1918  
  Elmira 1844-1872 wife of Eli
  Mary McGregor 1846-1925 wife of Eli
HAGGART Desire Dawley 1836-1888 wife of John Sr.
  John W. 1836-1866 ?
  Willard 1833-1864  
  John W. Jr. 1836-1866 ?
  Elisha 1836-1863 Fall at Battle of Chattanoga
  J. G. 1841-1901  
  Emma Foster 1845-1919 wife of J. G.
  Harriet 1820-1889 wife of James D. Foster
  Sophronia 1844-1888 wife of Willard Miller
  Albert A. 1847-1922 Co. 2 Vet. Rect. N. Y. Cal.
  Alida 1854-1924 wife of Albert A.
  Stewart 1848-1929  
  Maria 1844-1864 wife of Edw. H. Matthews
HAINES William G. 1820-1864 Co. C or G, N. Y. Art.
HAGGART W. Sherlock ae 68  
  Elizabeth ae 85 wife of W. Sherlock
HANES William 18_2- Co C N. Y. Art.
  J. W.   Co. F 153 N. Y. Inf.
HALE  John H. 1848-1883 G. A. R.
  Melissa 1848-1917 wife of John H.
  Arthur N. 1774-1821  
  Emma J. 1844-1893 wife of W. H. Seymour
  Emma H. 18_4-1893 wife of Ethan Allen
HALL Isaac 1808-1837  
  Susan 1810-1835 wife of Isaac
  William, Gent. 1841-1884  
  Susan -1863 wife of Wm. M.
  Jane Grace 1817-1887  
  Harriet Ann -1863 dau. Jas. B. & Charlotte
  James Jr.    
  Anna W. 1823-1874  
  Sarah Hall Frederick 1848-1927  
  Cornelius V. 1840-1904 Corp. Co. E 115 N. Y. Vol.
  Sarah M. Becker 1838- wife of Cornelius V.
  Benjamin F. 1833-1889  
  Matilda A. W. 1840-1886 wife of Benjamin F.
  Eleanor 1842-1903 wife of Ephraim Wright
  Louise 1850-1876 wife of Charles Hall
  James   Co. _ 10th N. Y. Cal.
  Albert   Co I. 10th N. Y. Cal.; gov't stone, no dates
  Hannah Shirley 1846-1906 wife of Albert
  Jesse 1836-1912  
  Annie Durkee 1839-1911 wife of Jesse
  Keziah 1846-1873 wife of C. V. (on Hines lot)
HAMILTON David H. 1813-1879 D. D.
  Martha S. Wood 1815-1891 wife of David H.
HAMLIN Clara E.   wife of Dr. Bissell
HAMM Anna S.   next to Jas. W. Case
HANDY Webster 1850-1914  
  Susan Eutermark 1859-1934 wife of Webster
HANNERS Eugene 1859-1898  
  May Stoddard -1936 wife of Eugene
HANSON John D. 1830-1898  
  Lpouisa A. 1831-1892 wife of John D.
  Luella 1867-1922 wife of Chas. Whitney
HANVAY Jane   wife of Wm Ward
HARCEN Jennie E. Scofield 1840-1898 wife of Hiram
HARDING William 1836-1917  
  Mary C. Ballard 1847-1927 wife of William
HARMAN Thomas 1836-1909  
  Frances 1842-1929  
  Anna 1865-1929  
  Emily M.   wife of Lemuel Heacock
HARRIS Mary 1805-1873 wife of Caleb Harris
  Esther   wife of Chas. Dodge
HART Simmons 1805-1871  
  Mary A. 1806-1889 wife of Simmons
  S .T. O.   no dates
  Anna Hatmaker   wife of S. T. O.; no dates
HASTINGS Seneca B. 1835-1889  
  Catherine A. Young 1832-1900 wife of Seneca B.
