Civil War:
The 11th Annual Re-union
of the 115th Regiment


Reunion of the 115th Regiment

The eleventh annual reunion of the 115th regiment N.Y. volunteers, was held yesterday at Colonel Sammons Post rooms in Gloversville. The regiment was recruited from Fulton, Hamilton, Montgomery and Saratoga counties in the year 1862 and was in service three years. Thirty years ago yesterday the regiment was mustered in. On the 28th of August the regiment, under the command of Colonel Simeon Sammons was under way to the seat of war.

On arrival at Washington the regiment was hurried into service and brought into hard duty with incessant exposure to fire.

From the date of its mustering in Aug. 25, 1852 (sic) until it was mustered out June 17, 1865, it participated in twenty-eight engagements.

The 115th brought out of the war, six flags which Col. Sammons on behalf of the regiment presented to the State.

The regimental officers were as follows:

Colonel - Simeon Sammons of Mohawk
Lieutenant Colonel - E. L. Walrath, Syracuse, who was promoted from the office of Major in April 1865, to succeed Lieutenant Colonel George S. Batchelor of Saratoga. N. J. Johnson of Ballston also filled the office for a short time in 1864.
Major - Patrick H. Cowan, Saratoga
Surgeon - C. McFarland, R. E. Siton
Assistant Surgeon - Samuel W. Peters, Hiram W. Ingerson
Adjutant - Thomas W. Horton, Fultonville.
Quartermaster - Martin McMartin, Johnstown.
Chaplain - S. W. Clemans.

Companies E and K were recruited almost exclusively in Fulton county.

The Captain of company E was the late William H. Shaw of Mayfield, the First Lieutenant, Frank Abbott of Johnstown, Second Lieutenant Aaron C. Slocum.

Company K was captained by William Smith of Amsterdam, Ralph Sexton of Caroga, (the present Commissioner of Charities of Gloversville), was First Lieutenant, and the Second Lieutenant was Henry P. McMastors, also of Caroga.

At 9:30 yesterday morning the regimental association met in business session, with P. J. Keck presiding, when Mayor Jordan welcomed the veterans with a cordial address. The officers for the ensuing year were then elected as follows:

President George S. Skym of Glens Falls
First vice-president W. H. Gorham of Glens Falls
Second vice-president, George O. Smith of Troy
Secretary and treasurer, N. S. McOmber of Glens Falls.

The death roll for the year just passed was read as follows: Henry W. Case, Amsterdam, Co. F., January; Capt. W. H. Shaw, Mayfield, Co. E, January 21; Chas. M. Baker, Co. C., July 92; John McCarg, Amsterdam Co. D, Aug. 1892.

It was decided to hold the next annual reunion at Glens Falls, August 25, 1893.

The veterans of the regiment present were as follows:

Company A:  C. N. Ballou, R. H. Tipple, Fonda; John Shurlock, Albany, Nathan Terrill, Mayfield; S. H. Lusk, Amsterdam; John Van Dewater, James Cadwell, Johnstown.

Company B:  John C. Nellis, Nelliston; Joseph Mosher, Edward A. Flint, Coonrad Frinkle, Canajoharie; Luby Conover, Amsterdam; Wilbur Alpaugh, Ames, Abram Failing, Palatine Bridge; J. H. Snyder, Bath on the Hudson; Frank Washburn, Abram Henson, Charles Schuyler, Gloversville.

Company C:  J. C. Abeal, Brooklyn; D. W. Barney, Middle Grove, J. S. Lyons, Greenfield; J. C. Reed, Boston; G. Curren, Albany; Charles W. Jenkins, West Day; Wm. Foss, Rockton, Michael Rice, Schenectady; G. L. Chas, H. Grosbeck, Gloversville.

Company D:  F. A. Hutchins, Mayfield; Charles Dunbar, P. D. Colgrove, Fonda; Lieut. Charles Kline, Andrew M. Clafin, Robert Welsh, Alfred G. Eaton, Capt. N. J. DeGraff, Amsterdam; George Kline Tribes Hill, John C. Brand, Sloansville; John Hanson, Glenville; Charles Strong, Bay City, Michigan; Thomas Sepper, M. Sowie, Gloversville.

Company E:  Lieut. J. L. Hines, John Bradt, Mayfield; A. Keck, Frankfort, D. L. Maun, Camden; A. Johnson, Sammonsville; E. Burgess, Northville; G. Avery, Fonda; Webster Shaver, Ephratah; Lieut. P. J. Keck, R. T. Wells, A. Allen, James Austin, Charles Lawyer, G. B. Harrison, John Hilton, J. T. Hollett, A. C. Canfield, Surry Herring, Frank Barker, Lieut. C. L. Clerk, John Hollett, James H. Taylor, Gloversville.

Company F:  John Merritt Corinth; L. Burdick, Porter's Center.

Company G:  G. H. Skym, L. C. Church, South Glens Falls; J. H. Woodcock, Fort Edward; S. E. Bowler, John A. Gilbert, Batchellorville; N. S. McOmber, J. Hite, Glens Falls; Alexander Lee, Schenectady; J. Hanson, Gloversville.

Company H:  G. VamDercook, Washington, D. C.; W. H. Gorman, Glens Falls; Joseph H. Tripp, Ballston; Alfred Gould, Marion Steenburgh, Cohoes; J. H. Clark, Half Moon; Captain S. P. Smith, B. Hennersinger, Waterford.

Company I:  Geo. O. Smith, Troy; F. A. Martin, Greenbush; Martin Carver, Randall; Theodore Whitford, Marshville; C. Hoffman, Chauncey Goodbread, Fort Plain; F. W. Keiner, Utica; Truman Loveland, Ballston Lake; Charles Scharff, George Maxon, Canajoharie; Oscar Alexander, Johnstown.

Company K:  S. Burr, I. Manchester, Broadalbin; A. Barrett, Glens Falls; G. Honeywell, Backerville; Wm.  O. Peck, C. Marcellus, Johnstown; Eli Smith, Willingham Bump, Rockwood; J. A. Swann, Lieut. J. M. Hill, Samuel Hurd, Ed. Demorest, A. Ward, M. W. Cole, William Pedrick, Gloversville.

After the business session the vets assembled at the headquarters of Col. Sammons post, where the good things supplied by the ladies for the inner person disappeared in the same vigorous style with which the old "iron hearts" mowed the enemy out of the way in the days of the rebellion. It was a very successful and joyous reunion in every particular.

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Source:  the Johnstown Daily Republican, August 27, 1892

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