Eleventh Census of the United States


Persons who served in the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. of the United States during the war of the rebellion (who are survivors), and widows of such persons, in Ephratah, County of Fulton, State of New York, enumerated in June, 1890.

Supervisorís District No. 6
Enumeration District No. 6
George H. Dorn, Enumerator

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Note: Column "2." is the House No. and Column "3." is the Family No. from the population census for 1890.
line2.3.NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
1.1919Daniel StrobeePrivateF97 NY vol  1861Mar 1863   
2.1515Henry StrobeeCorporalF153 NY volAug271864Jun11865 95
3.2121widow of John Denuse
Anna E. Denuse
PrivateF153 NY volAug301862  1865   
4.2626John W PerrySergeantE2 NY HA  1861  1862   
5.4547William SnellPrivateE115 NY volSep31864Jul21865 101
6.4648Jessie CoolPrivateE115 NY volSep31864Jun 1865   
7.5760John W. StrobecPrivateD97 NY volAug191861Nov2918654310
8.5962Joseph MilesPrivateF153 NY volAug271864Jun11865 95
9.8184John H. LassellCapF153 NY volOct181861Oct161865404
10.8386Henry T Butler?F97 NY volSep161861Sep251862109
11.96100Emanuel SmithPrivateF97 NY vol  1861Sep251862   
12.101106George H. SmithPrivateE115 NY volAug        

linePost Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
1.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYChronic RumaticsShot in Rist Date of Enlistment not exactly known
2.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYRupture 
3.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYWidow 
4.Lassellsville Fulton Co NY DisCharged by [?] (Pardoned)
5.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYDislocation of hip joint 
6.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYChronic Diareah and Rumatism 
7.Lassellsville Fulton Co NY Reenlisted
8.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYChronic Diareah and Lame trouble 
9.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYGunshot wounds Heart and [?] and PilesReenlisted
10.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYHerniaDischarged on Surgeons Certificate
11.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYBroken FootDischarged on Surgeons Certificate
12.Lassellsville Fulton Co NYRhumaticsvery Lame has to have [?] [?]

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line2.3.NameRankCo.RegimentEnlistmentDischargelength of service
13108114Thomas BurnsPrivateG154 NY VolDec71863Oct241864 1017
14114122Henry FicalCorporalF97 NY VolSep251861Dec2118621226
15124134Helum DemisePrivateF158 NY VolAug 1862Mar 1863   
Add3840Daniel Mussey            
Add9094Sallie Nadric            

linePost Office AddressDisability IncurredRemarks
13Lasselleville Fulton Co NYGDischarged on Surgeon Cert of Disability
14Lasselleville Fulton Co NYGunshot woundsDis on Sargeons Cert of Disability
15Lasselleville Fulton Co NYChron RheumatismCame Home on own Responsibility was sick
AddEphratah NY  
AddEphratah NY  

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Source: 1890 U.S. Veteran's Census; prepared 27 May 2001 by Douglas J. Weaver. Doug is researching the following surnames in Fulton and Montgomery Counties: WEAVER, FREDERICK, HILLEGAS, THUM, SCHALL, SMITH, VAN SCRIBER, CLAUSE, MEYER, BAUMAN.

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