  Alice   wife of Jos. Schull
  Mary   wife of Albert Jas. Buhanna
HATMAKER Anna   see Hart
HAVENS Foster H. 1859-1926  
  Hattie V. 1863-  
HAVILAND Henrietta G.   wife of Jas. H. Minturn
HAYES Newton F. 1812-1854  
  Ann L .Smith 1818-1900 wife of Dewitt Hayes
HAYWARD Josephine   wife of Andrew Sprung
HEACOCK Emily M .Harmon   wife of Lemuel
  Catherine S. 1831-1912 wife of Chas. R. Bellows
  Katie 1863-193_ wife of Henry C. Woodward
HELLWIG Melchoir 1816-1901  
  Rachel W. 1818-1908 wife of Melchoir
  Albert A. 1842-1924 Co. D 34 Inf Vol.
  Martha E. Roach 1852-1925 wife of Albert A.
HEDDEN Adam A. 1838-1919  
  Nancy H. Brudge 1849-1927 wife of Adam A.
  Eugene L. 1874-1930  
HIERTZ Matthias 1833-1917 b. Viandem Grand Duche Luxenbourg; came to US 1854
  Mary Eliz. Sisum 1839-1912 b Cherry Valley; relict of Hezekiah Pickard; wife of Hiertz
HILL William 1816-1897  
  Lydia 1813-1888  wife of William
  John H. 1819-1894  
  Nancy A. Jillson 1823-1899 wife of John H.
  Sarah 1846-1933 wife of Danl. C. Cowles
  Maggie C. 1868-1899 wife of Chas. N. Rose
HILLABRANDT Delia A. Farthing 1851-1873 wife of L. S.
HILLOCK Elizabeth   wife of M. D. Kasson
HINES Freeman 1833-1876  
  Louise Lansing 1840-1867 wife (see A. J. Lansing)
  William 1867-1884 of Cottingham, Eng.; at Saratoga, New York
  John W.   no dates
  Mary J. Akeley 1854-1906 wife (see Jas. Akeley)
  Andrew Jr. 1859-1924  
   Elizabeth Ide 1863-1891 wife of Andrew Jr.
HODDER Louisa   wife of Wm. Oaksford
HODGES W. H. 1824-1906  
  Rebecca J. 1832-1902 wife of W. H.
  Charles O. 1852-1902  
  Ida E. 1852-1923 wife of Charles O.
  Elizabeth   wife of John W. Peek, no dates
HOLCOMBE Carrie N.   wife of Hiram Anthony
HOLLENBECK Jacob B. 1817-1900  
  Maria F. 1819-1891  
HOLLIDAY Emily Place 1833-1886 wife of W. R.
  Marya 1831-1864  
HOOSE Margaret A. 1837-1910 wife of Thos. Quimby
  Pamelia 1809-1898 wife of Wm. M. Borst
HOPE Sarah   wife of Chas. S. Leach
HOPGOOD Eliza   wife of A. J. Lansing
HORTON Frances   wife of LaDew
HOSMER Mary   wife of Sherman Case
HOWARD  Alexander C. 1809-1882  
  Margaret A. 1814-1872 wife of Alexander
  Charles 1863-1930  
  Mary Green 1863-1924 wife of Charles
  William 1853-1882  
  May Howard Vosburg 1875- see Henry Vosburg
HOWARTH George A. 1860-  
  Libbie J. 1861- wife of George A.
HOUSE William   Corp. Co. A 153d N. Y. Vol.
HOWLAND Harrison 1842-1925  
  Catherine M. 1840-1915 wife of Harrison
HOYT Alex 1844-1905 Co. G 97 N. Y. Vol.
  Elizabeth 1845-1887 wife of Alex
HUCKANS Sussie   wife of Corp. Bullock
HULBERT Lucy Stewart 1815-1856 wife of Addison Hulbert
  Sarah J.   wife of Warren L. Allen
HULETT William G. 1809-1900 Co. A 153 N. Y. Vol.
  Deborah 1810-1896 wife of William G.
