1895-6 Directory of the
Methodist Episcopal Church
Johnstown, New York

Source:  "Directory of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Johnstown, New York, with lists of Officers, Members, Societies, etc.," by T. G. Thompson, B.D., Pastor., 1895-96.  Transcribed by Lisa K. Slaski.

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This Directory is practically the work of members of the Epworth League of this Church, -- directed by Mr. E. F. Day the president of the society and by the pastor.  Much faithful service has been rendered by all who have had active part in the labor.  It is to be hoped that this faithfulness will be fully appreciated by all our Church members.

The pamphlet is not intended to be ornamental, but is to be fully utilized by our people.  We trust its value will be tested by all who have a desire, and all should have such a desire, to be useful in the Church.  It will be of service to all who wish to know our members and where they reside.  If it is thus recognized, we may expect our Church acquaintance to increase, and with this knowledge we think our people will not only be more sociable, but more religious also.  We should try to know each other that we may help and be helped by each other.  Paul said: "Be ye kindly affectioned one to another."  Let us learn to know and love in the Master's Name.

Our advertisers desire special mention:  It is by their hearty co-operation that we have been able to produce the book and place it in the hands of so many peaople at trifling coes.  We believe every one of the advertisers will fulfill every promise made in their behalf.  We urge all who read these pages to give them your first choice; we are wure they will try hard to please you and not one of them will disappoint your confidence. You will confer a favor on us by giving them your patronage.

T. G. THOMPSON, Pastor.



Bessie Horth, Chairman,

William J. Adams,             Emma Van Sickler,
William Chamberlain, Laura Webster,
Mrs. G. W. Doestie Mrs. G. S. Van Alstyne,
Lizzie Getman, Emma Abbott,
Ella Laning, Grace Christman,
Emma E. Miller, Grace Crippen,
D. B. Ellis, Arthur Adams,
Robert Sutton, Janet Murray,
Ed. Mansfield, Ruth Batley.
Jennie Smith,


M. C. Frost, Chairman,

Will A. Livingston,             John Jackson,
W. S. Argersinger, Dr. J. K. Young.


Arch Barr, Chairman,>

Howland Carpenter,             C. G. Quackenbush.


Fred G. Baker, Chairman,

A. B. Boughton,             D. S. Hubbs.
J. C. Ripton,


Anna Key, Chairman,

A. J. Livingston,            Charlotte Stroud,
Alpha Mussey,  Barbara Meyer.


Lucius E. Loucks, Chairman,

Kittie F. Abbott,            Thomas Sutton,
Charlotte Grant, Alfred Quakcenbush
Abram Graff.


The following sketch of the founding and subsequent history of Methodism in this city has been compiled from a history formerly published by Rev. J. H. Brown while pastor of this Church.

The history of the introduction of Methodism into Johnstown, will probably never be written, inasmuch as its first organizers passed away without leaving us any record of their names, or date of the events in which they were the principal actors.

That a society existed in 1791, is evident from the fact that Freeborn Garrettson who visited and preached here in June of that year, soon after, in writing from Albany made mention of his "little flock in Johnstown."

It was on the occasion of this visit he contracted for a lot, and engaged men to build a house of worship which was completed early in the following autumn.  This building, according to our best information, was located on the north side of Main street, a few doors east of Judge Cady's residence or what is now "The People's Bank," and was subsequently sold and the Society disbanded.

From Spicers Autobiography we learn that as early as 1814, Johnstown belonged to a regular Circuit of the New York Conference and was composed of territory lying between the Mohawk and Sacandaga rivers, embracing some fourteen towns.  In 1827, Johnstown formed a part of "Montgomery Circuit" which had for its preachers, John D. Moriarty, J. W. Denison, and John Alley.  In 1828 Bro. Mariarty was stationed at Johnstown and the following year, with Merritt Bates, Junior Preacher, was appointed to the "Johnstown Circuit."  On the 31st day of August of this year (1829), the present organization of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Johnstown was effected.  A meeting was held in the Court House for the election of Trustees, and Nicholas Garlock, and Russell Prentice were chosen to preside, and Rev. Merritt Bates as Secretary.  Abraham Lake, Benj. Burritt, Caleb Winslow, John Bell, Stephen Kilburn were elected trustees.  On the 13th of July of this same year, a Sunday School Society was formed with Rev. John D. Moriarty as President, Rev. merritt Bates, Vice-president, Nicholas Garlock, Treasurer, and John Bell, Philip Plantz, Geo. Horning, Russell Prentice, Henry Brown, Stephen Kilburn, and Zebulon Philips, managers.  A Constitution was adopted and signed by forty-three members.  During this year also, through the instrumentality of Bro. Moriarty, a Church edifice was erected on the present site of the parsonage, and remained for nearly 59 years.  The Dedicatory services were conducted by Rev. John B. Stratton, Presiding Elder.

