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*  First Presbyterian Church of West Galway
Est. in 1790, still commencing services

*  Methodist Episcopal Church
Established in 1865, no longer existing

*  Perth Bible Church -to the right, partial view, as it stands today
Perth, New York 12010
Established 1965

Organized ca. 1798, this church was originally located in Broadalbin town limits at the time. There was no permanent minister; Daniel McIntyre conducted most services, who originally held the services in his home.  In 1858 the church became the United Presbyterian Church of Broadalbin.  In 1937 the church doors closed due to the church's poor condition.  By 1964 the church was released from the Presbytery and renamed Perth Bible Church.

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*  The "Six Principle Baptist" Church
No longer existing - est. 1807-1856

*  United Presbyterian Church of West Galway
Located on Calderwood Road.  It was organized in 1867 and torn down ca. 1905.


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