BURIALS 1805-1871


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s/o = son of
d/o = daughter of
w/o = wife of
h/o = husband of
f/o = father of
m/o = mother of

CM = Church member, followed by date of affiliation
1892-1822 = Dutch Reformed Church
1823 - date = Presbyterian Church



1. ALLEN, Jane5/14/184057w/o Henry Van Nest
CM September 3, 1831
2. BANT, John12/3/182623s/o Samuel and Catherine
Baptized 1804
Epitaph: "His death was caused by an attempt to stop his horse when running"
3. BANTA, Abigail11/29/184766w/o Samuel
CM April 4, 1801
4. BANTA, Derick7/18/184728/6/ 
Epitaph: "Remember me as you pass by, As you are now, so once was I; As I am now, so shall you be - Prepare for death and follow me."
5. BANTA, Samuel9/24/184869h/o Abigail
CM May 15, 1802
6. BEMIS, Albert3/30/185513/8/8s/o William and C.
7. BEMIS, Sephrona A.9/1/6/18512/4/-d/o William and C.
8. BENEDICT, Agnes10/25/183575/w/o Ira
CM May 15, 1802
9. BENEDICT, Elisha10/6/185863/s/o Ira and Agnes
CM March 3, 1838
10. BENEDICT, Jerusha12/22/185771/d/o Ira and Agnes
CM September 9, 1815
11. BENEDICT, Ira1/5/183875/h/o Agnes
CM May 15, 1802
12. BENEDICT, Ira8/2/18334/8/5first born son of John M. and Bridget
Baptized 9/25/1829
13. BROWER, Wiliam8/25/181426
14. CHASE, Caroline11/11/184432w/o Charles P.
d/o Anson and Betsy Lord
15. CLEVELAND, Clarissa10/4/183531(?)/4/24
w/o Davis
16. CLEVELAND, Davis9/5/183537/10/2h/o Clarissa
17. CRAVER, David3/15/184272
18. COAN, Jacob2/7/181386h/o Lurandy
19. COAN, Lurandy10/14/181481w/o Jacob
20. CORNWELL, Fanny12/7/182445w/o William Easton
CM May 15, 1802
21. CORNWELL, Ashbell1/2/183581h/o Roxana
Revolutionary Soldier
CM November 2, 1799
22. CORNWELL, Roxana6/30/185583w/o Ashbel
CM March 31, 1843
Also referred to as Roxanna
23. CLOSE, Seymour D.10/4/184425
24. DEMAREST, Abraham2/27/183180h/o Phebe
CM prior to 1799
Deacon 1804-1806
25. DEMAREST, Abram10/30/183135
26. DEMAREST, David D.6/10/184552h/o Elizabeth
27. DEMAREST, Elizabeth5/16/182326w/o David D.
28. DEMAREST, Elizabeth5/24/18230/0/13d/o David D. and Elizabeth
29. DEMAREST, Lukes9/17/184885h/o Mariah
CM prior to 1799
Elder 1802-1804;
1807-1809; 1816-1818
Also referred to as Lucas
30. DEMAREST, Mariah11/28/182659w/o Lukes
Also referred to as Maria
31. DEMAREST, Phebe6/6/183578w/o Abraham
32. DENNISON, Hannah5/9/183372w/o Samuel
First known bequest to
the Presbyterian Church
came from Hannah
Dennison, circa July 1833
33. DENNISON, Katherine3/14/181784w/o Thomas
34. DENNISON, Samuel9/28/183172h/o Hannah
CM September 3, 1831
35. DENNISON, Thomas3/19/181887h/o Katherine
36. DINGMAN, Andrew11/21/184063h/o Rebecca
37. DINGMAN, Rebecca2/12/183959/8/9d/o John D. Van Patten
w/o Andrew
* EASTON, Fanny

see CORNWELL, Fanny
38. FONDA, Joseph8/24/18382/5/s/o Jno. A. and Sophia
39. GAYLORD, Gilbert1/30/183340CM May 15, 1824
40. GAYLORD, Catherine8/15/183943
41. GULICK, Jane8/31/185487w/o Joachim
CM November 25, 1825
42. GULICK, Joachim2/4/184076h/o Jane
CM September 2, 1837
43. HILDRETH, Abigail10/16/184478h/o David
44. HILDRETH, David2/6/181958h/o Abigail
45. HILDRETH, Hannah8/13/183430h/o Stephen
46. HILDRETH, James9/6/185256CM July 16, 1825

