Union Mills Cemetery

Located in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY

This cemetery is located on the road from Broadalbin to Union Mills, 1.4 mile west of Hatzenbuhler Road intersection. It was Copied April 1957 by Henry C. and Margaret C. Ritchie and  Mrs. Mary Packer. Click here to view some newer burials turned in by visitors like you.

Note:  In one corner of the cemetery are a number of plain stones marked on top:    Q-1 to Q-223   and S-1 to S-25.

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READ Juliet     wf of Charles Cole
REED Verna G.     wf of Hugh S. Hart
REESE Selene Pinckney 1852-1925   "Mother"
RHODES H. Werden 1870-1934    
  Marie M. Buell 1875-1946   wf of H. Werden
  Dorothy B. 1899-1901    
  Mary Twist 1847-1915    
  William S. 1867-1938    
  Libbie A. Jones 1867-1948   wf of William S.
RICE Lucinda 1860-1952    
  Betsey stone buried    
RIDER G.      
  M.     wf of G.
  James H. d 1871 4m son
  Garry no dates   Co D 4th NY H Arty
  Jimmie A. d 1884 17y 4m 17d  
  Sanford M. 1841-1916    
  Caroline M. Morgan 1841-1905   wf of Sanford
  Freddie d 1870 6y 5m 17d son
  Joseph E.      
  Sarah Gorton 1872-1899   wf of Joseph E.
  W. W.      
  Pheebe J.     wf of W. W.
  Carrie A. d 1859 7m 16d dau
  Warren M. 1813-1888    
  Rebecca Albro 1820-1900   wf of Warren M.
  Fay J. 1874-19_ _    
  Bertha C. 1880-1943   wf of Fay
ROBERTSON Grace A.     wf of James A. McVean
ROCKWELL James H. 1839-1910    
  Sarah L. 1848-1911   wf of James H.
  Charles H. 1889-1947    
  Ada A. Crannell 1893-19_ _   wf of Charles H.
RUSSELL Eva L.     wf of George W. Hillman
  George B. 1818-1897    
  Mary 1821-1899   wf of George B.
RYDER Emmet Francis 1938-   no other date
  Lester 1854-1940    
  Frank L. 1904-1937    
  Duelley 1880-1945    
  Dexter 1883-_ _ _ _    
  Carrie 1880-1930   wf of Dexter
  Joseph E. 1869-1930    
  Cora Steele 1876-1954   wf of Joseph E.
RYFA Nelson M. 1922-1945   d. in service
  Agnes Kulpa 1885-1932   -his mother
  Katherine 1908-1925    
H. S.        no other names or dates
L. S.       no other names or dates
SALAK George 1881-1934  
  Mary 1886-1938   wf of George
SAWYER Charles d 1900 33y
  Jennie S. Perry d 1924 58y wf of Charles
  William H. 1870-1938    
  Minnie E. 1878-19_ _   wf of William H.
  William 1886-1938    
  Lessie L. 1888-19_ _   wf of William
  Hannah J. 1843-1927    
  Flavious J. 1837-1907    
  Andrew B.      
  Maria A. d 1866 46y wf of Andrew B.
  S. B.      
  M.     wf of S. B.
  Laura A. d 1855 4m dau
  James d 1864 10m son
  Clarence 1895-1955   Pte World War I
  Harvey S. 1856-1912    
  Emily T. 1867-1916   wf of Harvey S.
  Lawrence A. 1854-1886    
  Edith V. 1864-1936   wf of Lawrence A.
  Jerome A. 1860- _ _ _ _    
SCHERMERHORN Edwin H. d 1873 55y 6m  
SEELEY Benjamin W. 1870-1952    
  Lillian N. 1878-_ _ _ _   wf of Benjamin W.
  Walter H. 1902-1904    
  Hiram H.  1827-1901    
  Joanna 1831-1903   wf of Hiram H.
  Joseph A. 1864-1950    
  Abbie Orrey 1872-_ _ _ _   wf of Joseph A.
  Harry A. 1890-_ _ _ _    
  Mary E. 1889-_ _ _ _   wf of Harry A.
  Andrew 1866-1956    
  Nettie O. 1873-1950   wf of Andrew
  Irwin 1907-1936   "husband"
  Marilyn Audrey 1931-1931    
SHARRET Everett S. d 1937   USN
