Union Mills Cemetery

Located in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY

This cemetery is located on the road from Broadalbin to Union Mills, 1.4 mile west of Hatzenbuhler Road intersection. It was Copied April 1957 by Henry C. and Margaret C. Ritchie and  Mrs. Mary Packer. Click here to view some newer burials turned in by visitors like you.

Note:  In one corner of the cemetery are a number of plain stones marked on top:    Q-1 to Q-223   and S-1 to S-25.

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ALBRO Rebecca 1820-1900   wf of Warren M. Rider
ALSBRO William      
  Sarah     wf of William
  William M. d 1844 1y son
  Clara B. d 1805 4m 11d dau
ALLEN Lucy     wf of Isaac Manchester
  Sarah D.     wf of Joseph C. Wait 
  Sha_rach 1778-1842 65th y    
  Nancy Davis 1784-1867 85y wf of Sha_rach
  Pardon 1803-1883    
  Malin_ d 1836 32y 2m wf of Pardon
ANDERSON Mary C. 1829-1897     
  Samuel Newell 1828-1904    
  Bertha E. 1876-19__    
  Donald 1870-1922    
  Clark L. 1834-1888    
ANDRUS Hannah     wf of Henry Sleezer
ANNABLE Levi 1824-1894    
  Charlotte A. Manchester 1844-1907   wf of Levi
ARMS Harriet d 1888 17y  
  William A. d 1888 6y  
  Roy d 1888 4y  
  Joseph 1837 - _ _ _ _     
  Susan 1843 - _ _ _ _   wf of Joseph
ATKINS David d 1842 82y 1m 9d  
  Hannah stone broken   wf of David
AUSTIN Eugene 1859-1946    
AVERY Fred G. 1871- _ _ _ _    
  Mildred E. 1872 - _ _ _ _   wf of Fred G.
  James B. 1834-1919    
  Mary Goodemote 1841-1895   wf of James B.
  Fred G. 1871-1925     
  R. B. (or H.)      
  Edna 1888-1897   dau
  Ellston J. 1900-1903   son
  Baltus 1864-1935    
  Hattie 1863-_ _ _ _    wf of Baltus
  Lydia     wf of Madison Manchester
  Amos 1828-1872    
  Gertrude 1838-1872   wf of Amos
  Frank 1857-1928    
  Sarah 1859- 19_ _   wf of Frank
  Frederick 1797-1878     
  Sarah 1799-1884   wf of Frederick
  James B.       
  Mary     wf of James B.
  Irvin d 1863 1y 6m son
  Angeline 1876 - 19_ _    
  Hattie Vandenburgh 1863-1941    
BACON Lydia      wf of Hiram Cole
  Hilda d 1864 92y  
  Maud A. _ _ _ _ 1y  
  N. W.      
  F. A.     wf of N.W. 
  Ella A. d 1861 2y 5d dau
  Anna d 1861 6m 10d dau
  Olive Amelia     wf of Valores Cole 
BAIRD Pearl     see Roy Warner
BAKER Isaac d 1867 31y  
BALLENTINE James      
  Catherine Ferguson d 1862 35y wf of James;  dau of A. & M.
BALLWEBER Elinor 1933-1935     
  Louis N. 1853-1925    
  Carrie H. Luthye 1870-1945   wf of Louis
BARCALOW Gideon H. 1812-1886    
  Betsey 1819-1891   wf of Gideon
BARKER Samuel d 1890 61y  
  Adaline d 1894 64y wf of Samuel
BARR J. Mason 1870-1945    
  Georgia L. 1871-1945   wf of J. Mason
BATES Anna F. 1871-1937      
BEAKLE William 1866-1956   on James McVean lot
BECKER John J. d 1848 69y   
  Sally d 1857 80y wf of John J.
  Jacob d 1825   Livingston's N.Y. Mil. Rev. War
  Anna d 1823 71y wf of Jacob
   J.      wf of Simon 
  infant son 1862-1862    
BELL James H. 1841-1911   Co. L. 2 N. Y. H. Arty
  Lucy Cole 1845-1900   wf of James H.
BELMAN Henry      
  Eliza     wf of Henry
  Emmy L. d 1856 1y 10m dau
BENEDICT Mary     wf of George R. Brown
   Helen K.     wf II of David Gibbs
  James d 1849 86y 11m 6d   
  wf I  Sylvia d 1807 39y   
  wf II Margaret d 1831 65y  
  James 1825-1863    
  Cynthia Jane 1827-1883   wf of James
  Sarah Jane d 1870 14y dau
  Floyd F. 1872-1950     
  Archie D. 1880-1944    
  Asa Leander 1836-1909    
  Lucinda Salina Fritcher 1840-1914   wf of Asa Leander
  Lillian 1868-1942    
  Leslie S. 1864-1928    
  Eva     wf of William R. Sherman
  Amos C. 1874-1950    
  Annie E. Edmonds 1878-1947    wf of Amos
  Mary L.     wf of Thomas
  Edwin L. 1861-1862   son 
  Amos 1827-1895     
  Harriet S. Chapman 1834-1855   wf I of Amos
  Mary L. d 1900 74y wf II of Amos
  Levi d 1870 74y  
