Union Mills Cemetery

Located in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY

This cemetery is located on the road from Broadalbin to Union Mills, 1.4 mile west of Hatzenbuhler Road intersection. It was Copied April 1957 by Henry C. and Margaret C. Ritchie and  Mrs. Mary Packer. Click here to view some newer burials turned in by visitors like you.

Note:  In one corner of the cemetery are a number of plain stones marked on top:    Q-1 to Q-223   and S-1 to S-25.

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FARQUHAR William J. 1826-1897    
  Licetta M. 1843-1932   wf of William J.
  Willie J. 1868   son 
  Julia E. 1872-1890   dau
  Clarence A. 1875-1894   son
FAY Mary E.     wf of George R. Tatlock
FERGUSON Earl D. 1881-1953    
  Mary W. 1894-19_ _   wf of Earl D.
  Carrie A. Smith d 1885 22y wf of Byron
  Richard d 1873 90y  
  Wate d 1861 73y wf of Richard
  Henry G. d 1888 79y  
  Deborah d 1859 38y II wf of Henry G.
  Eveline D. d 1849 39y I wf of Henry G.
  Eliza d 1887 73rd y III wf of Henry G.
  Emma d 1869 19y dau
  Maranda B. d 1852 19y dau
  Isaac B. d 1886 39y  
  Francina D. 1850-1935   wf of Isaac B.
  Laura M. d 1873- 4y dau
  Margaret d 1846 45th y wf of A.
  Edwin P. d 1861 23y 11m  
  M.     wf of A.
  Catherine     dau, wf of JamesBallentine
  Priscilla     wf of Chester G. Edmonds
  Amanda     wf of D. Jermond
  Loretta      see VanBuren
FOLLETT Hawley 1847-1921    
  Abbie D. 1857-1938   wf of Hawley
FONDA Charles W. 1849-1909    
  Jane A. Bunn 1842-1913   wf of Charles W.
FORBES Charles 1850-1930    
  Mary E. Cole 1853-1907   wf of Charles
  Peter Jr. 1806-1889    
  Mary E. 1808-1850   wf of Peter Jr.
  Margaret McDougal d 1850 80y wf of Peter, from Perthshire, Scotland 1801
  Isabella 1797-1862   b Scotland d Albany N.Y.
  Hazel     wf of William H. Cornell
FORT Rachel Jane     wf of Jeremiah Brown
FOSMIRE John J. 1846-1924    
  Catherine 1849-1924   wf of John J.
  Robert B. 1875-1930    
FOSTER J. G.      
  Lucinda d 1860 44y wf of J. G.
FOX Amos d 1858 94y 10m 10d  
  Philinda d 1858 82y 11m 28d wf of Amos
  Louisa A. d 1861 38y wf of Gilbert
  Eli G. 1796-1877    
  Orphia 1796-1883   wf of Eli
  William A. d 1839 21y son
  Morton 1815-1875    
  B. C.     wf of J. H.
  Geraldine Lila 1932-1933   dau
FRISCH Fred W. 1868-1948    
  Marie C. J. 1873-1936   wf of Fred W.
  Ernest A. 1909-1911   son
  Emma C.     wf of Nathan Vedder
FRITCHER Lucinda Salina     wf of Asa Leander Benedict
GALUSHA James A. d 1910 72y Co. C7, NY S. Cav.
GARDINER John E. 1828-1895   Co. D 93 Vol Inf
  James H. 1869-1944    
  Blamche 1879-1934   wf of James H.
GASNER George W. 1924-1934    
GERMOND Smith I. d 1868 72y  
  Nancy     wf of Smith I.
  Mary J. d 1849 18y 3m 11d  
  George W. d 1858 29y 8m 17d  
GIBBS David D. 1831-1897     
  Hannah d 1830 27y 7m 7d I wf of David 
  Helen K. Benedict 1831-1898   II wf of David
GILMAN Sarah J. Brown 1866-1929    
GOODBREAD Mowrey C. Jr. 1928-1951   Vet Korean War
GOODMOTE F. D.      
(GOODAMOTE) Margaret     wf of F. D.
(GOODEMOTE) infant d 1861   son
GOODERMOTE) George d 1853 81y  
  Anna stone buried   wf of George
  Mary d 1834 31y  
  Clayton B. 1882-_ _ _ _    
  Ethel Hillman 1884-_ _ _ _   wf of Clayton B.
  Erwin H. 1865-_ _ _ _    
  Nettie A. 1870-_ _ _ _   wf of Erwin H.
  Fred B. 1832-1918    
  Mary or Margaret 1837-1915   wf of Fred B.
  Emmet 1892-1898   son
  Elizabeth d 1887 60y wf of William
  Marvin d 1852 13y son
  Baltus d 1890 83rd y "Father"
  Eliza d 1887 76th y "Mother", wf of Baltus
  Godfrey B. d 1864 29y 8m 14d  
  Lusannah     wf of Godfrey
  Walter d 1862 11d son
  Eva H.     wf of George E. Carpenter
  Lydia     wf of Harold Martish
