Churches of Fulton County
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St. John's Episcopal Church
Original church built by Sir William Johnson (inset)

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~~~ Past & Present ~~~

*  Christ Lutheran Church
1 West Montgomery Street, Johnstown,  New York 12095

*  First Baptist Church
South Comrie Avenue, Johnstown, New York 12095
Preaching for the Baptists began as early as 1795 in the Methodist Church.  Finally in 1842, they established their own church and Sunday school.

First Presbyterian Church
37 South Market Street, Johnstown, New York 12095
Established:  ca. 1785.  The church edifice was constructed in 1865.

*  First United Methodist Church
16 North William Street, Johnstown, New York 12095
Established:  1829 as the Methodist Episcopal Church.  Prior to that, as early as 1814, the first church was built on Main Street, but it was sold.

Johnstown Church of Christ

*  St. Anthony's Church
4 Nicholas Street, Johnstown, New York 12095

St. John's Episcopal Church
1 North Market Street, Johnstown, New York 12095
Established:   ca. 1760


*  St. Patrick's Roman Catholic
Est. 1865
corner of Clinton and
Glebe Streets

Postcard courtesy of Martha Magill,
Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb


*  St. Paul's Lutheran Church
In 1804, the society was named as "The Reformed Protestant German Lutheran Church" or the "Congregation of the Western Allotment of Kingsborough".  Trustees at that time:  Jacob Hillbrandt, Adam Plank, and Charles Roth.  The name thus changed three times:  in 1810 as The German Lutheran Church of Johnstown, in 1821 reorganized as "The Dutch Lutheran Church of Johnstown" and in 1826,  St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Johnstown.  In 1815 a church was erected.

*  United Presbyterian Church -
Organized in 1828, built the first frame structure on Market Street in 1830. A second building was constructed in 1869.


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