  Desire d 1875 78y wf of Levi
  Lydia d 1877 81y 6m wf of Isaac
  Sands C. d 1871 32y 7m  
  S. A.     wf of Sands
  Isaac S. d 1871 8m son
  Joseph E. 1831-1919     
  Antionette Margan 1839-1897   wf of Joseph E.
  Child 1867-1867    
  Child 1868-1875    
  Child 1869-1871    
BENTLEY Henry 1816-1901    
  Ruth 1818 - _ _ _ _   wf of Henry
  F. C.      
  Julia A.     wf of F. C.
  Luea d 1861 2y dau
BERKENBOSCH Abram 1876-1934      
BETTS George R. 1854-1924    
  Elizabeth G. 1855-1909    wf of George R.
  Julia Ann 1882-1900   dau
  Fred A. 1877-1912     
  Francis C. 1830-1907   Co. D - 4th N.Y. H. Arty 
  Julia A. Edwards 1838-1916   wf of Francis
BIGFORD William      
  Levantia Haight 1826-1882   wf of William
BINCK William      
  Ann M.     wf of William
  Charles E. d 1860 6y son
BLAKE Alfred Alden 1820-1900    
  Rachel Wilson 1822-1903    wf of Alfred
  Emma      wf of Asa F. Vandenburgh
BLOOD Freeda M. Hicks 1893-1946    
BLOSS Theadatie       wf I of Abner Mosher
BONFOY Josiah      
  Susannah 1778-1859   wf II of Josiah
  Zilpha 1782-1842   wf I of Josiah
BOOTH Levi 1835-1910    
  Margaret 1828-1908   wf of Levi
   Worden R. 1853-1916    
  Julia LaRivers 1848-1934   wf of Worden
BORNT John H. 1853-1927    
  Benjamin 1868-1943    
  Mary McConnell 1867-1940   wf of Benjamin
  Nicholas 1862-1946    
George Y. 1889-1952    
BOVEE Henry d 1888 87y  
  Abigail d 1888 81y wf of Henry
  Jacob H. 1865-1945    
  Ida Carl 1876-1952   wf of Jacob H.
  Harley 1897-1932   World War Vet.
  Wallace 1840-1907     
  Sarah Jane 1842 - _ _ _ _   wf of Wallace
  Henry I. 1875-1930    
BRADT Cornelius G. 1854-19_ _    
  Flora E. 1855-1928   wf of Cornelius
BREWER Russell      
  Eliza A.     wf of Russell
  Emry d 1854 6y 1m 20d son
  Hannah stone buried   wf of Dan
  John d 1849 53y  
  L. M.      wf of D.
  Emmet A. d 1856 8m son
BROOKS Watson 1879-19_ _     
  Amy E. 1882-1955   wf of Watson
  Frederick E. 1864-1954    
  Ella J. 1866-1904   wf of Frederick
  Everette 1884-1908   child
  Bonnilyn 1898-1902    child
  Helen 1902-1902   child
BROWN C. N. 1842-1920    
  Louisa 1820-1929   wf of C. N.
  William A. 1871-1900    
  Rosie M. 1872-1919   wf of William
  Wesley G. 1885-1886     
  Raymond E. 1889-1889    
  Laura B. 1890-1914    
  Walter 1859-1926    
  Adella 1864-1938   wf of Walter
  Cora 1883-1888    
  Seymour 1856-1914    
  Mary Tuper 1866-1894   wf of Seymour
  Calvin 1818-1894    
  Mary Sleete 1827-1907   wf of Calvin
  Jeremiah 1853-1900    
  Rachel Jane Fort 1840-1934   wf of Jeremiah
  Susan     wf of Joel
  Charles N. d 1858 11y son
  Lucinda d 1856 11y dau
  George R. 1851-1919    
  Mary Benedict 1863-1942   wf of George R.
  Jennie 1905-1915   dau
  A. D.      
  E. L. Ingraham      
   Emma J.     wf of Isaac M. Crannell
  J. _. no dates   Co. M. 3rd N.Y. L.A.
  John A. d 1880 73y  
  Sally A. no dates   wf of John A.
  Isaav A. d 1861 32y son
  Sarah A. d 1836 3y dau
  Laura A. d 1836 1y dau
  John A. d 1862 24y son
  Laura H. d 1855 11y dau 
  Maria A. Cook d 1866 19y dau
  J. J. d _ _ _ _ 1y infant son
  Miley     wf of Fay S. Crannell
  Rosa     wf of Joseph W. Edmonds
BRUSE Otto       
  Elfreda     wf of Otto
  Otto Paul Jr. 1922-1943   son
BUELL Henry H. 1844-1915     
  Francis E. Miller 1848-1908   wf of Henry
  Marie M.     wf of H. Werden Rhodes
BUHANAN Orville L. d 1888 79y 1m  
  Elizabeth d 1897 90y 2m 12d wf of Orville
  Charles L. 1835-1905    
  Sarah M. 1835-1916   wf of Charles L.
BUHARNAN Augusta     wf of Elmer E. Shaw
BUNN Jane A.     wf of V(C?)harles W. Fonda
BURBA Mary W. 1890-1953   Mother
   Phillippa 1921-1935   dau
BURDICK Franklin d 1874 57y  
BUTLER Charles Israel 1806-1893    
BUTTON John      
  Elizabeth d 1833 69y wf of John


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