Union Mills Cemetery

Located in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY

This cemetery is located on the road from Broadalbin to Union Mills, 1.4 mile west of Hatzenbuhler Road intersection. It was Copied April 1957 by Henry C. and Margaret C. Ritchie and  Mrs. Mary Packer. Click here to view some newer burials turned in by visitors like you.

Note:  In one corner of the cemetery are a number of plain stones marked on top:    Q-1 to Q-223   and S-1 to S-25.

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CAMPBELL Margaret      wf of Allan K. Cornell
  John 1808-1895    
  Susan M. Cole 1818-1886   wf of John, On Charles Forbes Stone
CARL Ida     wf of Jacob H. Bovee
CARPENTER Angeline d 1890 40y   
  George E. 1878-1954    
  Eva H. Goodermote 1887-_ _ _ _    wf of George E.
  Anson H. 1867- 1913    
  John d 1862 72y  
  Abigail stone broken   wf of John
  Ann Maria d 1849 20y dau
  Helena Mary d 1854 22y dau
  William B. Capt. d 1861 30y Co. E. 77th Reg. battle Wilderness
CHAPMAN Harriet S.     wf of Amos Benedict
CHASE R. A.     wf of Abram M. Smith
  Herbert 1874-1936    
  Paul 1898-19_ _    
  Manole Crannell 1896- 19_ _   wf of Paul
  Peter C. 1855-1926    
  Ella Cole 1857-1941   wf of Peter C.
  Mary J. Link 1838-1891   wf of Alexander
  Emmet 1862-1947   "Father"
  Otis A. 1872-1945    
  Anna B. Clute 1878-19_ _   wf of Otis A.
  Alice E. 1895-19_ _    
  Tracy E. 1894-1895     
  Raymond W. 1897-19_ _    
  Ethel Cornell 1891-19_ _   wf of Raymond W.
  Wilbur 1879-19_ _    
  Mary A. 1880-19_ _    
  Margaret 1886-1947    
  Otis d 1883 70y  
  Fanny d 1884 79y wf of Otis
  Byron O. 1843-1914    
  Elizabeth LaRivers 1846-1921   wf of Byron O.
  Julia 1870-1888    
  Fanny M. 1874-1889    
  Frank C. 1877-1888    
  Eugene B. d 1862 14y son
  Mosher 1830-1908    
  Mary C. 1831-1889   wf of Mosher
  Clayton 1875-1934    
  Cora Marry 1876-19_ _   wf of Clayton
  Stephen 1861-1941    
  Ida Hart 1876-1944   wf of Stephen
  Charles E. 1865-1952    
  Agnes A. 1869-1916   wf of Charles E.
  Stella A. 1887-1896   dau
  Ida May 1890   dau
  Ervin 1896-1898   son
  Abram L. 1898-1899   son
  Kenneth 1912   son
  Elliston 1909-1949   son
  Clorinda     wf of Walter Chase
  Eliza P.     wf of William Haynes
  George H. 1839-1897    
  Emeline F. 1842-1918   wf of George H.
  Allie Mary 1864-1869    
  Clara A. 1867-1870    
  John  d 1883 40y 5m  
  Carrie B. 1871-1889    
  Nellie B. 1875-1888   last 2 were daus of Hohn & Mary E. Chase
  Stephen II d 1883 51y 3m  
  Eliza L. 1837-1898   wf of Stephen II
  Henry L. d 1892 4y 1m 12d son
  Hannah Eliza d 1870 12y 11m 9d dau
  Daniel d 1879 80y 4m 7d  
  Hannah d 1875 71y 4m 28d wf of Daniel
  Walter d 1878 73y  
  Clarinda 1810- _ _ _ _   wf of Walter
CLARK John  d 1876 73y  
