Union Mills Cemetery

Located in Broadalbin, Fulton Co., NY

This cemetery is located on the road from Broadalbin to Union Mills, 1.4 mile west of Hatzenbuhler Road intersection. It was Copied April 1957 by Henry C. and Margaret C. Ritchie and  Mrs. Mary Packer. Click here to view some newer burials turned in by visitors like you.

Note:  In one corner of the cemetery are a number of plain stones marked on top:    Q-1 to Q-223   and S-1 to S-25.

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TABOR James M. 1841-1874   Co D 4th NY H. Arty
  Mary L.     wf of Francis P. VanBuren
TATLOCK Thomas d 1850 48y  
  George R. d 1876 46y  
  Olive C.C. d 1857 30y wf I of George R.
  Mary E. Fay d 1913 72y wf II of George R.
  Sarah 1839-1921    
TAYLOR Philinda     wf of J. Ingeham
TEABOUT John      
  Lydia d 1862 50y wf of John
TELLER Charles E. 1888-1950    
TOURJE George W. d 1911 90y  
  Jennet d 1909 80y wf of George W.
  Mary A. d 1905 61y dau
  Catherine A. d 1926 80y dau
TOLSON J.      
  Nellie d 1884 15y 2m dau
TREVETT Edward S. 1825-1894   "Father"
  Elizabeth 1828-1916   "Mother", wf of Edward S.
  Henry L. 1853-1918    
  Julia C. Stark 1855-1922   wf of Henry L.
  Myrtle d 1885 8m dau
  Edward T. 1858-1902    
  C. L. 1859-1910   wf of Edward T.
  Susie d 1881 25d dau
  Peter C. 1850-1919    
  Belle 1862-1934   wf II of Peter C.
  Jennie 1853-1880   wf I of Peter C.
  Mable d 1871 3y 4m dau of Peter & Jennie
  Libbie     wf of Orlando Sism
  Henry T. d 1892 73y  
  Abigail d 1906 83y wf of Henry T.
  Chauncey H. 1863-1935    
  Leafie A. 1868-1955   wf of Chauncey H.
  William E. 1890-19_ _    
  Marion B. 1895-1953   wf of William E.
TRUAX John 1850-1922    
  Lovina 1858-_ _ _ _   wf of John
  Aaron 1891-_ _ _ _    
TUPER Lovisa 1861-1883    
  Stephen S.      
  Mary Ann d 1883 63y wf of Stephen S.
  Isabella 1842-1876    
  Mary     wf of Seymour Brown
TUPPER Joseph      
Fally d 1863 22y 1m 5d wf of Joseph
TWIST Mary     see H. Werden Rhodes
TYGART Minnie     wf of Dan R. Ecker
  Shubel d 1885 78th y  
  Alexander 1844-_ _ _ _    
  Alphel 1833-1898   wf of Alexander
TYGERT John M. 1872-1952    
  Minnie Potter 1863-1906    
VAN ALLEN Cornelius 1878-1933    
  Roswell 1890-1931    
  John R. 1844-1910   Co M. 3 NY Arty
   Antoinette Kested 1848-1937   wf of John R.
  Richard d 1873 80y  
  Anna d 1874 82y wf of Richard
  Catherine M. d 1862 48y dau
  William M. d 1848 24th y son
  Martin d 1831 6th y son
  Loraine     wf of Zina L. Cook
VANBUREN Francis P. 1856-_ _ _ _    
  Mary L. Tabor 1858-1907   wf of Francis P.
  Leonard H.      
  Hannah     wf of Leonard H.
  Loretta Ferguson 1854-1932    
VANDENBURG Asa F. 1861-1930    
  Emma Blake 1865-1931   wf of Asa F.
VANDUSEN Ulric 1887-19_ _    
  Bernice 1889-19_ _   wf of Ulric
VANDYKE D. W.      
  Tena Cole 1850-1926   wf of D. W.
VANHAUSEN William 1876-1947    
VANNESS Ellen C. 1845-1919    
VANPELT Frank 1872-1946    
  Potter d 1899 84y Providence VR
VANVRANKEN Maria d 1874 68y  
Peter d 1855 72y  
  Catherine d 1834 59y 8m 3d wf of Peter