  Daniel S. 1832-1891  
  Hannah J. 1832- wife of Daniel S.
  Deborah J. 1839-1875  
  William H. 1854-193_ G. A. R.
  Ellen 1855-1929 wife of William H.
  William D. 1875-1909 Co _ 10 U. S. Inf.
HUNPHREY J. _. 1825-1898  
  Clarica 1826-1898 wife of J.
HURLBURT Charlotte   with Matthews
HUTCHINSON John C. 1831-1904  
  Ellen M. Judson 1848-1913 wife
INKPEN Matilda   see Allen Everts
JACKSON Harriet 1841-1925 wife of Randolph Day
  Jennette A. Day 1820-1889 wife of Jonas Jackson
JACOBS Harvey L. 1832-1891  
  Charlotte Jacobs Russe 1840-1926 or Busse
JEANNISON Adele 1822-1891 wife Fourtune (?) b Mil--, France
JEFFERS George W. 1841-1878  
  Clare 1817-1870 wife of George W.
  Mary C. 1844- wife of Nathaniel Bentley
JENCER John 1836-1903 Co. E 4th N. Y. Art.
  Caroline Melhorn 1839-1921 wife of John
GENCER Martha 1873-1902 with above
JILLSON Nancy A.   wife of John H. Hill
JOHNSON Samuel 1839-1889  
  Isabella Bard 1842-1922 wife of Samuel
  Eugene A. 1852-1893  
  Sarah G. 1856-1932 with Handy
  Catherine 1852-1926 wife of James
  Sarah Cole 1845-1891 wife of _. P. Johnson
JOLLEY Mary A.   wife of Albert Lyke
JONES William H. 1826-1911  
  Mary Evans 1828-1873 wife of William H.
JORDAN Jessie B. Plummer   wife of Clark L.; no dates
JUDSON Charles W. 1834-1926  
  Jennie Bryce 1846-1877 wife of Charles W.
  Caroline G. Bryce 1851-1916 sister of Jennie; wife of Charles W.
  Catherine   wife of James Johnson
  Ellen   wife of John Hutchinson
  Edward 1853-1918  
Blanch Cutter 1855-1919 wife of Edward
KASSON  Chauncey G. 1812-1893  
  Sarah _. Capron 1816-185_  
  Harvey 1846-1914 Co K 1 N. Y. Art
  Lugie Bush 1843- wife of Harvey
  Morton D. 1854-1911  
  Elizabeth Hillock 1858- wife of Morton D.
KEGG  Hattie Place 1858-1888 wife of Fred Kegg
KELSEY Ruth   wife of John Drake
KENNEDY Lysander 1752-1835  
KENT Jane 1813-1892 of England; wife of John Williamson
  Martha 1828-1910 of New Castle on Tyre, Eng.
  Jane A. 1850-1896 of England; wife of Geo. Earston
  Elizabeth 1863-1896 dau. of John & Anna Robinson, Eng.
  Anna 1837-1885 wife of V. W. Caulkins
KEYES George C. 1846-1918  
  Alice Wessels 1855-  
KING Ella Knissman 1844-1927 wife
  Sophia Bergman   wife of Frank King; see Kutscher
KINKLE Elizabeth   wife of Jost Grebe
KLEIN John 1821-1892  
  Margaret M. 1832-1895 wife of John
KNICKERBOCKER Charles R. 1839-1913  
  Emma Conover 1842-1926 wife of Charles R.
KNIFER John H.   see Millett for wife
KOPPISH Alfred F. 1855-1897  
KUTSCHER Rilla   wife of Franklin E. Thrall
  John J. 1842-1896  
  Anna M. 1861-1902 wife John J. King
La DEW Albert F. 1847-1908 Co. F 153 N. Y. Vol.
  Frances Horton 1852- wife of Albert F.
LAINE Elizabeth   wife of Jas. Taylor
LAIR Mary E.   see Wm. H. Cromer
LAIRD James A. 1839-1889  
  Althear Rector 1846-1933 wife of James A.
