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Laura Stewart generously typed this piece.   She is searching for information on NOLAN families, who worked and resided in Johnstown. Their main occupations were as masons and construction workers; in fact, they built several of the brick houses in Johnstown. Most of the family resided on the north end of Johnstown in the vicinity of Decker, Matthew and Miller streets. Her grandmother was Alberta Pearl NOLAN, her father was William NOLAN. She is also looking for information on the name NELSON. This was her grandmother's mother's maiden name. Believed this family came from Berne, NY.

1920 Directory

 Pastor - Rev. Frank C. Davidson

Session Board:   
Frank C. Davidson, Moderator
Fred W. Warren, Clerk
Leonard Argersinger, Frank Mahanna, Henry Veghte, Walter Guy Kilmer, Arthur A. Walker

Board of Trustees:
President - Jeremiah Keck
Ashley Reid, Elmer J. Dorn, David A. Hays, T. Cuthell Calderwood

Congregational Officers:
Chairman:  Judge J. Keck
Secretary:  Harold G. Pitman
Financial Secretary:   Herbert M. Vosburgh
Treasurer Regular Church Funds:  Henry Veghte
Treasurer Mission Fund:  Harold G. Pitman
Chief Usher:  Arthur A. Walker
Assistant Usher:  Walter Guy Kilmer
Sexton:  William F. Beresford

Finance Committee:
Treasurer Current Expense Fund:  Henry Veghte
Treasurer Mission Fund:  Harold G. Pitman
Financial Secretary:   Herbert M. Vosburgh
Auditing Committee:  David A. Hays, Janet Calderwood
Committee on Benevolences:  Leonard Argersinger, Walter Guy Kilmer, Mrs. David Hays, Mrs. Walter Comrie, Henry Veghte
Parsonage Committee:  Mrs. D. A. Hays, Nicholas Veghte, Laura Staley
Music Committee:  Fred W. Warren, Arthur A. Walker, Laura Staley;  Grace Raymond, Organist and Choir Director


Member's Directory:

Adams, Libbie Fish, Esther Robinson, Mrs. Fred M.
Adams, Agnes E. Fonda, Mrs. William Robinson, Ethel Frances
Adams, Grace Ford, Edna M. Robinson, Elinor Elsie
Adams, Mrs. Jeanette Ford, Henry W. Rourke, Mildred A.
Adams, Mrs. John Q. Ford, Mrs. Henry W. Rousa, Mrs. John
Allen, Mrs. V. J. Ford, J. Ernest Rust, William
Andrews, Mrs. George Ford, Mrs. Lucy Rust, Mrs. William
Argersinger, Leonard Foster, Mrs. Clarence Shottenkirk, Mrs. John
Argersinger, Mrs. Leonard Fox, C. Louis Sloan, Mrs. Carolina C.
Argersinger, Frank J. Fox, Mrs. C. Louis Smeallie, Mrs. Sarah J.
Argersinger, Mrs. Frank J. Frost, Sarah Smith, George E.
Argersinger, Earl M. Getman, Mrs. Josephine Smith, Mrs. George E.
Argersinger, Mrs. Earl M. Guibert, Eugene A. Smith, Mrs. Charles H.
Argersinger, Clarence H. Guibert, Mrs. Eugene A. Snell, Mrs. Leo C.
Argersinger, Mrs. Clarence H. Hall, James G. Sponenbergh, Mrs. Abigail
Argersinger, James M. Hall, Mrs. James G. Stacey, Anna
Argersinger, Mrs. James M. Hall, Jane Ann Staley, Benjamin B.
Argersinger, Margaret Hall, William E. Staley, Mrs. Benjamin B.
Bannister, Edward Hall, Mrs. William E. Staley, Laura M.
Bannister, Mrs. Edward Harris, Earl J. Staley, Ada H.
Bannister, Grace Harris, Mrs. Earl J. Stanton, Florence M.
Batty, Mrs. Stanley Hays, David A. Stewart, Anna
Beresford, William F. Hays, Mrs. David A. Stewart, Belle M.
Beresford, Mrs. William F. Hays, Douglas Stewart, Margaret
Boshart, Frederick M. Hays, John E. Stewart, Hazel G.
Boshart, Daniel M. Hedden, Mrs. Frank Stewart, Roy C.
Boshart, Jennie Hess, J. W. Stewart, James
Boshart, Josephine F. Hess,Mrs. J. W. Stewart, Mrs. James
Boshart, Dora Hillabrandt, Godfrey Thyne, Mary A.
Boshart, Mary Isabella Hillabrandt, Godfrey Van Aerman, Earl L.
Boshart, Mrs. Kate Hunter, Mrs. Maggie Van Antwerp, Charles
Bostwick, Lavern L. Ireland, Mrs. Stuart Van Arnam, Mrs. Harry J.
Bostwick, Mrs. Lavern L. Ireland, Eleanor Van Nostrand, Emmet E.
Bostwick, Anna E. Jackson, Mrs. Minnie Van Nostrand, Mrs. Emmet E.
Bostwick, Leroy L. Jackson, Mabel Van Nostrand, Florence Vera
Borrman, Clara A. Jackson, Paul Veeder, George H.
Borrman, Johanna E. Jackson, Mrs. Paul Veeder, Mrs. George H.
Briggs, Charles E., Jr. Johns, John Veghte, Archibald M.
Briggs, Mrs. Charles E., Jr. Johns, Mrs. John Veghte, Catherine
Brinkman, Elsie C. Johns, Nina B. Veghte, Henry
Brown, Charles H. Johnson, Mrs. Walter Veghte, Mrs. Henry
Brown, Mrs. Charles H. Keck, Jeremiah Veghte, Henry, Jr.
Burton, Katherine L. Keck, Mrs. Jeremiah Veghte, Lewis
Burton, Woodhall Keck, Flora de FonClaire Veghte, Nicholas
Calderwood, D. Harlow Kibbe, Arthur F. Veghte, Mrs. Nicholas
Calderwood, Mrs. D. Harlow Kilmer, Walter Guy Vosburgh, Alexander
Calderwood, David A. Kilmer, Mrs. Walter Guy Vosburgh, Mrs. Alice
Calderwood, Janet M. Kilmer, Lansing R. Vosburgh, Herbert
Calderwood, Helen E. Knight, Mrs. James Vosburgh, Mrs. Herbert
Calderwood, Mrs. Margaret Laning, Mrs. Jennie Walker, Arthur A.
Calderwood, T. Cuthell Lathers, Mrs. Eliza Walker, Mrs. Arthur A.
Calderwood, Mrs. T. Cuthell Lathers, Mrs. Sarah Walker, Chauncey
Calderwood, William Harold Lehman, Warren Walker, Mrs. Chauncey
Calderwood, Mrs. William Harold Lehman, Mrs. Warren Walker, John H.
Card, Asenath Liddle, Mrs. Anna E. Walker Mrs. John H.
Carmichael, Mrs. D. A. Liddle, H. Raymond Walker, Wallace G.
Carpenter, Mrs. Margaret Liddle, Mrs. H. Raymond Warren, Albert G.
Casler, Mrs. Anna Lippert, Mrs. Anna Belle Warren, Arthur H.
Church, Mrs. Maggie Lippert, Harry Warren, Mrs. Arthur H.
Comrie, Walter S. Lockwood, Caroline E. Warren, Beatrice A.
Comrie, Mrs. Walter S. Mahanna, Frank Warren, Fred W.
Comrie, Howard F. Mahanna, Mrs. Frank Warren, Mrs. Fred W.
Cool, Mrs. Frank Mahl, Frank Warren, Mrs. Harriet
Cool, Mildred H. Mahl, Mrs. Frank Warren, William Ernest
Cool, Jeannette D. Martin, Mrs. Margaret Warren, Mrs. Willard S.
Cool, Jerusha E. Martin, Mrs. Raymond Warren, Mrs. Willard C.
Cowing, Horace Martin, Mrs. Chauncey Waters, Charles
Cowing, Mrs. Horace McLaren, Peter Waters, Mrs. Charles
Crothers, Mrs. Mary McMillan, Mrs. Douglas Wayne, Archibald
Crothers, Edna Mae Menges, Mrs. John Waqne, Mrs. George B.
Crothers, Nellie Hays Mosher, George D. Wayne, Mrs. George B.
Davidson, Mrs. Frank C. Mosher, Mrs. George D. Wert, Dorcas
Davis, Katie E. Newnham, Mrs. James Wieting, Fayette
Dockstader, Jay Oliver, Helen Jeannette Wiggins, Mrs. Margaret
Dockstader, Mrs. Jay Parks,James H. Wilber, Elmer E.
Donnan, Renselar Parks, Mrs. James H. Wilber, Mrs. Elmer E.
Dorn, Elmer J. Pitman, Claude Wilber, Grant F.
Dorn, Mrs. Elmer J. Pitman, Everett Williamson, Mrs. James A.
Dorn, Florence Helen Pitman, Harold Windsor, Walter S.
Dorn, Lelah Margaret Pitman, Mabel Windsor, Everett E.
Dorn, Ida W. Pitman, Mrs. Rosa Winsman, Mrs. R. D.
Dorn, Emma Pitman, Mrs. Harold Winsman, Hazel E.
Dovey, Albert E. Putnam, Mrs. Baltus Wyman, George J.
Dovey, Mrs. Albert E. Putnam, Mrs. Mary E. Wyman, Mrs. George, Jr.
Edwards, Mrs. William Putnam, Mrs. Phoebe Yost, Mrs. Abe
Empie, Cornelia Quackenbush, Charles L. Young, Henry S.
Fages, Albin Quackenbush, Mrs. Charles L. Young, Isabelle
Fages, Rose Randall, Mrs. Jennie Young, Maggie E.
Ferris, Sarah M. Reid, Ashley Young, Samuel
Ferris, Eleanor C. Reid, Mrs. Ashley Young, Mrs. Samuel
Fish, John Reid, Mrs. Edward J. Young, William F.
Fish, Mrs. John Richmyer, Mrs. Walter M. Young, Mrs. William F.


* Updated Members

The following members were handwritten in the margins and appear sometime after the above original list was made.  There are no dates to confirm when they became members.

* Brown, Mrs. Clarence * Lippert, John A.
* Doe, Ethel L. * Lippert, Mrs. John A.
* Doe, W. J. * McKay, Jane
* Doe, Mrs. W. J. * Potter, Mrs. Mary
* Edwards, Lucy Evelyn * Sinneres, Mrs. Isabella
* Hager, Mrs. Mabel Pitman * Stones(or Stoves), Mrs. Wilbur
* Hood, Sara R. * Vosburgh, Clarence
* Johns, Mrs. Ethel M. * Vosburgh,  Mrs. Clarence
* Laird, Mrs. Harold * Walker, Mrs. John
  * Wilson, Mrs. Grace


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