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Submitted by Derick Van Schoonhoven 4/6/2009

I have read the graves located in the KENT mausoleum which is located near the Fulton Street entrance to Prospect Hill Cemetery and adjacent to the Pickett Memorial Co.

Buried in the Mausoleum are:

James Kent    born: Newcastle on Tyne, England,    died: Ocean Grove, NJ    June 5, 1886
James Freddie    son of James and Anna Kent    born: Sept. 7, 1866    died: July 29, 1868
George William    son of James and Anna Kent    born: May 20, 1862    died: Aug 16, 1863
Annabel    daughter of James and Anna Kent    born : April 1, 1864    died: Sept 13, 1933
Edward L. Kent    son of James ad Anna Kent    born: Nov. 8, 1868    died: Jun 22, 1944
Marietta Rhodes Kent    1870 - 1943
Anna Wood    wife of James Kent    born: July 9, 1840    died: June 15, 1913

Derick Van Schoonhoven, Bethlehem, PA


Submitted by Edward MacDonald 3/13/2009

Lot location Thompson Av. pathway

Herman Balke b. Apr 14 1854 Germany d. Oct 10 1935 Gloversville NY
wife Rosells Skenke Balke b.Oct 28 1953 Germany d. May 9 1932 Gloversville NY

Albert Balke [brother of Herman] b. Sept 5 1850 Germany d. Feb 17 1906 Gloversville NY
wife Amellia Lemke Balke b. Jan 1 1845 Germany d. June 7 1921 Gloversville NY

Anna M. Balke [daughter of Albert and Amellia] ] b. July 29 1873 Germany d. May 15 1953 Riceville NY

Otto Balke [son of Albert and Amellia] ] b. Oct 6 1876 Germany d. March 13 1939 Perth NY

Emma Balke Hazard [ daughter of Albert and Amellia] b. Sept 15 1882 Germany d. Nov 18 1978 Dunnellon FL.
Frank Hazard [husband of Emma ashes put in coffin of Emma] b. Dec 3 1873 Ancram NY d. Feb 28 1957 Gloversville NY

Lot location middle of Wells Street hill.

Fred [Alfred] MacDonald b. Dec 1889 Cobleskill NY d. Aug 30 1941 Bronx NY Veteran Hosp.

wife Gertrude Burns MacDonald [Page from her 2nd marriage] b. April 10 1894 Gloversville NY d. Sept 25 1983 CT [no stone]

George Edward MacDonald [son of Fred & Gertrude] b. May 15 1915 Gloversville NY d. May 31 1934 Gloversville NT [no stone]

Martha Northrup VanHousen [grandmother of Gertrude] b.Aug 1830 NY State d. 1929 Gloversville NY

Marilyn Emma MacDonald stillborn April 8 1934 [buried on top of Martha VanHousen grave]

Lot location east side of Kingsbourgh Av

Leander VanHoesen [date unknown]
wife Lillian Hazard VanHoesen b.Nov. 19 1908 Gloversville NY d. July 26 1978 Gloversville NY


Submitted by Edward MacDonald 3/15/2009

Location GPS -074:20.08x43:02.53

George Washington Burns b .December 15, 1859 d. November 07, 1959 Gloversville NY Sec 51 Lot 39
wife Caroline [Carrie] Adams b. March 1867 d. October 16, 1900 Gloversville NY
[Next to Carrie] 2 small stones marked Children of C. and F. Fry b.1885 died May 2 1887 and b.1887 died 1/9/1888 sec. 57 lot 258
Jay Burns [son of George W.] b. September 09, 1896 Gloversville NY d. October 02, 1948 sec 51 lot 33 [no stone]

Location near corner of Kingsbourgh Av & Steel Av GPS- N 43 02.704--W 074 20.140

John Amos Morgan b. Feb 12 1904 d. Aug 15 1956
Nellie Morgan b.1879 d.1924
husband Cady Morgan dates unknown

Location unknown (location unknown only means that I have not visited that gravesite yet)

Fritz Fred Goebel b. Germany d. July 1942 Broadalbin NY
wife Mary E. Blake Goebel b. Aug 1876 Germany d. Feb 5 1962 Gloversville NY
Frank Gersak b. Apr 18 1907 d. Jan 26 1991 Gloversville NY
Charles H. Goebel b. Aug 21 1911 Gloversville NY d. Dec 26 2000 Broadalbin NY
wife Minnie Cressey d. Oct 14 1997
Martha Polodec Goebel b. Sept 1 1921 Amsterdam NY d. March 6 2006 Gloversville NY
Charles C. Johnson b. Nov 18 1873 d. Jan 29 1951 Gloversville NY
wife Emma Julia Balke Johnson b. Aug 21 1885 Germany d. Aug 13 1964
Fred Adams b. Aug 25 1892 d. May 17 1984 Gloversville NY
wife Clara Balke b. Aug 16 1891 Germany d. Nov 17 1963 Gloversville NY


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