The spirit of revival which has characterized Methodism from the beginning of its history has to some good degree attended the progress of the Church in Johnstown.  Substantial increase was made to the church during the pastorate of L. S. Walker, 1874-7, when 87 were received on probation, 63 to full membership and 69 by certificates;  making a total membership at the close of his term of 270.  During this period the church seemed to take on new life, and the number of probationers for each subsequent pastorate has averaged nearly 100 person.  The rapid growth of the church in these latter years plainly indicated that better accommodations would soon be needed, and accordingly during the pastorate of Bro. Wm. H. Washburne in 1881, the Society purchased the lot on which the present edifice stands, at a cost of $4,000.  From this time until the old church was abandoned, the seating capacity being less than 375, most of its pews were occupied by from three to five families each.

During the year 1886, $12,000 were raised on subscription for a new church edifice, and a building committee composed of D. H. Van Heusen, M. Argersinger, F. P. Miller, and Rev. J. H. Brown, was authorized to proceed with the work of construction.  The ground was broken about the first of May, 1887, and on the 16th of July following, the Corner Stone was laid with appropriate services by the Presiding Elder, Rev. Samuel Meredith, addresses being made by Rev. J. H. Coleman of Gloversville, and Rev. W. H. Hughes, D. D., of Schenectady.  Dedicatory services were held in the new church on Wednesday, June 20, 1888, Rev. J. W. Hamilton of the New England Conference, preaching in the morning and Bishop Wm. Taylor, of Africa, in the evening.  The total cost was about $39,000.

When this structure was dedicated seven years ago with provision to seat between 900 and 1,000 people, it was thought the Methodist Congregation would be provided with church accomodations for many years.  But the results of faithful labor, together with consecrated Christian living have gone beyond the largest faith.  Already the problem of more seating capacity, or of another church building is pressing for solution.  The church keeps full pace with the growing city.  About one in ten of the population is now a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, surely God has watered this branch.

The following list comprises the pastors of church from the beginning of its present organization.

Old Johnstown Circuit.
John D. Moriary and Merritt Bates, 1829-30
J. B. Houghtaling and Merritt Bates, 1830-1
J. B. Houghtaling and Samuel Covel, 1831-2
Samuel Covel and Wm. D. Stead, 1832-3
James Quinlan and John Haslem, 1833-4
Elias Crawford and Albert Champlin, 1834-5
Elias Crawford and Henry L. Starks, 1835-6
Dilion Stevens and Peter H. Smith, 1836-7
Dilion Stevens and Leonard L. Radley, 1837-8
James H. Taylor and Leonard L. Radley, 1838-9

Johnstown and Gloversville Circuit.
Jas. H. Taylor, Thos. B. Pierson & Wm. Griffin, 1839-40
Wm. Griffin, Thos. B. Pierson and R. T. Wade, 1840-1
Stephen Parks, Albert R. Speer and Myron White, 1841-2

Johnstown and N. Amsterdam.
Albert Speer, 1842-3
Peter M. Hitchcock, 1843-4

Johnstown Station.
P. M. Hitchcock, 1844-5
Benj. Pomeroy, 1845-7
Hiram Chase, 1847-8
James Quinlan, 1848-9
Wm. F. Hurd, 1849-51
William R. Brown, 1851-2
Robert R. Thompson, 1852-4
H. C. H. Dudley (part year), 1854
Tobias Spicer & Wm. Tisdale (each part of year), 1855
Merritt B. Mead, 1856-8
Henry T. Johns, 1858-9
Robert Patterson, 1859-60
William H. Meeker, 1860-2
Lorenzo Marshall, 1862-4
N. G. Spaulding & J. G. Perkins (each part of year) 1864-5
Isaac C. Fenton, 1865-7, Henry L. Starks, 1867-70
Aaron D. Heaxt, 1870-2
William Clark, 1872-4
Leonard S. Walker, 1874-7
Thomas C. Potter, 1877-80
W. H. Washburne, 1880-3
Lorenzo Marshall, 1883-6
James H. Brown, 1886-91
W. H. Washburne, 1891-5
T. G. Thompson, 1895---

J. M. Walden, D.D., L.L.D.
Presiding Elder.
Rev. J. H. Brown,
Rev. T. G. Thompson, B. D.
Resident Supernumerary.
Rev. B. F. Livingston.