  Sybil d 1885 81y wf of John
CLARKE Richardson P. 1806-1883    
  Electa Emeline 1808-1880   wf of Richardson P.
  John Samuel 1842-1845   son
  Samuel d 1842 62y  
  Samuel Jr.      
  Amanda M. d 1843 23y 2m 8d wf of Samuel Jr.
  Arthuson     wf of William
  Emeline d 1846 8m 26d dau
  Sarah R.     wf of William D. Sunderlin
CLAUS William H. 1800-1882     
  Mary Shaver 1809-1890   wf of William H.
CLIFFORD James W. 1839-1902     
  Mary A. Stockwell 1857-1925   wf of James W.
  Leona A. 1886-19_ _    
  Frank W. 1879-1900    
  Laurelia M. 1891- _ _ _ _     
  Isabella H. 1882-1950   wf
CLUTE Anna B.     wf of Otis A. Chase
  Jacob 1807-1885    
  Elizabeth 1813-1896   wf of Jacob
  Earl G. 1847-1904    
  Laura E. 1857-1933   wf of Earl G.
  H. P.      
  C.     wf of H. P.
  Jane d 1847 70y dau
COCHRANE John C. 1855-1932    
COLE Darius d 1881 34y 6m 23d  
  Elizabeth     wf of Dwyer Ellisworth
  Franklin T. 1848-1920    
  Jennie M. 1852-1928   wf of Franklin T.
  Wesley d 1877 3y 7m 7d son
  Sheldon T. 1876-1947    
  Jemima d 1885 61y wf of Julius
  Laura R. d 1863 7y dau
  Lucy     wf of James H. Bell
  Peter J. 1850-1886    
  Rochilla Claus 1854-1881    
  Samuel d 1868 78th y  
  Maria d 1874 78y wf of Samuel
  Beriah d 1862 44th y  
  Lucy d 1849 23rd y  
  Satie 1886-1931    
  Tena     wf of D. W. VanDyke
  Charles 1831-1895    
  Juliet Read 1842-1890   wf of Charles
  James 1875-1931    
  H. M. 1838-1891   "Mother"
  Arnold d 1896 57y 90th NY Inf.
  William 1873-19_ _    
  Margaret 1880-1940   wf of William
  John d 1903 57y  
Handwritten Valores (male) 1848-1904    
  wf Olive Amelia Bacon 1852-1917    
  Freddie d 1875 1y 4m son
  Joseph 1876-1929    
  Augustus 1869-1940    
  Zelbert 1871-1946   wf of Augustus
  Hiram 1841-1908    
  Lydia Bacon 1834-1915   wf of Hiram
  Prudence     wf of Edward Coloney
  Ella     wf of Peter C. Chase
  Mary E.     wf of Charles Forbes
  Susan M.     wf of John Campbell
  Frances      wf of Charles N. Lasher
COLONEY Walter 1855-1937    
  Effie 1872-1948   wf of Walter
  Percy R. 1896-1929    
  Edward 1857-1943    
  Prudence Cole 1863-1918    wf of Edward
  George E. ------- 4y 6m son
  William no dates    
CONRAD Andrew 1894-1955    
COOK Zina L. 1899-_ _ _ _    
  Loraine VanAllen 1903-1956   wf of Zina
  John R. 1876-1940    
  Sylvia Hart 1870-1921   wf of John R.
  Emily Antoinette 1900-1904   dau
  Julia Stoddard 1853-1939    
 CORNELL Arthur L. 1879-1938    
  Rhoda E. Merry 1878-_ _ _ _    wf of Arthur
  Peter C. 1854-1918    
  Ruth A. 1847-1922    
  William H. 1881-_ _ _ _     
  Hazel Forbes 1882-1954   wf of William H.
  Charles 1906-1906    
  Allan K. d 1878 65y 9m 18d  
  Margaret Campbell 1816-1892   wf of Allan K.
  Charles A. 1846-1895    
  Henry 1837-1912    
  Julia Pulling 1838-1921   wf of Henry
