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Listed on this page, are the following cemeteries:

These small cemeteries have been abandoned or destroyed.  What information is here is all that I have and can provide.  If you have questions about these cemeteries, you may want to contact the respective town clerk's office or town historian that it is located in.   


Thumb Cemetery
This abandoned cemetery is located in the town of Oppenheim.  It is located on a hill overlooking highway 114.  Go west on Bell Road (dirt road), at the top of the hill, just off Route 114.  It is the resting place of Captain Adam Thumb, a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
Recorded October 1979 by Lewis G. Decker, David Miller. 

There are other graves marked only with fieldstones.    

Surname   Birth Death Comments
Thumb Adam   8/12/1853 Age 77 yrs, 11 ms, 16 ds
"Gone But Not Forgotten"
Shepperman Dorothy    6/1/1839 Age 86 yrs, 6 ms, 5 ds
Thumb Adam    4/24/1814 Age 79 yrs, 4 ms, 14 ds,
D. A. R. marker reading "Capt. Adam Thumb"
Thumb [    ]    4/16/1847 Infant son of Jonathan & Clarence Thumb
Thumb [    ]    9/29/[    ] Age 18 days
Infant daughter of Adam & Mary Thumb
Thumb Mary    2/26/1852 Age [   ] yrs, wife of Adam Thumb, "Gone But Not Forgotten"


Crouse Family Cemetery
This abandoned cemetery is located in the town of Oppenheim.  Proceed on Krings Bush Road to where it intersects with Baum Road.  Opposite the intersection, there is an abandoned Road going west, proceed to on this road to the foot of the hill in the 2nd pasture to the north.  (Note:  road hard to travel in spring/winter).  
Please obtain permission from the home on the corners of the abandoned road.
Recorded April 1979 by Lewis G. Decker. 


Surname   Birth Death Comments
Hellegas Norman J.   6/19/1860 Age 1 yr, 8 ms, 11 ds, son of Jona[n] and Lavina J. Hellegas
Crouse Adam   9/2/1853 Age 2 yr, 11 ms, 12 ds, son of Leonard and Cyrena Crouse


These recording below were taken from D. A. R. Recordings of Fulton County Cemeteries compiled in 1937, by Mrs. B. E. Chapman, of Broadalbin, still part of the Crouse Family Burial Plot, though no longer evident.

Surname   Birth Death Comments
Crouse Leonard Jr. 1/11/1819 8/15/1870 Age 50 yrs, 8 ms, 4 ds
Fry Dewitt   2/1/1853 Age 2 yrs, 10 ms, 17 ds, Son of Solomon & Lucinda Fry
Winmann Jacob   6/2/1854 Age 25 yrs, 2 ms, 21 ds


Duseler Family Cemetery
This small cemetery is located in the town of Oppenheim.  Traveling West on Youkers Bush Road, pass Gabryszeski Road and the cemetery is on top of the hill (north side of Youkers Bush Road).  It has been maintained by town and fenced with a gate.  Though now abandoned, there is evidence of unmarked graves and field stones used as markers.
Recorded 1979 by Lewis G. Decker, Nancy McVean and Clarinda Bellen

Surname   Birth Death Comments
Duseler Marcus   3/6/1846 Age 82 yr., 9 ms
  Toshua   10/5/1874 Age 46 yr, 3 ms, 9 ds
  Elizabeth [   ] [   ] Wife of Marcus Duseler
  [   ]   12/28/1851 Age 16 yr, 8 ms, 7 ds
Duesler Elizabeth   6/1/1868 Age 60 yr, 3 ms, 21 ds, wife of Isaac Duesler
[Smith] Henry   7/19/1862 Age 17 yr, 2 ms, 24 ds
Duesler Isaac   4/29/1870 Age 69 yr, 11 ms, 27 ds
(open book carved on stone)
"He is gone, his friends all [   ] [   ], Gone his savior to meet.
A few more days we hope to meet, Sitting at his savoir's feet."
[   ]  [   ]    [    ] fieldstone marker


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