Fred Meyer, Chairman.

D. H. Van Heusen,            Michael Argersinger,
C. S. Wemple,  Fred G. Baker.


C. A. Phelps,  Francis Rupert,  Jacob Keck,
Amos M. Adams,  J. C. Ripton,  Abram Graff, 
Peter Farmer,  B. M. Grant, Jr.,  S. S. Sutliff, 
R. Walker,  James neff,  C. F. Allen, 
D. H. Van Sickler,  Fred G. Baker,  Wm. Adams, 
Fred T. Sweetzer,  W. Shires,  D. S. Hubbs. 
Perry Gordon,  Albert Boughton, 


D. H. Van Heusen,
Mrs. Sarah DeWitt,
Wm. Dawes,
Mrs. Elizabeth Baker,
Mrs. Michael ARgersinger.


F. G. Baker,
H. M. Sutliff,
W. H. Dann.


R. R. Sands,
H. M. Sutliff,
J. K. Young.


F. G. Baker,
J. K. Young,
C. S. Wemple.


H. M. Sutliff.


Walter Walker.


Fred Meyer, 129 West Main Street.


E. F. Day.


Anna B. Fiske.


R. Walker.


S. S. Sutliff,
B. M. Grant,
Jr., J. K. Young,
Mrs. Gordis Van Alstyne,
Miss Jennie Griffin

W. S. Argersinger,
James A. Sutliff,
Peter Farmer.

Miss. Julia Baily,
 Mrs. Dye,
R. Walker.

J. K. Young,
Peter Farmer,
Fred Meyer.

Wm. Dawes,
F. G. Baker,
Abram Graff.


C. A. Phelps,
Amos M. Adams,
C. F. Allen.

Recording Steward.
Hugh M. Sutliff.

District Steward.
Walter Walker.
W. Dawes,
Geo. R. Smith
S. Beekman,
John Jackson,
J. K. Young, M. D.,
S. L. Peters,
J. C. Richards,
Fred L. Jansen,
W. S. Argersinger,
J. C. Ripton.
E. F. Day.

Class Leaders.
No. 1.  David Van Sickler and F. Rupert.
No. 2.  F. G. Baker.
No. 3.  Peter Farmer and B. M. Grant, Jr.
No. 4.  Amos Adams and Jacob Keck.
No. 5.  S. S. Sutliff and R. Walker.
No. 6  F. Sweetsir, Wm. Adams and F. W. Shires
No. 7. J. L. Abbott and J. C. Ripton.
No. 8. J. S. Neff.
No. 9.  A. Graff.
No. 10.  P. Gordon and C. F. Allen.
No. 11.  D. S. Hubbs and A. B. Boughton.

Officers of the Sunday School.
Pastor--Rev. T. G. Thomson, 18 North William street.
Superintendent--Robert R. Sands, 112 Washington Avenue.
1st Assistant Superintendent--Abram A. Graff, 401 North Market street.
2nd Assistant Superintendent--Lizzie Key, 38 South Perry street.
3d Assistant Superintendent--John W. Jackson, 5 West Madison street.
Superintendent Primary Department--Mrs. Fred Miller, 130 East Clinton street.
Assistant Superintendent--Mrs. James K. Young, 28 South Perry street.
Secretary--Lucius E. Loucks, 7 West Fulton street.
Asistant Secretary--Alfred Quackenbush, 5 Mason street.
Treasurer--Walter F. Walker, 121 East Clinton street.
Librarian--Peter Farmer, 101 Pearl street.
Assistant Librarian--Robert Sutton, 336 West Main street.
Assistant Librarian--Howland G. Carpenter, 305 West Montgomery street.
Assistant Librarian--Arch Barr, 239 North Perry street.
Assistant Librarian--William Chamberlain, 11 Mason street.
Assistant Librarian--Wallace Quackenbush, 5 Mason street.
Organist--Charlotte Grant, 110 West Green street.
Assistant Organist--Lena Kevill, 100 Fon Claire street.
Chorister--Frederick Meyer, 100 South Melcher street.
Papers--William Taylor, 406 South William street.