47. HAVER, David2/5/181272
48. KENT, Horace S.10/24/181529
* LEROY, Sarah

see VAN VRANKEN, Sarah
* LORD, Caroline

see CHASE, Caroline
49. MUDGE, Amos8/7/18310/9/25s/o Philander and Mary
* PEEK, Katherine

see VAN VRANKEN, Katherine
50. PHILLIPS, Jacob11/12/184232
51. ROOT, Nelson1/19/18280/4/26s/o Samuel and Philotheta
Baptized December 20, 1827
52. ROOT, Philotheta1//9/182838w/o Samuel
m/o Nelson
53. ROOT, Samuel1/3/182944h/o Philotheta
CM prior to 1823
Ordained Deacon, December 17, 1823
Elected Elder October 6,1824 and ordained October 17.
Church records list death date as 1/2 rather than 1/3
54. ROSA, John2/9/183532s/o Richard R. and Nancy
55. ROSA, Nancy11/8/183564w/o Richard R.
56. ROSA, Richard R.8/30/180940/9/h/o Nancy
57. RUSS, Epaphras2/9/184971/2
58. RUSS, Esther11/10/184261
59. STONE, Edson1/18/183145h/o Mary
60. STONE, Mary3/17/184354w/o Edson
No record of affiliation but
a record of dismission to
Lansingburg on May 31, 1834
61. SIMMONS, Lemuel2/5/184572
* SWART, Helen

see VAN VRANKEN, Helen
62. SWART, Jermiah8/9/186427Born 5/2/1824
see Van Vranken Lot
63. SWART, Josiah

Born 5/2/1824
see Van Vranken Lot
64. SWART, Tunis2/2/185254
65. SWART, Nama10/13/181819
66. THOMPSON, Isaac Schureman9/16/184865/10/14h/o Wilhelmina
CM September 29, 1810
s/o Captain John
War of 1812 Soldier
67. THOMPSON, Captain John

f/o Isaac
h/o Jane Stryker
CM November 13, 1802
Revolutionary War Soldier

w/o Captain John
m/o Isaac
CM November 13, 1802
69. THOMPSON, Jane4/16/180914/11/22d/o Peter and Christina
70. THOMPSON, Wilhemina5/25/184659/10/17w/o Isaac S.
CM Septemer 29, 1810
Records show spelling variations of
Welhemina and Wilmina
71. VAN DER WORKEN, Rolif6/14/183965/3/0CM June 11, 1803
Records show spelling
variations of
Van Der Werker, Ruolf
Van Der Werker, Ruleph
Van Der Werkin, Ruleph
* VAN NEST, Jane Allen

see ALLEN, Jane
72. VAN NEST, Henry8/28/184774h/o Jane Allen
CM April 3, 1841
73. VAN VRANKEN, Garrett W.(10/20/1887)(83)CM March 31, 1843
born 9/25/1810
Note discrepancy between age at d.
on stone and birth date in church records
h/o Ann Harden
Helen Swart
Katherine Peek
See last page for information on the burial lot and stone
74. VAN VRANKEN, Ann (Harden)

w/o Garrett W.
born 9/23/1817
75. VAN VRANKEN, Helen (Swart)2/11/1871
born 8/26/1826
w/o Garrett W.
76. VAN VRANKEN, Katherine (Peek)
44/6/born 8/25/1826
w/o Garrett W.
77. VAN VRANKEN, Elmina (Miss)
25born 6/26/1820
sister Garrett W.
78. VAN VRANKEN, Frances Joseph8/8/11
born 9/12/1851
* VAN PATTEN, Rebecca

see DINGMAN, Rebecca
79. VEDDER, Harmon3/18/18382/10/1s/o William and Mary
80. VEDDER, Jane M.1/1/184814/4/14d/o William and Mary
81. WAIT, Augustus E.3/8/18514/5/12only child of E.G.R. and E. E.
82. WILCOX, Cornish4/27/182830
83. WILCOX, Hannah4/27/18221/d/o George W.
84. WOODWARD, Andrew B.8/30/18050/6/4s/o William Woodward, Esq.
85. WOODWARD, Joseph4/1/18140/7/1w/o William Woodward, Esq.
Earliest grave #84 - 8/30/1805
Most recent grave #75 - 2/11/1871 - the only burial after 1864
According to notes compiled by the Reverend Harry B. Erkman in the late 1920's: "A number of bodies were removed about fifty years ago."

Garrett Van Vranken Lot
All of the Van Vrankens together w/Jeremiah and Josiah Swart and Sarah Leroy appear on a large field stone cut by Garret W. Van Vranken, Sculptor, in 1885. Also on this stone is the profile of an Indian's head w/1810 sculpted on the cheek.


Handwritten note says: 
Submitted by Dorothy Jeuner from records owned by Sue Herba, Broadalbin, N.Y. 7-11-89


Typed in honor of the Demarest ancestors of Dr. Ken Byrd.

This cemetery was transcribed by our friendly neighbor, Martha S. Magill, Coordinator of the Herkimer/Montgomery GenWeb site.  This transcript can be found at the Montgomery County Department of History and Archives in Fonda, New York and a copy is with the Mayfield Town Historian as well.

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