Union Mills Cemetery

Located in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY

This cemetery is located on the road from Broadalbin to Union Mills, 1.4 mile west of Hatzenbuhler Road intersection. It was Copied April 1957 by Henry C. and Margaret C. Ritchie and  Mrs. Mary Packer. Click here to view some newer burials turned in by visitors like you.

Note:  In one corner of the cemetery are a number of plain stones marked on top:    Q-1 to Q-223   and S-1 to S-25.

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LAMB Pardee E. 1849-1906   Co B. 91 NY Vol
  Elizabeth A. 1845-1902   wf of Pardee
LAMPMAN George A. 1866-1952    
  Emma Griffin 1869-1949   wf of George A.
  J. Alfred 1907-1944    
LANDERS Garret V. 1816-1887    
  Nancy 1814-1900   wf of Garret
  Moses 1783-1864    
  Lucy 1788-1864   wf of Moses
  Benjamin 1818-1866    
  Artemet 1818-1895   wf of Benjamin
  Phoebe A. 1844-1899    
  Anson G. 1865-1870    
  Jennie M. 1868-1870    
  Lydia     wf of Ward H. Kested
LaRIVERS Julia     wf of Worden R. Booth
  Elizabeth     wf of Byron O. Chase
LASHER Florence 1890-_ _ _ _    
  C. Harmon 1900-1916    
  Charles N. 1858-1904    
  Frances Cole 1860-1951   wf of Charles N.
  Mattie E. 1879-1896    
LAWTON Nancy     wf of Capt. William Greenslete
  Alvina     wf of Silas Stockwell
LEAVITT Mae     wf of George H. Howe
LEE W. Harold 1917-1935    
LENT Bertha 1894-1915   on lot of Ballweber
LINK Mary J.       wf of Alexander Chase
LUTHYE Carrie H.     wf of Louis N. Ballweber
LYON Walter 1853-1914    
  Sarah E. 1858-1928   wf of Walter
  Gertrude 1888-1899   dau
  Hiram d 1886 63y  
  Jane Eliza d 1888 57y wf of Hiram
  Lucinda d 1863 13y dau
McCONNELL Mary     wf of Benjamin Barnt
McDOUGAL Margaret     wf of Peter Forbes
McKERCHER  Duncan 1811-1831    
  Matilda 1819-1891   wf of Duncan, stone broken
  Vera d 1915    
McLEAN Hannah 1848-1931    
McVEAN Percy D.      
  Perlia M. Doph 1890-1952   wf of Percy D.
  Clarence R. 1877-1953    
  James A. 1839-1906    
  Grace A. Robertson 1847-1908   wf of James A.
  Alvah J. 1882-1930    
MAHAR William 1830-1906    
  Ellen Penbrooke 1843-1900    wf of William
MANCHESTER  Abram      
  E. C.     wf of Abram
  Iva Bell d 1871 2y 8m 5d dau
  Charlotte A.     wf of Levi Annable
  Euberto A. d 1873 26y 1m 18d  
  Isaac d 1874 72y 4m 27y  
  Lucy Allen 1808-1868   wf of Isaac
  Abram 1837-1918   Bat M 3 NY Lt Arty
  Madison 1825-1883    
  Lydia Avery 1826-1904   wf of Madison
  Sara A. 1856-1857   dau
  William 1859-1934    
  Harriet Stoddard 1863-_ _ _ _   wf of William
MANNING Daniel d 1883 59y  
  Dolly A.      
  Idella M. d 1870 10y 4m dau
  Ida L. d 1870 14y 11m dau
MARTISH Harold      
  Lydia Goodmote 1903-1925   wf of Harold
MARVIN Seth d 1843    
MASTIN J. F.      
  M. A.     wf of J. F.
  Charley d 1870 5y 21d son
  Frank d 1868 7m 7d son
MATTESON Charles E. 1866-1948    
MERRY Harry H. 1885-1901 16y  
  George D. 1881-1945    
  Jennie M. 1888-19_ _    wf of George D.
  Cora     wf of Clayton Chase
  Rhoda E.     wf of Arthur L. Cornell
MICHELL Donald E. 1937-1953    
MILLER Frances E.     wf of Henry H. Buell
MINKLER Laurie Ann 1954-1955    
MITCHELL _ _ _ _ _ no dates    
MONTAGUE Benjamin F. no dates    
   Susan T. no dates   wf of Benjamin F.