  Alva W. 1862-_ _ _ _    
  Mercy A. 1859-1935   wf of Alva
SHAVER Mary     wf of William Claus
SHAW John H. 1844-1929   Co I 1o NY Cav.
  Edith d 1907 82y "Mother"
  Drusilla     wf of Nelson J. Sleezer
  Elmer E.      
  Augusta C. Buharnan 1862-1893   wf of Elmer E.
SHERMAN William R.      
  Eva Benedict 1870-1939   wf of William R.
  Lydia A.     wf of Robert Crannell
SHOWERS John Rev. 1820-1872    
   Eliza R. no dates    
SISM Elias 1820-1911    
  Katie Hagedorn     dau
   Charity 1826-1903   wf of Elias
SKORNY John G. 1912-1935    
SLEEZER Clarence W. 1880-1938    
  Emma V. 1886-_ _ _ _   wf of Clarence
  Francis J. 1906-_ _ _ _    
  Isaac C. 1886-19_ _    
  Jennie L. 1889-19_ _   wf of Isaac C.
  Nettie T. 1891-1911    
  William A. d 1891 70y  
  Cyntha     wf of William A.
  Elizabeth A. d 1881 17y dau
  Martin 1855-1945    
  Estella 1862-1948   wf of Martin
  Harrison d 1906 63y  
  Hellen d 1904 55y wf of Harrison
  Henry 1818-1900    
  Hannah Andrus 1821-1889   wf of Henry
  Rhoby D. d 1873 20y 11m 26d dau
  Nelson J. 1824-1894    
  Drusilla Shaw 1829-_ _ _ _   wf of Nelson J.
  Phebe A.     wf of Edward Orrey
SMITH Veeder A.      
  Nettie Ellsworth 1889-1909   wf of Veeder A.
  Allen S. 1854-1928    
  Abram M. d 1837 78y  
  R. A. Chase d 1841 78y wf of Abram M.
  Ralph V.      
  Delia d 1858 54y 3m 26d wf of Ralph V.
  Abram d 1834 1y 2m 2d son
  Carrie A.     wf of Byron Ferguson
SOWLE J. Walter 1866-1927    
  Sarah L. Davis 1870-1943   wf of J. Walter
  Joseph B. 1832-1918    
  Amanda M. 1841-1919   wf? of Joseph
STARK Julia C.     wfo f Henry L. Trevett
STEELE James E. 1871-1932    
  Nellie L. Osgood 1878-1951   wf of James E.
  Lena E. 1898-1899   dau
STEELE S.      
  G.     wf of S.
  Richard d 1934   son
  Roy G. 1903-_ _ _ _    
  Margaret M. 1904-_ _ _ _   wf of Roy G.
  Lyman d 1863 62y  
  Sally Edwards d 1865 58y wf of Lyman
  Laura d 1849 14y 5m dau
  James H. 1844-1920     
  Mary A. Jourje 1844-1905    wf of James H.
  Samuel 1884-1940    
  Mary     wf of Calvin Brown
  Cora     wf of Joseph E. Ryder
  Etta     wf of Christopher Zickler
STILL J. L. no dates    
  Almeda M. no dates   both on stone of Rev. John Showers
STOCKWELL Silas 1848-1927handw.    
  Alvina Lawton 1854-1927handw.   wf of Silas
  Mary A.     wf of James W. Clifford
  Harriet     wf of William Manchester
STODDARD Robert d 1890 83y 4m 12d  
  Sylvia d 1832 22y wf I of Robert
  Mary d 1852 45y wf II of Robert
  Maria A. d 1858 30y wf III of Robert
  Lucy M. 1828-1904   wf IV of Robert
  Carrie M. 1872-1902    
  Rawson J. d 1868 24y  
  Horace J. 1853-1926    
  Mary J. Harris 1860-1921   wf of Horace J.
  Harry 1892-19_ _    
  Hattie E. Weiderman 1896-1920   wf of Harry
  Daniel 1812-1896    
  Lydia d 1851 32y wf of Daniel
  Sally d 1886 67y  
   B. H.      
  M.     wf of B.H.
  Charles d 184_ 3y 9m son
  H. P.      
  Helen E. d 1897 47y 5m wf of H. P.
  Robert H. 1838-1887    
  Mable D. 1837-1913   wf of Robert H.
  Mary B. 1866-1887    
  Albert P. 1875-19_ _    
  George R. 1865-19_ _    
STONE Abigail     wf of J. C. Wait
  Salina     wf of John D. Morgan
SUNDERLIN William D. 1826-1896    
  Sarah R. Clarke 1830-1909   wf of William D.


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