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The publication of "The Old Mohawk Turnpike Book" was made possible through the generosity and public spirit of a few citizens of the Mohawk Valley. They are Col. John W. Vrooman of Herkimer; Mr. Bartlett Arkell of New York; the Beech-Nut Packing Co., Canajoharie; Mrs. C. B. Knox, Johnstown; Mr. George Duffy, Fort Plain, and the New York Central Railroad. Without the progressive spirit shown by these forward-looking Americans and these organizations mentioned, the people of the United States would have been denied the first printed exposition of the Mohawk Valley, "America's Gateway to the West."

A warm expression of thanks is due the author's lifelong friend and co-worker, Mr. George O'Connor of the Fort Plain Standard, whose great assistance in the composition and in the vast amount of correction involved in this book has been cheerfully and freely given. Without his aid the work could not have been finished. Thanks are also due Mr. W. D. Ludwig, who set the matter and whose knowledge of Mohawk Valley names was of great help. Mr. F. H. Kelsey and Miss Edna L. Bulger of the Standard force assisted greatly.

The author also wishes to pay a tribute to the aid and assistance rendered him by the late W. W. O'Connor, for many years editor of the Fort Plain Standard. Not only did this old friend and schoolmate aid the writer materially, but he gave the backing of an understanding, belief in and support of a most difficult and exacting undertaking.

Thanks are due to the care and skill and interest of the men of the Journal and Courier Co. of Little Falls (the author's native town). They have printed "The Old Mohawk Turnpike Book" in a satisfactory and artistic manner. The appreciation of the author is here rendered to Messrs. George G. Stebbins, Ivan T. Burney, Gaspard L. Dussault and Kenneth Dussault of this organization.

Thanks are especially due Mr. Hanford Robison, Schenectady; Capt. Ernest Hendricks, Fort Plain; Mr. H. V. Bush, Canajoharie; Mr. C. M. Vander Veer, Amsterdam; Mrs. Fred Remington Greene, Amsterdam; S. L. Frey, Palatine Bridge; Mr. Peter Nelson, Albany; Mr. F. B. Richards, Glens Falls; Rev. W. N. P. Dailey, New York; Mrs. Horace L. Greene, Fort Plain; W. B. Wemple, Mohawk Valley Democrat, Fonda; L. D. MacWethy, St. Johnsville Enterprise-News; A. T. Smith, Herkimer; J. E. Willoughby, Recorder, Amsterdam; W. W. Canfield, Observer-Dispatch, Utica; Mrs. Estella Folts Callan, Ilion; Mrs. Charlotte A. Pitcher, Utica; Mrs. W. T. Van Deusen, Fonda; Mr. Myron F. Westover, Schenectady; Mr. John Crowley, Times, Little Falls; Mr. Pitt P. Hand, publicity director, New York Central Lines; Mr. F. H. Fayant, New York City; Office of the Engineer and Surveyor, Albany; Mr. O. P. Backus, Mr. S. H. Beach, Rome; Mr. N. B. Alter, Nelliston; Mr. Percy Van Epps, Glenville; State Historian Alexander C. Flick, Albany; Hon. H. J. Cookinham, Utica; Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Barbour, Canajoharie; Mr. P. D. Weathers, Adirondack Power and Light Corp., Schenectady; Mr. J. Lyman Gollegly, Utica Gas and Electric Co., Utica; Hon. Jeremiah Keck, Johnstown; Mr. Loomis Burrell, Little Falls; Mr. Stanton Van Wie, Canajoharie; Mr. W. W. Hughes, Chamber of Commerce, Little Falls; Mr. J. G. Duffy, Secty., Utica Chamber of Commerce; Mr. E. H. Mills, F. L. Rogers, Leader-Republican, Gloversville; E. D. Bevitt, Chamber of Commerce, Rome; W. B. Forman, Mr. Willis Bullock, Canajoharie; Mrs. W. T. Van Dusen, Fonda.

To many other friends who gave assistance in the preparation of this work the author wishes to here say "Thank You."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Author and publisher wishes to bring to the attention of the press of the Mohawk Valley the fact that the actual name of our main highway is the Old Mohawk Turnpike. The term "State road" means absolutely nothing. It is the Mohawk Turnpike from Schenectady to Rome and should be so called, thus adding to the name and fame of our Valley.

There is no other work like The Old Mohawk Turnpike Book, published in the United States of America. The author respectfully suggests that the owner of this volume keep it, consult it, and show it to friends and visitors to the Mohawk Valley; send it to friends and relatives, who know of or formerly lived in the Mohawk Valley, and give as a birthday or holiday gift to friends and relatives.

The price of The Old Mohawk Turnpike Book is $2.50 per copy; $2.75 by mail.





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