Contributors to our Site!

Below is a growing list of people who have contributed to the development of Fulton County's GenWeb page, making it a better place to visit. They are in fact, Fulton's team. Without them, this site would not be as valuable as it is becoming, nor would the information be gathered and online as quickly. Though some individuals have only donated one or two items, it is always amazing how much many others have offered to help and contribute their time and efforts, again and again. As we continue to grow, we look forward to this list growing!

It is not easy to thank everyone who has donated to this site over the years! I have tried to include all those for whom I have information. If you're name should be included, please contact me! Many of these email addresses are very old and for those listed without email addresses, in most cases, I don't have them!

A very huge thank you to all listed below:

Johannah (Baum) Adams: email
Robert Akin: email
Hector Allen: Town of Oppenheim Historian
Terry Allen: email
Archie H. Anderson: email
Judy Anger: email

Judy Holmes Baugher: email
Carolyn Deming Bayer: email
Brent Beardsley: email
Claudia Bement: email
Donna Bennett
Michael A. Bernstein: email, mailing address: 8874 Dania Drive, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
James Berry: 200 Ft. Plain Watershed Rd., St. Johnsville, NY 13452  (518) 568-5683 email
Peter C. Betz, Town of Perth Historian
Lorraine Bleyl
Dave Bixby
Marietta (Taddune) Blaisdell: email
Judy Breedlove, past Herkimer/Montgomery County NYGenWeb Assistant Coordinator
Bill Bombard: email
Mary Brown
Marguriette Passero Buboltz: email
Marcia Buffet: email
Wanda Burch, Manager Johnson Hall State Historic Site
Kenneth Byrd: email

Lynn Calvin
Melanie Carbin: email
Mike Clancy: email
Ann L. Clapper: email
Al Clarke: email
Bill Clements: email
Bob Clemons
Mary Cline: email
Gordon Coloney
Jill Collins
Ruth Corey: email
Gordon Cornell, Town of Broadalbin Historian
Warren Christman:
Ann L. Clapper: email
Maggie Coletta: email
Jill Collins: email, past Fulton County NYGenWeb Assistant Coord.
Ruth Corey: email
Gail Cramer: email, Northampton Historian
Christina L. Cronk: email

Curt Dalton
Lewis G. Decker
Stephan G. Dennie: email
Leatrice Doolen
Karen Dutton: email

Don Easterly: email
Linda Eastman

Robert Fairchild
Stephen J. Feit: email
Jo Dee Frasco: email

Jeanne Galway: email
Lee Garlock: email
Clyde Getman: email
Melissa Glogower: email
Stephen Green
Karen E. Griffin: email

Pat Hacker: email
Lucille Hart: (deceased)
Bette Hill: email
Dan Hinckley
Kathy Hoeldke: email
Diane Holmes: email
Amy Horning: email
Steven H. Houde: email
Brenda Howe
Bill Hunt: email

Linda A. Jasztal: email
Marlene Johnson: email
Mary Beth Johnson: email
Debbie Jordan: email

MaryAnn Kassan
Sheila L. Kell: email
Danielle Koenig: email, snail mail: 1206 Earlville Road, Earlville NY 13332
Jolene Konifka: email
Linda Kreisher: email
Bill Kuehnling: email

Marie Lamb
Cindy LaVallee
Gerry LaVallee
Richard Lillie: email
Joan Bellen Loveday
William Loveday, jr., Fulton County Historian

Edward MacDonald: email
Robert McDougal: email
John McLaughlin
Martha Magill, Herkimer/Montgomery County NYGenWeb Coordinator
Matthew S. Malec: email
Peggy Menear: email
Tom Mosher: email
Don Montana
Mary Morancie: email
James Morrison, Gloversville Historian
Robert Morrow: email
Lori Mosher: email
Tom Mosher: email
Ken Mowers: (deceased)
Donna Mowrey
Joanne Murray

Dianne Nevich
Mary Jo Neyer: email
Valeria Stewart Nichols
Kathleen Novicki

Joyce Park: email
Val Patomson: email
Jean Pennington
Laura Perkins, Oswego County NYGenWeb Coordinator
Barbara Perricelli: email
Allyn Hess Perry, Wayne County GenWeb Co-coordinator
David C. Perry: email

C. A. Quinn: 560 West 218th Street, 6G, New York, NY 10034 email

Joan Redmond: email
Kathleen Bronk Ridgeway: email
Alan Robinson: email
Linda Darling Rood
Rosebud: email
Robert Ruller: email
Mark Russell: email

Edward Sargalis
Daniel G. Shaul
Jeanette Shiel, past Fulton County NYGenWeb Coordinator
Lisa K. Slaski: email, Fulton County NYGenWeb Coordinator
Peggy Stadtmiller
Barbara Steffens: email
Bruce Stewart: email
Laura Stewart: email

Betty Tabor, Mayfield Historian
Beth Thoennes: email
Sandy Town

Derick Van Schoonhoven, Bethlehem, PA, email
Donald Vosburgh

Bonnie Keck Walsh: email
Douglas J. Weaver: email
James Whittier: email
John Wilmarth
Judith Wood: email
Rebecca Mallett Huffaker Woodworth: email

Robert Youker: email
Patti Young: email

Sylvia Zierack (not online), former Perth Historian

Note:  This list begins as of May 1, 2006.  Prior contributors to the site are very much appreciated but some may be unknown to the current site coordinator.


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