  Humphrey A. 1852-1922    
  Carrie H. 1850-1927   wf of Humphrey A.
  Ethel      wf of Raymond N. Chase
COWARD Flora     see White
CRANKER Bertha M.     wf of Edward N. Orrey
CRANNELL Manola     wf of Paul Chase
  Ada A.     wf of Charles H. Rockwell
  Jacob 1846- _ _ _ _    
  Abba Veilie 1840-1901   wf of Jacob
  Robert 1883-1929    
  Lydia A. Sherman 1883-1936   wf of Robert
  Dortha d 1910   dau
  Fay S. 1876-1946    
  Miley Brown 1885- _ _ _ _   wf of Fay
  Isaac M. 1869-1944    
  Emma J. Brown 1867-1952   wf of Isaac
  Arthur 1893-1898   son
CROSSMAN Harry 1869-1897    
  Little Roy no dates    
CROUCH Clifford 1885- _ _ _ _    
  Grace F. Howe 1892-_ _ _ _   wf of Clifford
DANIELS Clara Belle 1875-1943    
DAVIS Sarah L.     wf of J. Walter Sowle
  J. B.       
  S.     wf of J. B.
  Jacob M. d 1850 1y 5m son
  Orlando d 1848 1y 11m son
  Theodore d 1845 9m son
  Nancy     wf of Shadrach Allen
DEMAREST George W. 1848-1929    
  A. 1853-1926   wife of George
  Lena May d 1883 7y dau
  Harry 1874-1956    
DINGMAN George E. 1891-_ _ _ _    
  Myrtle E. 1889-19_ _   wf of George E.
DOBROVOLSKY Michael 1883-1935    
DOPP Perlia M.     wf of Percy D. McVean
DOREY Frank 1894-1927    
DORMAN Fred I. 1872-1945    
  Lucy D. 1872-1938   wf of Fred I.
  Lucy Brown 1902-1927  
  Fred 1889-1955   "Father"
  Celia 1894-19_ _   wf of Fred, "Mother"
  Mae     wf of William Eaton
DRAGER Henry R. 1860-1927    
  Alma R. 1864-1942   wf of Henry
EARL Guy N. 1882-19_ _    
  Jennie M. 1883-19_ _   wf of Guy
  James E.      
  Phebe E.     wf of James
  James E. d 1866 3y 4m son
  Edna     wf of Henry R. Hillman
EATON William P. 1888-_ _ _ _    
  Mae Dorman 1892-_ _ _ _   wf of William P.
ECKER Dan R.      
  Minnie Tygart 1870-1923   wf of Dan R.
  Arthur d 1890 1m 7d son
  Elmer E. 1875-1909    
  Lorenzo 1843-1926   Batt C. NY Lt Arty
  Elizabeth 1843-1899   wf of Lorenzo
EDDY Govannah 1862-1913    
  Lavada (Lee) 1867-1937    
  Jerry W. 1889-1947    
  baby d 1926    
  Myrtle 1887-1929   Army Nurse Corp World War I
  Scott 1893-1951    
EDGERTON Eliza Chase 1850-1915     
EDMONDS Chester G. 1850-1928    
  Priscilla Ferguson 1853-1920   wf of Chester G.
  James W. 1874-1943    
  Rosa M. Brown 1875-1910   wf of James W.
  baby Rose d 1900    
  Annie E.      wf of Amos C. Benedict
EDWARDS Julia A.      wf of Francis C. Betts
  Sally     wf of Lyman Steele
ELDRIDGE Stella 1904-1956    
ELLISWORTH Dwyer      
  Elizabeth Cole 1843-1912   wf of Dwyer
ELLSWORTH Nettie     wf of Veeder A. Smith
EVANS Waldron G.     co. D 153 NY Vol
  Betsy d 1867 62y wf of Waldron
  B. Potter 1882-1910    
  George A. 1841-1894    
  Emily M. d 1883 84y 4m 26d wf of George A.
  Addie d 1884 12y 6m 11d dau


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