Ice Storms of the Area

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Ice Storm 1909, Gloversville, NY
I've seen a newspaper account of this and have even seen it in a history
book, but I never realized that they made a postcard from the picture. This
has special meanings for me because it was the year my father Frank
Saunders was born.  Donated by Marcia Buffet

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This Photo is donated by Stephan G. Dennie. who writes:  I grew up in Gloversville with my Great Grandmother, Rose Lehman, who had the same Post Card and told me about that storm when we had the Ice Storm of 1964 (photo attached).

"Remember When?  .....An ice storm in 1964 left a maze of trees and wires down in a wide section of Eastern New York.  Massive restoration was accomplished with the aid of many crews from as far away as Virginia."



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