Prospect Hill Cemetery


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SALTSMAN Malvina 1847-1908 wife, see Jas. H. Washburn
  Anna 1845-1932 see Jason Miller
SABIN Dr. Levi   no dates
  Elizabeth   wife of Dr. Levi; no dates
SCHEMERHORN Hiram 1833-1887  
  Jane 1835-1916  
  C. S. 1852-1879  
  Carrie Jordan 1858-1879  
  Clark L. 1861-1927  
Mary 1856-1933  
SCHOONMAKER Ann   see F. H. Dillenbeck
SCHUYLER Charles 1831-1896 Co. 115 N. Y. Vol.
  Henrietta Clemans 1853-1885 wife of Charles
SCOFIELD Jennie 1840-1898 wife of Hiram Harden
SCOVILLE Alice M.   wife of Jacob Zimmer
SEARS William A. 1841-1910 Corp. Co. _ 1st N. Y. Baty
  Mary 1838-1896 wife of William A.
SEE Daniel 1862-1928  
  Alvira Fry 1864-1925 wife of Daniel
SEEBER Mary Elizabeth   see Chas. J. Mills
SEYMOUR William H. 1829-1908  
  Emma J. Hale 1844-1893 wife of William H.
SHAW Elwood H. 1867-1934  
  Lula P. 1877-1878 dau. of N.B. & L. Shaw
SHEETS Margaret M. 1811-1886 wife of William Cockran
SHEPHERD Deborah 1813-1881 wife of Ethan Allen
  Peter 18_4-1880  
SHERBOURNE Sarah Lake 1828-1866 wife of George
SHERMAN Margaret   see Kimball
SHIRLEY Hannah   wife of Albert Hall
SHULL Alice Hastings   wife of Joseph Shull
SHULTES Mary P.   wife of Geo. H. Taylor
SHULTS Millard D. or F. 1844-1931  
  Anna Best 1854-1916 wife of Millard
  Harland P. 1843-1921  
  Josephine 1868-1926 wife of Robt. Anibal
  Elizabeth Fonda 1835-1927 wife of Harland P.
SIDNEY Emily E. Phillips   wife of Lewis J. Sidney
SILVERNAIL Charles H. 1861-1918  
SIMMONS Francis 1789-1854  
  Eliza 1801-1872 wife of Francis
  Andrew D. 1827-1902  
  Mary C. 1828-1913  
  Albert N. 1843-1916  
  Frances W. 1850-1931  
  A. F. 1844-1907  
  Margaret 1846- wife of A. F.
SISUM Mary Elizabeth   wife of Heirtz
SKAINE William 1800-1878  
  Sophia 1805-1878  
  Jeremiah 1823-1896  
  Barbara Ann 1822-1897  
  Obediah 1826-1914  
  Eleanor 1832-1903  
  William Henry 1853-1909  
  J. Frances Baker 1851-1900 wife of William Henry
  John D. 1863-1973  
  Laura N. Peeler 1873- wife of John D.
SKEETS Margaret   wife of William Cockrane
SKIFF John   no dates
  Arvilla Busbeck   no dates
  Ruth Peters 1853-1892 wife of John
SLADE Libbie   wife of E. Christie
SLOAN Ezekial C.   next to Eliz. M. Bard
SMEAD Helen J.   wife of Addison Lyke
SMITH James 1769-1845  
  Martha -1848 wife of James
  Enos M. 1821-1892 with Seymours
  Lucy A. 1810-1890  
  Catherine E. 1827-1901 wife of Alfred Avery
  Anna Eliza 1827-1905 wife Jeremiah Linkenfelter
  Anna Andrews 1860-1921 see Eutermarks (?)
  Ella A. 1867-1892 see Christie Bush (?)
  T. DeLap   M. D. wife - Clara Churchill
  Celina A. Brown 1872-1900 wife of E. A. Smith
  Matilda Bong   wife of Wm. T.
  Joseph 1760-1837  
  Margaret 1757-1832 wife of Joseph
  Jesse 1787-1869  
  Luna 1792-1872  
  Reuben J. 1810-1836 son
  DeWitt 1814-1901  
  Amelia G. Leonard 1824-1846 wife of DeWitt
  Ann L. 1818-1900 wife of DeWitt Hayes
  Amos 1814-1880  
  Maria Cornell 1817-1891 wife of Amos
  Harvey W. 1844-1903  
  Mary Jane 1839-1915 wife of Harvey W.
  Theodore 1840-1909 Corp. Co. K 34 N. Y. Inf. Vol.
  Elizabeth   wife of Theodore, no dates
  Will 1847-1915 Battery Co. K 1 N. Y. Lt. Art.
  Mary Ida   wife of Will, no dates
  Scott 1857-1922  
  Etta Anderson 1857-1925  
  Sarah E. 1844-1927 wife of Hiram Demming
SMYTHE Annie   wife of Anthony Wolford
SNYDER Charlie 1848-1929  
  Mary Jane 1850-1890 wife of Charlie
  Charles Sr. 1849-1923  
  Cynthia Lake 1849-1920 wife of Charles Sr.
