Peter's Cemetery

This cemetery is located east of Rockwood in the town of Johnstown.  These inscriptions were copied October 7, 1944 by Dr. R. M. Palmer, Former Fulton County Historian.
This transcript can be found at the Johnstown Historical Society, William Street, Johnstown, New York.  It was sent in to the Fulton County GenWeb site by James Morrison, archivist for Johnstown Historical Society and was transcribed by Linda Jasztal,  March 8, 2000.  Linda thoroughly enjoys transcribing cemetery and census records, and has done so for other GenWeb counties.  Her efforts are greatly appreciated.

Update Aug 2006: site visitor Danielle Koenig sent in the following:

Tonight was delighted to find ancestors in the Peters Cemetery listing, town of Johnstown. One of the main Carncross researchers, the late Harold Harrington, in his self-published Carncross-Miller Ancestry [Abilene Texas, circa 1974], includes a photocopy of a 1964 letter from Mrs. Blanche S. Coons of Gloversville. In it she writes:

Lewis Carncross and his wife Magdalena Fratts Carncross..... [lived at Niskayuna near Schenectady] ... "Later they moved to a farm a few miles east of Johnstown, and later he exchanged it for timberland north of the city 'Route 29' where he lived and died. He gave this parcel of land for a cemetery, off the main road, and is buried in a chained off enclosure marked 'Father' 'Born 3-3-1846' 'Died 4-28-1812'. Others there include 'Ephraim'. . . ."

In the Peters listing today I find Ephraim; Lewis' wife Magdalena "Magdalin, wife of Luis Carncroas" - hey close enough - and some others, but no mention of old Lewis himself.

I'm related through what is probably Lewis Carncross' brother - still a link I have to satisfy myself about there. The original name is German - Gerngross - and quickly got repronounced and re-spelled once they arrived here in 1750's.

John Johnson
Died Sept. 21, 1893
Aged 81 years

Elizabeth, his wife
Died Sept. 18, 1894
Aged 73 years

Mariah Plank
Died Oct. 27, 1884
Aged 54 years

Jane Frances, dau. of Mariah Erkenbrack
Died Aug. 19, 1860
Aged 2 yrs., 5 mos. and14 days

Weep not for me, my mother dear,
I'm not dead, but sleeping here.

George Ercombrack
Died May 5, 1855
Aged 62 yrs. and 7 mos.

Eve, wife of George Erkenbrack
Died Aug. 1, 1884
Aged 82 yrs.

Betsy Stales, wife of Ephriam Carncroas
Born Feb. 17, 1819
Died Oct. 5, 1895

Ephraim, son of Nicholas &Maria Carncroas
Died April 19, 1847
Aged 26 yrs.

Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way?
By taking head thereto according to thy word.   Ps CXIX-19

Magdalin, wife of Luis Carncroas
Died Sept. 21, 1841
Aged 91 yrs.

Maria, wife of Nicholas Carncroas
Died May 28, 1839
Aged 44 yrs., 1 mo. and 3 days

Peter Weaver
Died 1858
in his 52 year

Nicholas Carncroas
Born Sept. 25, 1790
Died Feb. 2, 1878

Fannie Carncroas
Died May 15, 1917
Aged 87 years

M. C.

E. B. C.

John T. Horth
Died Dec. 9, 1889
Aged 83 yrs.

Betsy A. Wait, his wife
Died March 17, 1894
Aged 87 yrs.

Oliver, son of J. T. and B. A. Horth
Died Sept. 29, 1885
Aged 51 yrs.

Elizabeth, wife of Oliver Wait
Died March 13, 1842
Aged 60 yrs. and 22 days

James Peters
Died March 13, 1850
Aged 79 yrs.

Margaret, wife of James Peters
Died April 25, 1849
Aged 76 yrs.

Richard Peters
Died March 11, 1865
Aged 71 yrs., 7 mo. & 4 days

Helena, wife of Richard Peters
Died Sept. 3, 1881
Aged 87 yrs.

John V. Oburgh
Died Jan. 3, 1898
Aged 70 yrs. and 25 days

Katherine, his wife
Died May 22, 1919
Aged 75 yrs. 4 mo. & 17 days

James P. W. Oburgh
Died Aug. 16, 1872
Aged 2 yrs., 8 mo. and 8 days

George Henry Stalee
Born Dec. 22, 1823
Died June 20, 1899

Hannah M. Peters, wife of George H. Stalee
Born Feb. 27, 1818
Died April 5, 1902

Jacob Edick
Died April 7, 1892
Aged 62 yrs
At rest.

Conrad Diver
Born Sept. 16, 1813
Died Jan. 14, 1890

Conigunde, his wife
Born May 4, 1813
Died May 15, 1890

Lewis Erkenbrack
Died Dec. 22, 1896
Aged 56 yrs.

Harriet, his wife
Died Aug. 2, 1908
Aged 66 yrs.

