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Churches of the Past

*  Christian Church
Located at Cranberry Creek, was organized in 1822.  Jacob Capron was the first preacher; Thomas Tanner and Samuel Spaulding  as deacons.  In 1845, a church was built.  In 1877, the pastor  was Rev. Pratt.  A Sunday school was active from 1840 - 1876.

*  Methodist Episcopal Church of Denton's Corners
Est. ca. 1825.  C. S. Tanner was the superintendent in 1877.  This church is no longer in existence.

*  Methodist Episcopal Church at Fish House
Organized and built a church in 1859 with Rev. Quinlan as pastor.

*  Presbyterian Church at Fish House
One of the oldest in the area.

*  Protestant Episcopal Church at Fish House
Organized in 1855 with Rev. Mr. Betts.  In 1854, purchased a blacksmith and cooper shop, repaired and fitted for a chapel where meetings are now held.  There were no regular scheduled services.

Present Churches

* The Baptist Church of Northville, NY
111 N. First Street, Northville, New York 12134-0223
Established: 1802, Earliest Record of Church Meetings:  1802-1892.

In July 1802, a small group of people gathered in a Northville home and formed themselves into "A Brotherly Conference".  This group united with the Baptist denomination and in 1805 a small church was built.  A second building was erected in 1869 but was destroyed by a fire.  The present building was constructed in 1902.

* First United Methodist Church of Northville
301 South Main Street, Northville, New York 12134
Earliest Record of Marriages:  1805; Earliest Record of Baptisms: 1856

Although the church was formally established in 1849, Methodist Circuit Riders came to Northville starting ca. 1798.  In 1805, a meeting house was built and shared with the Baptists.  In 1822 a new Methodist Church was built on site where the present one stands today.  In 1872 a brick edifice was erected.


Northville First United Presbyterian Church, to the right
161 Reed Street, Northville, New York 12134

Celebrated their 150th year Anniversary in 1999!
Established August 26, 1849

In the beginning, services were held by permission, both in the Methodist and Baptist churches, usually on Sunday afternoons.  The present building, right, was constructed in 1857.  Fire destroyed part of the interior in 1936 and in the process of restoration an open chancel was installed in place of the central pulpit.

*  Northville Holiness Mission
Built in 1907 with Rev. Henry Early.  From 1910 until 1943 Rev. A. E. Blann served as pastor.  They sold the original church and moved to Mountain Road, renaming themselves as the Pilgrim Holiness Church.  In 1948 the pastor was Rev. Alvin Young.

* St. Francis of Assisi Church
501 Bridge Street, Northville, New York 12134
Est.  1924.  Trustees were Mr. Robert Grosso and Mr. Daniel Hollearn.  The building for the present church site started in 1922.


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