Charles B Knox Gelatine Co. Inc.
Edition of
The Old Mohawk-Turnpike Book


History of This Project.


This project was actually initiated last year, in the Spring 2001.  Both County Coordinators (Fulton and Herkimer/Montgomery) had obtained a copy of the book and began collaborating ideas to set in motion the transcription.  Shortly thereafter, out of the blue, a dedicated volunteer, Joan Redmond, offered to transcribed the book for us.  We were taken aback -  this is a huge book - over 270 pages in small typeset!!  At this point, we had already posted some projects on our volunteer board and asked some of our regular volunteers to help us with this project as Joan began transcribing away.  A project such as this requires MANY hours of transcription, HTML coding and preparation.    This project is far from complete - many hours are still required to complete this effort.  The results will be amazing by the time the entire book is online.

And Joan, our patient and dedicated volunteer, has taken the project a step farther for you- she has included a surname index with each chapter, not part of the original content.  

We hope you enjoy this work of art!

Many thanks to our Dedicated Volunteers:

Joan Redmond
Jolene Konifka
Peggy Menear
Lori Mosher






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