Marriage Records of 
1st Pres. Church of West Galway Perth, NY

Marriages 1795-1811


Transcripts of these records can be found at the Montgomery Department of History & Archives in Fonda, NY.   These records were transcribed by  Lori Mosher.  Thank you Lori!

pages 34-37.

Names of those married by the Revd. John Lindsley.

Date Groom, residence (if given) Bride, residence (if given)


March 4 Ebenese Stephens Hannah Backus, Galway
Matthw. St. John Abigail Felps, Galway


Names of those married by the Revd. John J. Christie.

Date Groom, residence (if given) Bride, residence (if given)


March 17 Emanuel Gonzolus, Amsterdam Christiana Van Aulstine, Galloway
April 30 Jonathan Clisbe, Amsterdam Hannah Glass, Amsterdam
July 5 Nathan Gorum, Amsterdam Phoebe Harman, Gallaway
July 14 Gideon Frisbee, Gallaway Betsey Parsons, Amsterdam
October 13 Charles Stuart, Galloway Miss Gorden, Galloway
Nov'ber 16 Alex'r Alexander, Schenectady Maria Conner, Schenectady
Nov. 24 John Aply Sally Dyke, Galloway
Decmber 25 Jonas Kested, Amsterdam Easter Allen, Amsterdam
January 16 Peter Ferguson, Galloway Betsey Mc Martin, Broadalbin


Note. Below will be found 10 marriages performed in 1796 and recorded by the Rev. John Lindsley. It is concluded therefore, that Mr. Lindsley left a blank space on the above page, in which he intended to record marriages performed in 1794. In the year 1803 this space was used by the Rev. John J. Christie.

Date Groom, residence (if given) Bride, residence (if given)
March 10 Peter V. Slacke Rebekah Fairchild, Schenectady Patent
March 17 John Mc Darmed, Milton Betty Newton, Mayfield
  Lewis Crawford Rachel Hendrick, Charleton
March 31 Joel Clemmons Mabel Ferry, Galway
Apr. 14 James Paru Mary Booth, Charlton
May 15 Rulef Suger Polly Weber
25 James Freeman Caterine Claper, of Bread Alben
July 29 Robert Schoon Lilly Anderson
Sepr. 22 Peter Bennet Azenah Van Patter, Schenectady patent
Oct. 12 Richard Hempstreet Nancy Nolstran, Schenectady patent


Names of those married by the Revd. John J. Christie.

Date Groom, residence (if given) Bride, residence (if given)
February 18 John French, Amsterdam Miss Phoebe Crane, Amsterdam
Do Timothy Smith, Amsterdam Magy Consolum, Amsterdam
March 12 Alexander Walker, Johnstown Nancy Mc Kercker, Broad Albin
March 25 Asa Kellogg, Galloway Mary Marvin, Galloway
April 21 Samuel Topping, Galloway Caty Mecker,Amsterdam
Jan. 1 Joshua Ingraham, Galloway Philende Taylor, Galloway
Decem. 22 Joseph Whitny, Providence Sophia Oliver, Providence
Aug. 28 Ace Fitch Phoebe Harrison, Broadalbin
Sep. 4 Lawrence Markel, Broadalbin Clarinda Hatheway, Broadalbin
Nov. 16 Eliezer Willes, from the Helle bergh Achaah Jones, Amsterdam
Nov. 27 David Otis, Mayfield Amelia Smith, Galloway
Jan. 21 David Smith, Amsterdam Sally Robbortson, Broadalbin
Jan. 23 Harmanus Van Housen, Salem, Albany county Sophia Shuter, Schenectady
Sep. 25 William Spargue, Mayfield Nancy Gifford, Galway
Nov. 6 Nathaniel Parker, Galway Nancy Jewitt, Galway
Nov. 26 Danniel Morris Sarah Van Vorst, Broadalbin
Feb. 5 Thomas Kenedy, Broadalbin Caty Lewis, Broadalbin
Octo. 27 John Bennet Day, Mayfield Phila Wells, Mayfield
March 12 Henry Fillmore, of the town of ....... Achah Otis, Galway
March 28 John Mc Kercker, Broadalbin Peggy Mc Martin, Galway
Octo. 31 Isaac Hadly, Balston Caty Van Antwerp, Broadalbin


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