LAKE Norman D. 1827-1890  
  Jennette D. 1826-1897 wife of Norman D.
  Idealla A. 1866-1934 with Norman - see Demarest
  Hannah Coon 1823-1859  
  Adaline 1832-1867  
  Sarah 1828-1866 wife of Geo. Sherbourne
  Rebecca A. 1834-1870 wife of William
  Eve Wahner (or Warner) 1873-1911  
  Olive   with J. L. Getman
  Cynthia   see Charles Snyder Jr.
LANING Rilla E.   see James Stewart
LANSING A. J. 1821-1888 G. A. R.
  Eliza Hopgood 1825-1901 wife of A. J.
  William Eugene 1857-1917  
  ? Emily Place 1833-1886 wife of W. R. Holliday
  Freeman Hines 1833-1876  
  Louise Hines 1840-1867  
LASHER Mary A. 1766-1815 wife of Abel Bovee
  James 1819-1895  
  Sarah 1819-1899 wife of James
  Silas 1848-1927  
  Ruth Cromer 1845-1928 wife of Silas
  James 1856-1931  
  Elizabeth   wife of James
  Eli 1831-1905  
  Mary Parsons 1832-1906 wife of Eli
  Minnie A. 1860-1913 wife of John Weinmann
  Jerry D.   (Jeremiah)
  Alma I. Bodell    
LaVALLEY Francis C. 1815-1880  
  Louise Clough 1822-1899 wife of Francis C.
  Amelia H. 1844-1928 wife of N. J. Brockway
LAWLER Kate   see John H. Borst
LAWSON L. H.   next to Martha Billingham
LEACH Charles 1832-1913  
  Sarah Hope 1830-1915 wife of Charles
  Charles J. 1854-1934  
  Emma Cooper 1855-1925 wife of Charles J.
  Beatrice N.   wife of Herbert Hoslins
LEAVENWORTH Elie 1836-1918 wife of _. L. Hagadorn
LEFLER Josephine   see Geo. L. Wood
LEONARD Josiah 1779-1852  
  Freelove 1781-1842 wife of Josiah
  Esther 1812-1862 wife of Elisha Burton
  Amelia 1824-1846 see Dewitt Smith
  Lana 1792-1872 wife of Jesse Smith
  Andelusia E. 1793-1875 wife of Darius Mills
  Austin 1810-1853  
   Charlotte 1811-1836 wife of Austin
  Henry 1821-1850  
  Matilda 1822-1867 wife of Henry
  Charles H. 1861-1933  
  Sarah McDuffie 1862- see Henry McDuffie
LEPPER Herbert 1872-1877  
  Nellie 1873-1876  
  Anna 1844-1876 1874?
LEWIS Mary   see Walter F. Dye
LIDDLE Harriet A.   dau. of Seneca Van Ness
LINKENFELTER Anna   see Thos. Pursell
LINTO Walter 1857-1923  
  Anna M. Brown 1856-1918 wife of Walter
LONG Mary   see Alfred Wilmarth
LORD William 1851-19__  
  Martha S. -1927 wife of William
LOWE Harry B. 1875-1933  
  Mamie Hogan 1877- wife of Harry B.
LOWRY Ida 1858-1909 wife of Wm. E. Brumaghin
LUCKEY Samuel 1818-1889  
  Mary Gorton 1820-1885 wife of Samuel
LYGETT William 1793-1875 Vet. War of 1812
  Sarah   wife of Wm. Meeker
LYKE Joseph 1802-1896  
  H. Lovina 1806-1895 wife of Joseph
  Henry 1830-1902  
  Emily Forsythe 1835-1902 wife of Henry
  Laura K. 1864-1887 wife of C. B. Chadwick
   Mary Jolley 1829-1870 wife of Albert
  Helen J. Smead 1840-1867 wife of Addison Lyke


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