Fulton County Cemetery Project
City of Gloversville, 1992
Book #1


Includes Old Kingsborough Cemetery and the Old Methodist Burying Ground.


The following recordings of these two cemeteries were found in the County of Fulton and the City of Gloversville, taken from existing grave site markers and monuments, this year, 1992.  Also included are research material and data found pertaining to these two cemeteries which I consider to be of importance both for historic research and genealogical purposes.  These records are worthy of preservation and sharing and will be put in the hands of the duly appointed historians in the respect political and geographical locations in our County of Fulton.

This project originated at the suggestion of the then Deputy Fulton County Historian, Lewis G. Decker, who submitted this proposed project to the local represented C. E. T. A. Administrator.  Approval of the project came from the Fulton County Board of Supervisors and it was accepted by both State and Federal Grants.  The project started in the latter part of June of 1978 and ran one year to June of 1979 and included three C. E. T. A. employees.  This project concluded with four completed booklets consisting of the Towns of Stratford, Caroga, Bleecker, Oppenheim and other information compiled.  Studies were made as well of existing cemetery recordings for final comparison, present maps and laws regulating the cemeteries of New York State were studied and any allied information such as town vital statistics, church records, etc. were included in the final product.....

Since he conclusion of this project in 1979, Lewis G. Decker, now Appointed Fulton County Historian, has included this project in his duties and with the assistance of his wife and occasional volunteers has along with this booklet, finished three more books which includes two books on the town of Johnstown and book number one of the City of Gloversville.....

This researched material and recordings will not only serve as a needed service to our county's past, it's heritage and preservation of records, but it will be distributed in the towns where the cemeteries are located, as well.  This valuable research material and data has already stimulated further interest in local history through the county, and will continue to grow in value to historians and researchers alike in the future.

The recordings have been recorded as found on the markers in the cemetery and have been roughly mapped, sectioned off and rows and plots were determined where possible.  Names are spelled as found on the grave markers, and if any date could not be interpreted, due to wear and oblivion of the engraving, they are [bracketed], designating such.  If names, dates or words are found in these pages [bracketed] with such inserted, they designate guessing or part information filled in, and should be understood as such.

In this cemetery (Old Kingsborough)  we tried to work the stones from the south to the north in rows, running from east to west.  Also both of these cemeteries have been sectioned in half to make the locations easier to find.  A sketched map is included preceding each cemetery along with a photograph of the cemetery as it appeared at the time of recording.  A description of the site and observations made.

Along with this recording, any research material found and considered to be of value has been copied and presented in this cemetery recording.  I hope these recordings will continue in their respective area and kept up to date.  These recordings are only a beginning for the towns and cities to further build upon other records and to preserve them for our future.

Submitted by;
Lewis G. Decker [signed]
Fulton County Historian, '92



My deepest gratitude to the many residents of our County and the outside residents as well, who have shown me support, understanding and most of all, agreed on the need not only for now, but in the future for this project and submitted recordings.  To Dr. Robert M. Palmer, our past County Historian, who supported this project from the beginning with his warm letter of support when needed, along with my numerous questions and Dr. Palmer's willingness to allow me to compare notes with his earlier recordings.

To the many appointed town, village and city historians and their letters and communications supporting our project and their help in each of their appointed districts that I have encountered.  To the Perth Historical Society, whose similar program helped to launch this county-wide recording, and show its need and their help that was there when needed.  To the Ephratah Historical Society and their special meeting to help us located long abandoned cemeteries in their town.  To Oppenheim and their Bi-centennial  Committee and Hector Allen its appointed Town Historian, on whom I called on numerous occasions.  The Gloversville Historical and Genealogical Society and its President, James F. Morrison, where this Gloversville Book #1 and the Kingsborough Cemetery recording was discussed and recommended.

The Fulton County Board of Supervisors, who with foresight and understanding acknowledged this project and supported us from the beginning and the individual support I have received from each supervisor in his or her town, city or village in compiling these records.

The Gloversville Library and the Montgomery County Archives and Department of History, both of whom supported us from the start and allowed us to copy their deposited research material.  The Sons of American Revolution in the Mohawk Valley and our County Veteran Council and the young historians of our county, the past Yorkers Post 1776, who gave up their weekends to volunteer their help in the past with this project.

The many county officers and agencies who helped us and showed their support and understanding; the Fulton County Clerks Office and Records Department, The Fulton County Planning Commission and the Department of Fulton County Maps, the Clerk of the Fulton County Board of Supervisors and its staff, the Fulton County Printing Department and the Fulton County Highway Department and last but not least, the C. E. T .A office in Fulton County and its past staff, all of which I wish to stress my thanks for their help, understanding and support.  The many Cemetery Associations that we have contacted across the County and the fine help and support of Daniel Byrne of the Letter Memorial Company who we called on many times to assist us.

By thanking individuals, I am likely most likely to miss some that have contributed or supported me.  I will try to name these in each of the cemetery recording booklets pertaining to their designated town, city or village.  Many individuals have throughout the years taken and interest in these historic burial grounds in our City of Gloversville, known as the Old Kingsborough Cemetery.  They have contributed not only monetarily but with hours of work, support and pride of this site; the Parson family with their contributions and erections of monuments and plaques, members of the Old Kingsborough Presbyterian Church, descendants of those buried in the old cemetery, the General Richard Montgomery Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution, and not too many years ago, the 1793 Church Club project who contributed to the new fence in front of the cemetery along with Dorothy and Joe Schriner, who have well contributed to this project.

Most recently I wish acknowledge and thank the concern of the neighbors to the Cemetery, Alex and Robin Isabella, who not only became concerned with the conditions of this historic site, but contributed many hours themselves in cleaning up, mowing and planting flowers to enhance the cemetery's appearance.  It ahs been with Robin's concern and persistence that The Gloversville Historian and the Gloversville Historical and Genealogical Society made this cemetery a priority project for the City and tried to have the City take over this site.  The Gloversville American Legion and the Gloversville Veterans of Foreign Wars offered assistance in cleaning up the cemetery.  The Gloversville Veterans of Foreign Wars, who purchased the Cemetery and installed a flag pole and flag in the cemetery in honor of the numerous veterans of our Nations First War and the War of 1812, who are interned here.  Recently we must acknowledge Scout Master Joe Maybury and the scouts of his troop, number 15, of Gloversville who have taken (care of) the cleaning and maintenance of this cemetery for 1992. They have accomplished a most appealing appearance of this old site.

I have personally field recorded, compiled, indexed and typed this recording with the help of my wife, Marjorie, who spent many hours with me on this and I hope these recordings will be helpful to you, the city and county and its future generations.

Submitted by;
Lewis G. Decker
Fulton County Historian



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