MORGAN Darius S. 1843-1902    
  Rachel P. 1843-1931   wf of Darius S.
  Nellie 1875-1914    
  Arvilla     wf of Hiram Harris
  Antoinette     wf of Joseph E. Benedict
  Caroline M.     wf of Sanford M. Rider
  John D. d 1888 76y 7m  
  Salina Stone d 1895 77y wf of John D.
  Frank? d 1870 16y 7m 16d dau?
MOSHER Rev. Maxson d 1851 62y  
  Rebecca 1797-1883   wf of Rev. Maxson
  Abner 1846-1916    
  Theadatie Bloss 1833-1878   wf I of Abner
  Antoinette Kested 1842-1892   wf II of Abner
  Genevra     wf of George Harris
NEUGEN Mary L.     wf of Charles H. Kersted
  Russell 1859-1926    
  Henry P. 1864-1932    
  John R. d 1905 81y "Father"
  Catherine d 1880 52y 7m "Mother", wf of John R.
OLDS James no dates    
  Martha Brown 1842-1897   wf of James, see Providence V1
ORR Luther B. 1886- _ _ _ _    
  Emma 1880- _ _ _ _   wf of Luther
ORREY Joseph A. d 1884 22y  
  Emily 1836-1905    
  Edward 1822-1882    
  Peter V. 1850-1886    
  P.     wf of E.
  George 1871-1890   son
  Edward 1845-1921    
  Phebe A. Sleezer 1852-1930   wf of Edward
  George 1870-1890   son
  Edward N. 1886- _ _ _ _    
  Bertha M. Cranker 1901-1954   wf of Edward N.
  Abbie     wf of Joseph A. Seeley
OSGOOD Nellie L.     wf of James E. Steele
OVITT Georgina 1867-1914    
  Fred S. 1892-1949    
  Walter M. 1868-1943    
  Marion 1929-1930    
  Inez 1916-1923    
  Freddie 1877-1889     
  Jewit 1834-1908    
  Mariah 1836-1865   wf I of Jewit
  Clarintha 1837-1889   wf II of Jewit
PACE George E.      
  Phebe E.     wf of George E.
  Hanibal W. d 1863 7y 8m son
PALMER Roy 1881-1948    
  Harold 1906-1928    
  Mable B. 1901-1923    
  Charles W. 1866-1952    
  Agnes E. Wells 1864-1935   wf of Charles W.
  Anna     wf of Joseph Potter
  Verna     see Voorhees
PEARCE N.      
  S.     wf of N.
  Fally S. d 1859 49y dau
PEASE John B. 1854-1935    
  Jason B.      
  Sarah     wf of Jason B.
  Lillian d 1860 9y 1m 8d dau
PECK Moses      
  Sally d 1866 72y wf of Moses
PENBROOK Ellen     wf of William Mahar
PERKINS Robert 1862-1934    
PERRY Obadiah d 1861 60y  
  H. L. 1837-1906    
  Malinda Wait 1837-1921   wf of H. L.
  Jennie S.     wf of Charles Sawyer
  John C. d 1881 73y 2m  
  Christy d 1866 57y 3m wf I of John C.
  Elizabeth d 1875 49y wf II of John C.
  Jane E. d 1866 30y 6m dau
  M. V. B. d 1835 2y 6m  
  John S. d 1842 1y 7m  
PETTIS Philip      
  Henrietta 1830-1859   wf of Philip
PHILLIPS Henry C. 1875-1950    
  Nettie J. Young 1873-19_ _   wf of Henry C.
  Ashton 1898-1955    
  Eliza Ash 1872-1897    
  Arthur A. 1869-1952    
  Peter M. d 1876 38y  
  Juliette 1849-1919    
PINCKNEY Selene     see Reese
PITCHER Henry J. d 1896 65y  
  Esther A. d 1891 52y wf of Henry J.
  Mary 1856-1919    
POST H. A.      
  M. M.     wf of H. A.
  Hattie I. d 1871 19m 15d dau
POTTER N.      
  S.     wf of N.
  Sarah A. d 1845 11m 22d dau
  Susie 1888-19_ _    
  Charles 1881-19_ _    
  Lena 1894-1929    
  Maria 1887-1907    
  Minnie 1863-1906    
  Frank 1857-1899    
  Anna Palmer d 1882 68y wf of Joseph
  B.     wf of _ _ _ _ Evans
PRAHL Charles W. F. 1862-1949   Co G. 15 Inf Span Am War
  Martha L. 1871-1955   sister
PULLING Julia      wf of Henry Cornell


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