Giles Erkenbreck
Died Nov. 18, 1887
Aged 62 yrs., 2 mo. and 8 days

Gone but not forgotten.

George Erkenbreck
Died March 26, 1886
Aged 26 yrs.

Dearest George, how we miss you.

Philip Erkenbrack
Died June 17, 1872
Aged 41 yrs.

Gone but not forgotten.

Minnie, dau. of L. and H. Erkenbrack
Died Dec. 19, 1882
In her 10th year.

We mourn our loss.

Infant daughter of L. and H. Erkenbrack
Died Oct. 26, 1866
Aged 3 mo. and 13 days

Ann Sarah, dau. of Caroline Lont
Died Jan. 24, 1859
Aged 8 yrs., 10 mo. & 18 days

Nancy A., dau. of Henry & Betsy Erkenbrack
Died Jan. 30, 1837
Aged 2 yrs

William, son of Jacob & Catherine Erkenbrack
Died March 15, 1847
Aged 2 yrs., 6 mo. and 9 days

Charles, son of J. & C. Erkenbrack
Died July 10, 1853
Aged 1 yr. and 30 days

John Niver
Died April 8, 1827
In his 70 yr.

Maria, wife of John Niver
Died Jan. 17, 1853
In her 92 year

Nicholas Weaver
D. 1853
In his 54 year

The memory of
Adam J. Plank
Died the 25th of Sept. 1825
Aged 28 yrs., 9 mo. & 21 days

Catharine, wife of Jacob Plank
Died Jan. 10, 1841
Aged 72 yrs.

Nicholas P. Weaver
Died in 1824
In his 71 year

Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas P. Weaver
Died in 1843
In her 67th year

Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Frederick
Died March 15, 1860
In her 67th year

In memory of
Jacob Mead
Who died April 19, 1848
Aged 61 yrs., 11 mo. and 14 days

John S. Erkenbrack, son of Ja's & Virtue Erkenbrack
Born Dec. 13, 1819
Died Oct. 2, 1841
Aged 21 yrs., 9 mo. and 19 days

As I came to the spot where the white pilgrim lay,
And pensively stood by his tomb,
When in a low whisper I heard something say
How sweetly I sleep here alone,
The tempest may howl and the loud thunder roll
And the gathering storm may arise
Yet calm are my feelings, at rest is my soul
And the tears are all wiped from my eyes.

The memory of
Tunis I. Cole
Died May the 26, 1820
Aged 43 yrs., 9 mo. & 3 days

Juliette, dau. of Jacob and Margaret Smith
Died Feb. 19, 1842
Aged 1 yr., 2 mo. & 19 days

Jacob Erkenbreck
Died Nov. 8, 1832
In the 70 year of his age

Catherine, wife of Jacob Erkenbreck
Died March 10, 1853
In her 90 year

Hiram, son of F. and G. Erkenbreck
Died June 13, 1836
Aged 3 yrs., 4 mo. and 25 days

Philip Erkenbreck
Died Aug. 12, 1834
Aged 82 yrs.

Mary, dau. of Richard & Helen Peters
Died Feb. 24, 1838
Aged 1 yr., 10 mo. & 4 days

William H., son of Richard & Hellen Peters
Died Sept. 16, 1848
Aged 17 yrs. & 5 mo.

James P., son of G. H. and H. M. Staley
Died Jan. 18, 1867
In his 7th yr.

Amy M., dau. of A. and C. Plank
Died Dec. 26, 1860
Aged 11 yrs., 10 mo. & 23 days

Adam, son of John W. and Elizabeth Sparow
Died March 24, 1860
Aged 2 yrs., 1 mo. & 20 days

Weep not for me, my parents dear
For I am not dead but sleeping here.

Ida, dau. of J. W. and Anna D. Staley
Died March 5, 1895
Aged 1 yr., 3 mo. & 9 days

The Lord gave me and the Lord taketh away,
Blessed be the name of the Lord.

Raymond, son of J. W. and Anna D. Staley
Died June 15, 1892
Aged 7 mo. and 20 days

Raymond dear has gone and left us,
We his loss must deeply feel,
But tis God who has bereft us,
He will all our sorrows heal.

Effa, dau. of A. and M. Trumbull
Died Sept. 23, 1874
Aged 5 wks.

William Dennison
Born June 30, 1859
Died Feb. 22, 1933

George M. Richards

Catherine Z., his wife

Anna M.

George A.



Henry Erkenbrack
Died May 16, 1872
Aged 75 yrs. and 10 mo.

Betsy, wife of Henry Erkenbrack
Died March 21, 1862
Aged [             ]mos. and 21 days
Her days are (stone is broken)

A stone with top broken off
Aged 27 yrs., 8 mo.

Yes, when these lips shall cease to move,
And death shall close these eyes,
Then shall my soul to nobler rest
Of joy and transport rise.

Marvin Miller
Died Aug. 22, 1917
Aged 70 years

Phoebe, his wife
Died Feb. 6, 1925
Aged 89 years

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