SPENCER William A. 1841-1910 Corp. Cowan's 1 N. Y. Baty
  Judith 1807-1881  
SPOHN Joseph 1849-1915  
  Agusta 1849-1923  
SPRAGUE Julia   wife of VanR. Cook
SPRUNG Andrew J. 1844- Co. K  77th N. Y. Vol.; d. bef. 1936
  Josephine Hayward 1856- wife of Andrew J.
STAUNTON Rhoda M. 1858-1875 wife of Lemuel Wagoner
STEELE Gideon 1823-1900  
  Sarah VanSickler 1836-1912  
  Harriet M. 1867-1917 wife of Wm. C. Bacon
  Margaret Ann   wife of Wm. C. Mills
STEENBURGH Benjamin 1795-1882  
  Eliza 1795-1879  
  Benjamin J. 1819-1901  
  Lydia Ann 1820-1902  
  Harriet A. 1853-1894 wife of Duncan Anderson
STEMPLE Rudolph 1847-1894  
  Elizabeth 1849-1917 wife of Rudolph, with Frank Behlen
STEPHENS Sylvia   wife of Peter Millett
STERNBURGH? Harriet A.   see Harriet Steenburgh
STEVER Elmer M. 1863-  
  Ella Malone 1857-1929 wife of Elmer M.
STEWART D. A. 1836-1882  
  Mary Dye 1840-1870 wife of D. A.
  Alzara 1843-1918 wife of D. A.?
  Lucy 1815-1856 wife of Addison Hulburt
  James   no dates
  Rilla E. Laning 1869-1923 wife of James
  Ellen   see Amenta?
STOCK Doris Miller 1873-1918 wife of Peter
STONE John B. 1842-1893  
  Marietta Brown 1843-1902 wife of John B.
  Anna A . Howland   wife of Miles Stone
STONER Jeremiah 1794-1884  
  Sarah 1799-1871 wife of Jeremiah
  John 1829-1887 Co. A. 153- N. Y. Vol. (Green, 2nd wife)
  Catherine 1832-1903 1st wife
  Jerry 1857-1894  
  Eveline H. 1849-1908 wife of Edwin Foster
  Catherine A. 1824-1891 wife of Willard Wilson
STOW Charles C. 1844-1869  
  Albert 1843-1911  
  Margaret E. 1846-1898 wife of Albert
STRABEL Henry K. 1814-1906  
  Louise C. F. 1814-1894 wife of Henry K.
SUITS Jerome 1840-1927  
  Martha 1849-1888 wife of Jerome
  Hiram 1849-1892  
SUTLIFF Daniel E. 1831-1903  
  Phebe A. 1836-1891 wife of Daniel E.
  Sophia 1866-1895  
  James H. 1857-1915  
  Fannie L. 1860-1927 wife of James H.
  Charles 1856-1889
  Frankie E. 1869- wife of Eugene Lorentz
  Julia F. VanSlyke 1857-1926 wife of Charles?
  Sherman 1855-1910  
  Irene   dau of S. & K.. inf.
  Oliver 1844-1915 Co. E. 77 N. Y. Vol.
  Mary F. Donaldson 1849-1926 wife of Oliver
SUTTON James 1844-1915  
   Evelina 1846-1890  
SWEET Samuel James Jr. 1834-1896  
  Esther Parsons 1840-1899 wife of Samuel J.
SYKES Clark 1863-1919 next to Wm. H. Bowler & wife
TAYLOR Rev. Edward E. 1826-1902  
  Minerva R. Maxim 1831-1908 wife of Rev. Edward
  Mary P. Shutts 1851-1925 wife of Geo. H. Taylor
  James N. 1832-1903 Co. 2 115th N. Y. Vol. G.A.R
  Elizabeth Laine 1830-1910 wife of James N.
George L. 1859-1901  
  Alice Taylor Cadman 1853-1929  
  Helen A. (Taylor) Thrall 1857-1909 wife of George L.
  William 1852-1925  
  Clara A. Phelps 1858-1913 wife of William
  James 1861-1931  
TEMPLETON H. M. 1846-1879  
  Anna E. 1848-1914 wife of H. M.
  Eliza 1845-1916 wife of W. N. Zimmer
THOMPSON Beckwith 1837-1917  
  Amanda C. 1841-1922 wife of Beckwith
THORNE Edward 1831-1917  
  Hannah Tubby 1836-1914 wife of Edward
THRALL Franklin E. 1851-1927  
  Rilla Hutscher 1854-1926 wife of Franklin E.
TOOKER John 1822-1888  
  Malinda 1825-1902 wife of John
  Sarah E. 1853-1872 wife of James B. Atty
  William 1832-1889  
  Mary J. Robinson 1862-1921  
  Mary Young 1844-1927 wife of Geo. E. Tooker
TILLAPAUGH Clinton 1836-1914  
  Mary J. Van Dresser 1842-1924 wife of Clinton
TRIPP Patience   wife of Robert McDougal
TRUMP Eliza   wife of Solomon Frye
TUBBY Hannah   wife of Edward Thorne
TYGERT Fannie   wife of Wm. J. Foster
UTMAN A. 1844-1888  
  Mina 1859-1896  


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