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Kindly written and contributed by Gordon Cornell, Broadalbin Historian.

On August 24, 2003 the Hemlock Independent Gospel Church celebrated its 150th Anniversary.  Ms. Linda Eastman is caretaker, and under whose care and continual effort, the Church remains an active part of the community.

 The church is a summer ministry supervised by the Baptist Church of Northville, the Rev. Richard C. Klueg is Pastor.

The church was built on land donated by Adin Stone and was initially called the Methodist Episcopal Church of North Broadalbin.  In 1869 the name was changed to the Union Church of North Broadalbin.  The Union was Perth Presbyterians, Broadalbin Baptists and Broadalbin Methodists.  In 1900 the name was changed again to the Hemlock Church, possibly due to the use of hemlock timber in the construction of this building.

This small, fledging congregation saw many ups and downs and finally closed its doors.  Mrs. Marvin (Grace) Brewer saw a need and felt a calling and undertook the project of re-activating this small church in this little hamlet along the banks of the Sacandaga Reservoir.

Mrs. Brewer carried on the work of the church and on November 6, 1942 was ordained in gospel ministry by Rev. John A. Davis of the Practical Bible Training School.

On February 1, 1949 the name was once again changed, this time to the Hemlock Independent Gospel Church of North Broadalbin, NY.

Rev. Brewer seemed to have an uncanny way by which she obtained many excellent guest preachers over the years.  One such event that left memories on some of Broadalbin's now older citizens took place in August 1949, when Pastor Curt J. Wetzel visited Hemlock Church.  Pastor Wetzel would fly over Broadalbin and the surrounding area playing religious records and preaching sermons.  This technique drew the attention of the residents to say the least.

Rev. Brewer continued to put all of her energies and resources into the operation of the Hemlock Church until failing health forced her to discontinue her beloved work.  Grace Brewer went to meet her savior in 1991.  She lies today in an unmarked grave, possibly due to the fact that she put her all into the operation of Hemlock Church.

Following a period of inactivity, once again, the doors were re-opened thanks to the efforts of Linda Eastman and her mother Barbara.  They are in the midst of a major program to refurbish and make presentable this little church by the side of the road.  An excellent start has taken place.

The following is taken from their 150th Anniversary Celebration, program prepared by pastor, Linda Eastman...

150th Anniversary Celebration
August 24, 2003 


Opening Prayer...


History of Hemlock
Independent Church...


Recognition of Volunteers...


Reminisces and Memories



Closing Prayer...

Linda E. Eastman, caretaker
Hemlock Gospel Church

The Rev. Richard C. Klueg
Baptist Church of Northville

How Great Thou Art
(Red hymnal #16, 1, c, 3, 4 c r121)

Linda E. Eastman

The Rev. Herb Johnson

Linda E. Eastman

The Rev. Richard C. Klueg


Linda E. Eastman

Great is Thy Faithfulness (V 1&2)
Red - #54, Green #232

The Rev. Herb Johnson

Front Cover (Graphic above); Back cover:

Welcome to
Hemlock Independent Gospel Church

We are a summer ministry located in the historic Hemlock Independent Gospel Church, 
County Route 110, Broadalbin, N. Y.
Since 1853, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has been worshipped here.
We are delighted to have you join us today.
We pray that this worship service will be one that draws you closer
to our Lord.  It is our wish that today, "you would see Jesus."


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