Eleventh Census of the United States


Persons who served in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors), and widows of such persons, in 1st District, Town of Ephratah, County of Fulton, State of New York, enumerated in June, 1890.

Supervisor’s District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 4
Nellis Getman, Enumerator

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Page No. 1

Note: Column "2." is the House No. and Column "3." is the Family No. from the population census for 1890.
line2.3.NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
1.109114Joseph E. BogardusPrivateE18 N.Y. Inf.May171861May2818632011
2.3739Eliza W. Shaul widow of
Lyman Shaul
PrivateG121 N.Y. Inf.Sep21864Jul61865 104
3.5051Stephen SchramPrivateF153 N.Y. Inf.Aug231862Oct21865319
4.5253William H. Miller [Millin ?]PrivateH76 N.Y. Inf.Nov121861Nov171864305
5.6265Alijah SmithPrivateC7 N.Y. Inf.Oct191861Mar3118620512
6.  Alijah SmithPrivateI115 N.Y. Inf.Jul291862Jun17186521018
7.6366Levi StinburghPrivateF153 N.Y. Inf.Sep41862Oct218653 028
8.7275Isabella Peeler widow of
Joseph H. Peeler
Private N.Y. Inf.         
9.7679John P. WhitlockPrivateA
44 N.Y. Inf.
140 N.Y. Inf.
10.8184Jacob H. WalrathPrivateE153 N.Y. Inf.Aug121862Oct218653120
11.8886Benjamin SoulesPrivateE2 N.Y. H. ArtSep271861Dec221863   
12.  Benjamin SoulesPrivateE 2 N.Y. Hea. ArtilDec291863Sep291865402

linePost Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
1.Ephratah, New YorkRheumatic Disability 
2.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New York  
3.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkChronic Diarhea 
4.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkHeart Disease, Kidney + [?] complaint 
5.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkBack injuredReinlisted Veteran
7.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkHernia + Kidney 
8.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkDied in the servicethe pension of the widow has been stopped
9.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkChronic Diarhea Kidney Disease Rheumatism 
10.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkMalarial Poisoning Rheumatism Kidney + Disease of the Heart 
11.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New York  
12.Ephratah, Fulton Co., New YorkChronic Diarhea Heart DiseaseReinlisted Veteran

Page No. 2

line2.3.NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
13.161170Webster ShaverPrivateF7 N.Y. CavOct291861Mar311862 52
14.  Webster ShaverSgt.E115 N.Y. Inf.Aug131862Jun1718652104
15.108113Phillip Kennicutt  N.Y.         

linePost Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
13.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.gunshot wound in left [shoulder?] and in left side + in right side 
15.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.  

Page No. 3

line2.3.NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
27.8993John Cretar?PrivateA179 N.Y. Inf.Feb161864Jun818651322
28.9397Frank BowersPrivateC146 N.Y. Inf.  1862  1865   
29.96100Sarah O. Empie widow of
William E. Knuskiew
PrivateE2 N.Y. H art?61864      
30.96100Eli EmpiePrivateM13 N.Y. artAug81864Jun1118650103
31.9599Ira KennicuttPrivateE105 N.Y. Inf.Aug91862Jan101863051
32.X116Sally Gray widow of
Levi Gray
PrivateF153 N.Y. Inf.Fall 1862      
33.115122Wade GetmanPrivateH104 N.Y. Inf.Mar81862Jun118620223
34.  Wade GetmanPrivateC153 N.Y. Inf.Sep121862Aug22186301120
35.123131Hiram B. ShiresPrivateC153 N.Y. Inf.Aug271864Jun291865 102
36.112119George DarbyPrivateF2 N.Y. H artFeb 1864Jun 186514 
37.138146Persse YanneyLandsman USN Mortar
William Beacon
38.139147Wallace McLaughlinPrivateE2 N.Y. H artSep61864May301865 824
39.145153Moses LoucksPrivateE115 N.Y. Inf.Aug131862Jul2018652117
40.155163George A AndrewsPrivateK52 N.Y. Inf.Aug181863Oct2918641211

linePost Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
27.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Injured left side and gun shot wound of left hip 
28.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y. Veteran has lost his discharge
29.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Shot and died in service 
30.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Malarial fever resulting in deafness in left ear toes smashed left foot 
31.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Chronic diarhea 
32.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Died since the wardischarge war. unknown date of enlistment
33.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Epiliptic fitswholly unfit for any kind of
34.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y. labor pension stopped June 1887
35.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Accidental wound on hand 
36.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Gunshot wound hand 
37.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Chronic Diarhea malarial feverresulting in heart disease and Rheumatism
38.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Pain in head – Vertigo following Typhoid feverresulting in present neural affliction and [?]
39.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Gunshot wound of right side and deafness of right ear 
40.Ephratah Fulton Co. N. Y.Chronic Diarhea 

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Source: 1890 U.S. Veteran's Census; prepared 27 May 2001 by Douglas J. Weaver. Doug is researching the following surnames in Fulton and Montgomery Counties: WEAVER, FREDERICK, HILLEGAS, THUM, SCHALL, SMITH, VAN SCRIBER, CLAUSE, MEYER, BAUMAN.

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