  Garret d 1839 81y  
  Maria d 1828 76th y wf of Garret
  Eleanor 1808-1895    
  Samuel 1816-1891    
  Hannah 1818-1904   wf of Samuel
  Albert 1850-1936    
  Eliza Jane 1846-1929    
VANWORMER Peter J. d 1847 28th y  
VEDDER Nathan E. 1895-1953    
  Emma C. Frisch 1898-1951   wf of Nathan E.
  Peter S. 1839-1925    
  Ethalinda 1839-1914   wf of Peter S.
  Minnie 1860-1860    
  Frank P. 1868-1956    
VEILIE Abba     wf of Jacob Crannell
VOORHEES Verna Palmer 1909-1932   On Palmer Lot
WAIT Beriah d 1869 82y  
  Hannah d 1869 83y wf of Beriah
  Beriah C. 1803-1890    
  Abigail d 1832 24y wf of Beriah C.
  Clark d 1846 59y 11m 17d  
  Betsey d 1842 56y 19d wf of Clark
  Phillip C. d 1846 20y 3m 20d son
  J. C. 1811-1889    
  Abigail Stone 1820-1889   wf of J. C.
  Joseph C.      
  Sarah D. Allen d 1863 52y 2m 3d wf of Joseph C.
  Joseph d 1828 69y  
  Abigail d 1831 69y wf of Joseph
  Alonson C. d 1832 20y son
  Joseph H. d 1868 79y  
  Sally d 1840 51y wf of Joseph H.
  Enice no dates   wf
  Malinda     wf of H. L. Perry
  Peleg d 1870 66y  
  Olive d 1880 74y  
  Phillip d 1826   killed by wagon
  Shepard d 1887 69y  
  Esther d 1873 68y wf of Shepard
  W. O.      
  Ann L.     wf of W. O.
  William C. d 1847 19y son
  Betsey A. d 1849 16y dau
  Arminda E. d 1852 4m dau
WAITE L. A.      
  L. T. Ingrhanm d 1893 78y wf of L. A.
WALKER Robert      
  Mary d 1876 63y wf of Robert
WALTER Delos 1898-1927     
WARNER Roy 1890-1956    
  Pearl Baird 1891-1955    wf of Roy
WAY John B. 1857-1934    
WEIDERMAN Hattie E.     wf of Harry Stoddard
WELLS William C. d 1889 78y  
  Mary A. d 1895 67y wf of William C.
  Julia A. d 1867 9y dau
  Agnes E.     wf of Charles W. Palmer
WETHERBEE James E. 1869-1924    
  Jennie E. 1869-19_ _   wf of James E.
  - - - - d 1898   son
  Eugene 1848-1907    
  Orcelia Nellie 1847-1880    
WHITE Orville 1882-_ _ _ _    
  Minnie M. 1885-1939    wf of Orville
  Irene     wf of Orin
  Donald K. 1933-1939   son
  Flora Coward 1891-1942    
WHITLOCK Alice Whitbeck     wf of Henry Hillman
  Hiram d 1859 56y 5m 27d  
  Eliza C. 1806-1844   wf of Hiram
  Sidney P. d 1858 23y son
  Hiram E. d 1884 45y 10m 11d  
  Robert B. 1833-1908    
  Nancy R. 1840-1886   wf I of Robert B.
  Anna d 191_ 85y wf II of Robert B.
  son - - - d 1870 1y 11m 8d
  son  - - - d 1870 5y 8d
  son  - - - d 1870 3y 4m 18d all 3 were sons of R. B. & N. R.
WILCOX Thomas S. 1827-1905    
  Emeline 1826-_ _ _ _   wf of Thomas S.
  Myrtle H. no dates    
WILLARD Delbert 1870-19_ _    
  Grace B. 1886-1948    
WILSON Rachel     wf of Alfred Allen Blake
WINNIE Lafayette 1877-1946    
  Clara B. 1886-19_ _   wf of Lafayette
  Roger 1923-1929   son
WOODCOCK Ebenezer d 1876 70y  
  Nancy no dates   wf of Ebenezer
  Asel no dates    
  Nellie Ann d 1883 55y wf of Asel
WOODS Walter A. 1877-1922    
YATSENIK Mike no dates    
YOUNG Nettie J.     wf of Henry C. Phillips
ZICKLER Christopher 1867-19_ _    
  Etta Steele 1869-1933   wf of Christopher
  Jessie 1896-19_ _    


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