  Mary     wf of James B. Avery
GORON John 1881-1950    
  Anna 1888-1943   wf of John
GORTON Philip 1824-1908    
  Sarah A. 1824-1899   wf of Philip
  Lottie A. 1870-1898   dau
  Charlie S. d 1864 9m 19d son
  Mary B. d 1864 3y 3m 22d dau
  Sarah     wf of Joseph E. Rider
GREENSLETE Joseph D. 1857-1920    
  Gertie E. 1858-1883   wf of Joseph
  William Capt. 1822-1888    
  Nancy Lawton 1827-1891   wf of William
GRIFFIN Emma     wf of George A. Lampman
HAGEDORN Katie 1857-1945   dau of Elias Sism
HAIGHT Levantia     wf of William Bigford
  James d 1897 99y 1m  
HAMMOND Benjamin no dates   Co. 115 NY Vols
HARRIS Hiram 1836-1912    Co D 4 NY H Arty
  Arvilla Morgan 1841-1924    wf of Hiram
  George 1863- _ _ _ _     
  Genevra Mosher 1870-1909    wf of George
  Grace 1890-1903   dau
  Mary J.     wf of Horace J. Stoddard
HART Sylvia     wf of John R. Cook
  Ida     wf of Stephen Chase
  Hugh S. 1902- _ _ _ _    
  Verna G. Reed 1904-1955   wf of Hugh S.
  John H. d 1895 29y  
  Sarah d 1900 20y wf of John H.
HARMAKER Mae L. 1891-1926    
HAYNES William 1805-1890    
  Eliza P. Chase 1814-1882   wf of William
HEIDNER Samuel D. d 1880 22y  
  Charles H. d 1886 21y  
  Frederick G. d 1890 73y  
  Mary A. d 1874 48y wf of Frederick
HENDRICK Nathaniel d 1865 44y  
  Cynthia C. d 1905 77y wf of Nathaniel
HICKOK Pearl R. 1899-1945     
HICKS Lewis D. 1882-1939    
HILLMAN Henry d 1877 48y  
  Alice Whitlock d 1915 87y wf of Henry
  Mary Antoineete d 1850 4y 6m 13d dau
  Henry R. 1891-1953    
  Edna Earl 1891-19_ _   wf of Henry R.
  George W. 1859-1924    
  Eva L. Russell 1859-1932    
  Gracie d 1883 4m 21d dau
  Ethel     wf of Clayton B. Goodemote
HINDES John W. d 1871 72y 6m  
  Rebecca d 1889 91y wf of John W.
HOWE William C. 1829-1920   Co. C 77 Reg NY Sv
  Polly F. 1833-1921   wf of William C.
  Emily Jane d 1854   dau
  George H. 1875- _ _ _ _    
  Mae Leavitt 1874-1923   wf of George
  Duane 1852-1935    
  Lucy Emma 1852-1922   wf of Duane
  Grace F.     wf of Clifford Crouch
  Jesse 1804-1894    
  Charlotte 1808-1903   wf of Jesse
  Alanson d 1923 81y  
  Phylinda d 1910 66y wf of Alanson
HUNT Alexander 1820-_ _ _ _    
  Nancy 1810- _ _ _ _   wf of Alexander
  F. S.      
  C. A.     wf of F. S.
  Francis S. 1894-1894   son
  George W. 1878-1901   son
INGRAHAM Joshua d 1858 76y  
  L. T. d 1894 80y  
  L. A .Waite d 1893 78y wf of L. T.
  E. L.      
  A. S. Brown d 1868 29y wf of E. L.
  Philonda Taylor d 1876 92y wf of J.
JEFFERS Helen A. Cook 1887-1929    
  Ralph W. 1893-1932    
  Catherine Smith 1854-1933    
  Orville C. 1871-1946    
  Fanny S. 1865-1938   wf of Orville
JERMONA D.      
  Amanda Ferguson d 1893 53y wf of D.
JONES Oliver d 1917 91y 10 Reg NY H Arty
  Dolly d 1880 53y 4m wf of Oliver
  Libbie A.     wf of William S. Rhodes
JOURJE Mary A.     wf of James H. Steele
KASHA Catherine 1870-1938    
KATHAN Henry C. 1848-1917    
  Marcia 1878-1900    
  Jennie 1855-1909    
KERSTED Charles H. 1857-1921    
  Mary L. Neugen 1861-1926   wf of Charles H.
  Ward H. d 1901 78y  
  Lydia Lansing d 1896 75y wf of Ward H.
  Antoinette     wf II of Abner Mosher
also wf of John R. VanAllen
  Bradley   67y  
  Joseph W. d 1902 71y 8m 20d Co H 153 NY Inf Vol
  John Chester d 1922   Pte 1 Pioneer Inf
  Theodore J. 1900-1918    
KIMBALL Hiram 1846-1918   Co E. 69 NY Vol
  Druella 1849-1910   wf of Hiram
KINGSLEY S. W. no dates    
  M. no dates   wf of S. W.
  John d 1849 1y 8m 8d son
KRYCHOWECKI   Mike 1878-1940    
KUCHARUCK Harry 1884-1915     
KULPA Agnes     mother of Nelson M. Ryfa
KUNZ Fred 1877-1955    
  Emma 1885-1957    wf of Fred


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