Teachers of the Sunday School.
Class No. 1.  Fred G. Baker, 21 South Melcher street.
Class No. 2.  William A. Livingston, 10 McMartin street.
Class No. 3.  Ellen Slade, 42 South Perry street.
Class No. 4.  Alpha Mussey, 9 E. Montgomery street.
Class No. 5.  Bethune M. Grant, Wouth Perry street.
Class No. 6.  jennie Hogaboom, 423 N. Perry street.
Class No. 7.  Laura E. Webster, 305 West Montgomery street.
Class No. 8. Dr. James K. Young, 28 South Perry street.
Class No. 9. Elizabeth Bedford, East Main street.
Class No. 10.  Stephen S. Sutliff, 126 Hoosick street.
Class No. 11.  Edward W. Squires, 18 North Perry street.
Class No. 12.  Milton C. Frost, 9 Gilbert street.
Class No. 13.  Lizzie J. Getman, 2nd Avenue
Class No. 14.  George Mead, 128 East Clinton street.
Class No. 15.  Fred T. Sweetsir, 526 North Market street.
Class No. 16.  Amos M. Adams, 3 East Green street.
Class No. 17.  Mrs. Edward W. Squires, 18 North Perry street.
Class No. 18.  J. Clarence Ripton, 123 East Clinton street.
Class No. 19.  Libbie Osterhout, 1 Matthew street.
Class No. 20.  Samuel Vosburgh, 34 Cayadutta street.
Class No. 21.  Hugh M. Sutliff, 36 South Perry street.
Class No. 22.  Henry Allfrey, 318 West State street.
Class No. 23.  Mrs. T. G. Thompson, 18 North William street.
Class No. 24.  Rev. B. F. Livingston, 10 McMartin street.
Class No. 25.  jennie Adams, 5 East Green street.
Class No. 26.  Frederick Meyer, 100 Wouth Melcher street.
Class No. 27.  David S. Hubbs, 141 East Main street.
Class No. 28.  Julia A. Bailey, 10 Gilbert street.
Class No. 29.  Mrs. Nancy Beekman, 11 Wells street.
Class No. 30.  Mrs. Anna M. Shaffer, 9 Yost street.
Class No. 31.   [none listed]
Class No. 32.  Mrs. Benjamine Dey, 6 West street.
Class No. 33.  Ada Young, 61 East Main street.
Class No. 34.  William Adams, 458 North Perry street.
Class No. 35.  Mrs. Jennie A. Walrath, 107 Burton street.
Class No. 36.  Bertha Little, 400 Fon Claire street.
Class No. 37.  Barbara L. Meyer, 100 South Melcher street.
Class No. 38.  Mrs. Clarence W. Smith, 401 South William street.
Class No. 39.  Mrs. Gordis S. Van Alstyne, 25 North Melcher street.
Class No. 40. Jennie Reese, 24 Chase street.
Class No. 41.  Mrs. Fred P. Miller, 130 East Clinton street.
Class No. 42.  Mrs. James K. Young, 28 South Perry street.
Class No. 43.  Sidney Abbott, 18 Prospect street.
Class No. 44.  Mrs. Ella Carroll.
Class No. 45.  Mrs. Charles S. Wemple, 219 West Montgomery street.
Class No. 46.  Jennie Horth, 14 West Green street.
Class No. 47.  Thomas Sutton, 336 West Main street.
Class No. 48.  Ella Laning, 108 Dove street.
Class No. 49.  mrs. Henrietta Young, 61 East Main.
Class No. 50.  Fred P. Miller, 130 East Clinton street.
Class No. 51.  Mrs. Gertrude L. Hubbs, 141 East Main street.
Class No. 52.  Anna Key, 38 South Perry street.
Class No. 53.  Abram Graff, 401 North Market street.
Class No. 54.  Fred L. Jansen, 314 South Perry street.
Class No. 55.  Albert B. Boughton, 7 Fon Claire street.

Reserved Teachers.
David H. Van Heusen,
Jewitt Jackson,
Lewis Hinn,
Mrs. R. P. Anibal,
Miss Anna Kingsley,
Miss Bessie Horth,
Miss Kitty F. Abbott,
Miss Hattie Overton.


