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* Associate Reformed Church of Broadalbin - see Perth Bible Church.

*  Broadalbin Baptist Church
40 West Main Street, Broadalbin, New York 12025

Broadalbin/Mayfield Baptist Church History, (off-site link)


* The "Christian Church"
In the eastern part of Broadalbin, a society formed on June 5, 1814 by Elder Jonathan S. Thompson, who on that same day, baptized a large number of candidates.  From then until 1818, meetings were held from house to house.  In 1818 a formal church  was organized by Rev. Jabez King as pastor and Jacob Capron as Deacon.  The original members were:  James and Joseph Clark, Philip Wait, Isaac G. Fox, James and Joseph Sowle, John Clark, Salathial Cole and 41 others.

First Presbyterian Church of Broadalbin

Presently in service
(picture to the right), Established in 1798
54 West Main Street, Broadalbin, New York 12025

Link to their records & history (off-site link)

Rev. Coanrod Ten Eick organized the "The Dutch Reformed Church of Fonda's Bush or New Harlam (now Vail's Mills) and erected a church.  Early members were:  Ashbal Cornwell, Isaac and Abraham Cole, Jacobus and Peter Demarest, Thomas Vickory, David, Peter, Abraham, and Garnet Westervelt, Dirk Banta, Peter Van Nest, John Bant and Samuel Demarest.

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In January 1823, the church was incorporated as the First Presbyterian Church of Mayfield.  On June 21, 1839, the church obtained a deed in the village of Broadalbin, on Main Street and completed the building of a new church by 1840.  Rev. Hugh Maier of Johnstown conducted services.

In 1850, a charter presented the church as "The First Presbyterian Church of Broadalbin".  Trustees at that time were:  Enoch Cornwell, Hiram Van Arnam, John E. Hawley, Jeremiah V. Marcelis, Samuel E. Curtis and James L. Northrup.

*  The Methodist Episcopal Church of Broadalbin
Meetings for several years prior to a formal organization, at the house of Trustum Dunham, in the village of Broadalbin, the church was finally incorporated on March 9, 1824, as "The Second Methodist Episcopal Society of Broadalbin".  Trustees elected were:  Charles Mitchel,  Trustum Dunham, Dodridge Smith, Reuben Thayer, and William Chambers.  Among the original members were:  Stephen, Asa and Finch Fenton, Fernando Mudge.

Rev. William S. Pease was the first minister, appointed in 1825.  Ministers then since appointed from 1825-1855:  J. D. Moriaty, Jacob Beeman, Samuel Covell, ___ McCreary, E. Gross, S. Meeker, J. Taylor, ___ Smith, O. Emerson,  R. Kelley, J. Ames, J. Squire, J. Quinlan, William Ames, S. Coleman, ___ Parker, ___ Smith, ___ Sprague, R. Patterson, J. Parker, C. Pomeroy, E. O. Spicer, P. P. Harrower, ___ Phillips, J. G. Perkins, Alexander C. Reynolds, and ___ Leonard.

From 1855 to 1877, the pastors were:  Revs. Wright, Hall, Rose, Perkins, Wade and R. G. Adams.

*  St. Joseph's Church
Presently in service;  2 North Street, Broadalbin, New York 12025

United Christian Ministry

*  United Methodist Church
Presently in service;  67 North Main Street, Broadalbin, New York 12025



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