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The lands of what is now Fulton County have undergone many name changes, Fulton County is one of the youngest counties formed in New York State (only three other counties were formed after 1838). This land was originally Albany County. In 1772, Tryon County was formed from Albany County, which then included Herkimer and Montgomery Counties, too. After the Revolution, Tyron County was renamed Montgomery County in 1784. In 1838, the present day lands that are now called Fulton County were formed and broken off from Montgomery. The county was named after Robert Fulton, inventor, mainly renown as inventor of the steamship. The county seat is Johnstown.

Fulton County Maps

"Birth of a County", By Fulton County Historian, William Loveday, Jr.

The first profile after separation from Montgomery County, Fulton County in 1841.
For a brief history of the townships, French's Gazetteer write about life in 1860.
For a history of Fulton County and it early public officials, F. W. Beers tells this version, 1878.

Special Celebration: 150th Anniversary of Tryon County - Johnstown, 1922; 3 parts
The Old Mohawk-Turnpike Book
Fulton County Taverns, A shot of History
Directory of Fulton County Officials, 1919-1920
Ice Storms in the Area
Transportation in Fulton County
Railroads of Fulton County
Mohawk Indians - Six Nations
Ring of Bells
He Was Bought at Public Sale; Slavery at Johnson Hall

What brought so many people to Fulton County in the 1800's? In the early 1800's and well into the early 20th century, Fulton County was growing at rate that has yet to be matched. Towns were flourishing. It was the days of glory then, and the reigning industry was glove making, namesake of the city of Gloversville. As demand was growing for this new industry, everyone somehow had a hand in this growing industry. From skin dressers and dyers, to glove cutter and box manufacturers, to women sewing to the ever growing factories of all sizes, everyone contributed to its success. For a more thorough and detail history of glove making, go to: The Glove Industry

Fire - Friend or Foe?
Broadalbin in History
Kennyetto Fire Company, Broadalbin

The Twin Cities: Gloversville and Johnstown
Businesses of Gloversville and Johnstown, 1920

History of Gloversville
More on Gloversville
History of Gloversville, 1899
The Day the Lights Came on in Gloversville
History of Gloversville D.A.R.
Fire on Marley Block, Gloversville
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Businesses in Gloversville, 1907
Groff Ice Company, Gloversville
The Circus is Coming to Town!

Main St. in Johnstown 75 years ago
Businesses in Johnstown, 1907
Johnstown Visitor's Guide, circa 1925

Early Mayfield Industry
Old Mayfield

History of Northampton
Transportation in Fulton County
Covered Bridge at Fish House

Daniel Green Company, Oppenheim

Township of Perth
Perth Memories and Reflections Index

Town of Stratford

For help, this article on Tracing your Roots...conveys resources available at the Montgomery County Department of History & Archives.

When looking for records and Census research, you should be aware of past towns that no longer exist, changed names and town lines, etc. - For example, a person listed as listed in Revolutionary War papers as setting residence in Caughnawaga, Tryon County is today, the lands either known as Broadalbin or Johnstown (or Fonda, Montgomery County).

Also, of note, Caroga*** was established in 1842 from parts of Stratford, Bleecker and Johnstown. So, if you're looking for in the 1840 census of land now in Caroga even though it was still Fulton County then - beware - you should look in those other towns.

The following tables below gives an idea of which towns to look in for the various census records for each of the current towns of Fulton County. However, as a few borders changed, on occasion, please note that if an ancestor shows up in a neighboring town, they may not have moved, but the town lines might have moved, and you ought to do further research on the borders for the town before coming to the conclusion that your ancestors picked up and moved physically from one town to another.

Census Year   Look In
Bleecker, formed 4 Apr 1831
1790Caughnawaga, Mont. Co.
1800 thru 1820  Johnstown, Mont. Co.
1830Bleecker, Mont. Co.
1840 +Bleecker, Fulton Co.
Broadalbin, formed 12 Mar 1793
1790Caughnawaga, Mont. Co.
1800 thru 1830Broadalbin, Mont. Co.
1840 +Broadalbin, Fulton Co.
Caroga, formed 11 Apr 1842
1790Palatine, Caughnawaga, both Mont. Co.
1800Palatine, Johnstown, both Mont. Co.
1810 and 1820Stratford, Johnstown, both Mont. Co.
1830Stratford, Bleecker, both Mont. Co.
1840Stratford, Bleecker, Johnstown, all Fulton Co.
1845 +Caroga, Fulton Co.
formed 27 Mar 1827
1790 thru 1820Palatine, Mont. Co.
1830Ephratah, Mont. Co.
1840 +Ephratah, Fulton Co.
Johnstown, formed 12 Mar 1793
1790Caughnawaga, Mont. Co.
1800 thru 1830Johnstown, Mont. Co.
1840 +Johnstown, Fulton Co.
Mayfield, formed 12 Mar 1793
1790Caughnawaga, Mont. Co.
1800 thru 1830Mayfield, Mont. Co.
1840 +Mayfield, Fulton Co.
Northampton, formed 1 Feb 1799
1790Caughnawaga, Mont. Co.
1800 thru 1830Northampton, Mont. Co.
1840 +Northampton, Fulton Co.
Oppenheim, formed 18 Mar 1808
1790 and 1800Palatine, Mont. Co.
1810 thru 1830Oppenheim, Mont. Co.
1840 +Oppenheim, Fulton Co.
Perth, formed 18 Apr 1838
1790Caughnawaga, Mont. Co.
1800 thru 1830Amsterdam, Mont. Co.
1840 +Perth, Fulton Co.
Stratford, formed 10 Mar 1805
1790 and 1800Palatine, Mont. Co.
1810 thru 1830Stratford, Mont. Co.
1840 +Stratford, Fulton Co.

Researching ancestors from Oppenheim presents a problem as part of Oppenheim became St. Johnsville, Montgomery County when Fulton was formed.

Those researching in the area of Perth should look not only in Amsterdam, Montgomery County, but also in West Galway, Saratoga County, where much of the daily life centered there. Perth town lines changed again in 1842.

For information on and in a particular town, check out Fulton's Town Pages where you will find more detail about local points of interest, town history, historical societies and other town information.

There is no genealogical society in Fulton County itself. To aid in your efforts of research but there is the Capital District Genealogical Society, though headquarters are in Albany members are from all over the country and their material & speakers do cover the Mohawk Valley, including Fulton.

As people and researchers bring to light more "tricks" about researching in Fulton, they will be posted on this page. If you know of such an instance and would like to share your experience and/or knowledge, please send an email!

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