Sunday Services.
9:30 A.M. Class meeting; Amos Adams and Jacob Keck, Leaders.
10:30 A.M.  Preaching service.
12:00 M.  Sunday school; R. R. Sands, Supt.
3:30 P.M.  Junior League meeting; B. M. Grant, Jr., Superintendent.
6:30 P.M.  Epworth League meeting. October 1st to April 1st, 6 P.M. Edward F. Day, President.
7:30 P.M.  Preaching service.  October 1st to April 1st, 7 P.M.

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper is celebrated the first Sunday in every second month, beginning with January.

Order of Sercies for Sunday,
MORNING, 10:30.--Organ Voluntary, Doxology, Psalm--Read responsively, Gloria--Choir, Lord's Prayer, Scripture Lesson, Hymn, Prayer, Voluntery--Choir, Notices, Collection, Hymn, Sermon, Prayer, Hymn, Benediction.
EVENING 7:30--Organ Voluntary, Hymn, Prayer, Anthem, Scripture Lesson, Notices, Offering, Hymn, Sermon, Prayer, Hymn, Benediction.

Week-day Services.
The first Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M., meeting of the Pastor's Auxillary.
The second Monday of each moth at 7:30 P.M., Official Board meeting.
The third Monday of each month at 7:30 P.M., meeting of Men's H.M.S.; Dr. J. K. Young, President.
The third Tuesday in each month at 7:30 P.M., meeting of Woman's F.M.S; Mrs. Jennie Young, President.
Last Tuesday of each month at 7:30 P.M., Epworth League business meeting.
Wednesday, 7:30 P.M., class meetings.
Thursday, 7:30 P.M., class meetings.
Thursday, 7:30 P.M., Teacher's meeting; Rev. B. F. Livingston, Leader.
Friday, 7:30 P.M., General Prayer meeting.


Epworth League
President--E. F. Day.
1st Vice-President--W. J. Adams.
2nd Vice-President--Miss Alpha Mussey.
3d Vice-President--Kittie F. Abbott.
4th Vice-President--Anna Key
Secretary-- A. J. Livingston.
Treasurer--Thomas Sutton.
Pianist--Miss Fannie Bates.
Assistant Pianist--Jennie Adams.
Chorister--D. S. Hubbs.
Junior League Superintendent--B. M. Grant, Jr.
Ushers--Wm. Chamberlain, Arthur Adams, Robert Sutton.
Welcoming Committee--A. J. Livingston, Bessie Horth, Arthur Adams, Bertha Little.

Junior League.
President--Harmon Remnel.
Vice-President--Inez Wickes.
Secretary--Harry Baker.
Assistant Secretary--Graham Thompson.
Treasurer--Olive Dawes.

Pastors Auxiliary.
President--Mrs. Sidney Beekman.
Vice-President--Mrs. G. Van Alstyne.
Secretary--Miss Julia Bailey.
Treasurer--Miss Helen Slade.

Busy Fingers.
Superintendent--Lizzie Getman.
President--Janet Murray.
Vice-President--Nellie Dempster.
Secretary--Linda Bascom.
Treasurer--Anna Stroud.
Entertainment Committee--Emily Abbott, Grace Adams, Elva Moschelle.

Sunday School Missionary Society.
President--Rev. T. G. Thompson.
Secretary--Jennie Horth.
Treasurer--Emma Stroud.

Men's Missionary Society.
President--Dr. J. K. Young.
1st Vice-President--D. S. Hubbs.
2nd Vice-President--Abram Fratts.
3d Vice-President--Peter Farmer.
Recording Secretary--W. W. Chamberlain.
Corresponding Secretary--A. E. Boughton.
Treasurer--Daniel Mead.

Woman's Foreign Missionary Society.
President--Mrs. Jennie Young.
1st Vice-President--Mrs. T. G. Thompson.
2nd Vice-President--Mrs. Peter Farmer.
Recording Secretary--Mrs. Alice Miller.
Corresponding Secretary--Mrs. Gordis Van Alstyne.
Treasurer--Miss Jennie Sutliff.

Literary Department.
Miss Lydia Crouse, Chairman,
Miss Fannie Bates,
Mrs. Fred Baker,
Miss Kittie F. Abbott.

Ladies' Aid Society.
President--Mrs. Sarah Dewitt.
1st Vice-President--Mrs. Ellen Baker.
2nd Vice-President--Mrs. Wm. Dawes.
3d Vice-President--Mrs. Jennie Young.
Secretary--Mrs. Anibal.
Treasurer--Mrs. George Mead.

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