Civil War:
The 14th Annual Re-union
of the
153d N. Y. Veteran Association



The 14th annual re-union of the 153d N. Y. Veteran Association was held at Canajoharie, Montgomery county, N. Y. September 19, 1895.

The comrades were met at the train by Farrell Post, no. 51 G. A. R., Citizens Committee and Band, and marched to Farrell Post Rooms.  At 11 o'clock meeting was called to order in Wagner Opera House by D. H. Quackenbush, President of the Association.  Prayer was offered by Rev. B. B. Loomis.  A very eloquent address of welcome was delivered by Newton J. Herrick.

The response to the address of welcome was by the Rev. J. Henry Enders, Chaplain of the 153d Regiment from the time of its enlistment until it was mustered out in 1865, or during its entire 3 years service.  He spoke in substance as follows:

Mr. President, Comrades, Ladies and Gentlemen:
On entering this hall, a few moments since, I was asked, in behalf of the regiment, to respond to the address of welcome.  As it is the duty of a soldier "to obey orders," I esteem it a privilege on this occasion to say a few words.

In the name of the 153d regiment I thank you, and through the you the comrades and citizens of this beautiful and historic town, for the cordial and hospitable welcome you have accorded us;  for the freedom of your city, which on this lovely autumnal day, open wide its gates.  I wish more sincerely to thank you for your graceful and fitting words, expressive of your appreciation oft eh sufferings and successes of the noble men, my beloved comrades -  some of them your own brothers - in the interest of civil freedom, and a united country.  As this is the anniversary of the battle of Winchester, one of the most notable victories in which our regiment being part, many incidents of that eventful day are still fresh in my mind.  It may be not unfittingly, at this time, very briefly to refer to two of these that came under my own observation on the evening of the day after the battle of Winchester.  I visited the hospital to see what I could for all wounded men.  I found one, a large-hearted Irishman - "every inch a soldier," had lost a leg.  His name was [Donlava].  He had been in the British army in India under the noble Gen. Havelock.  He was always most respectful to me, when we met he would stand as straight as an arrow, and with uplifted hand salute me with "How do y'do your riverince."  When I found him, lying asleep on the floor of the hospital, on some straw, with his limb gone, I did not disturb him, but passed on.  Later I found him awake and though he could not rise, he at once sat up, and in his usual way saluted me with, "How do y'do, your riverince, didn't the rebels run; didn't we have a great victory."  But not one word about his great loss.  He thought not of himself; only of the successful issue.  He was sample of the brave and true men, my comrades of the 153d regiment.  On that same day were [men] wounded in the shoulder, in almost the same place - our Major Klock and Capt. DeWandelaer.  I found them in a room in the home of a rebel Congressman.  While I was there, a little Union girl came in to see them with a basket of delicacies, so grateful to the suffering.  When she was leaving one of the officers gave her a $2 bill.  She returned it saying, "I can't take it, I can't take it."  When he insisted, saying everything was very high, she took it reluctantly saying "it shall all be devoted to Union soldiers."  The incident deeply touched me.  Both of those officers have since passed away.  What shall I say of your former fellow citizens, those other noble men and faithful officers of our regiment, Surgeon Snow and Major Davis.  They were both my very valued personal friends.  The former was my tent and mess mate during much of our army life.  The latter was a part of the time similarly associated with me.  Both were christian men; they have been mustered out, to enter upon a higher service.  Very deeply we feel their loss.  Let us, like them, be faithful in Christ and to those about us.  Grateful to God for His providential care amid so many dangers and the shock of battle, let us gladly give expression to our grateful gratitude and confess and crown Him as our King and our Redeemer.

It was our privilege, by God's blessing, and the help of the regiment to sustain a nightly Gospel service during those 3 years.  When in winter quarters in the Shenandoah Valley, the regiment erected a commodious chapel; we had a union church, with an active, earnest membership.  Again thanking you in the name of my beloved comrades of the 153d regiment for your fitting words.. "and through you this community for their cordial, royal welcome, let us strive in the words of Charles Kingsley to

"Do noble things, not dream
Them all day long
To make life, and the vast forever
One grand, sweet song"
"The Lord bless and keep us all,
The Lord cause his face to shine
Upon us, and give us peace".

President Quackenbush and Commander John L. Abeling both made short addresses.

Secretary Wm M. Harris then called the Roll of the Regiment, and the following comrades answered Roll Call:

Chaplain, J. H. Enders

A  CO.

Geo C. Potter John K. Dye Eleazor C. Morgan
C. M. C. Loyd Geo. Duell Stephen Cadman
F. Achernecht Andrew Duell Conrad Van Sickler
Wm. Hulett M. Hiertz  

B  CO.

H. Searls H. Liitt J. W. Bander
Byron Lefler Abram Wick D. H. Quackenbush
A. Sheridan Isaac Graff Conrad Hinkle
Edward Gates   Louis Graff

C  CO.

C. B. Clute J. M. Carson M. Quackenbush
A. Newkirk Andrew Hare C. H. VanSickler
Jacob Stewart Alfred S. Davis J. H. Stillwell
John Sharrow Melvin Peck D. J. McLaughlin
Wade Getman Aaron Hugo George Grimstraw
Wm. Starin James Newkirk Ezra T. Austin

D  CO.

Capt. J. J. Buchanan    Lieut. Barney Burns  Wm. M. Harris
J. E. Bedingham J. H. Allen Harvey Martin
Lucius Daniels Hiram Buchanan Yost Grebe
Wm. Hale   Henry Parris

  E  CO.

Adam Getman H. C. Keesler Charles Saulsbury
Wm. B. Hokirk Jacob Geesler Adam Geesler
Charles Bramer Jacob Walrath Peter Vrooman
Earl Farrell M. F. Wilsey John Klinkhart

  F  CO.

Capt. J. H. Lassels John L. Abeling Wm. Mosher
Henry Bohne Robert Abeling Joseph Miles
Jerome Claus   Henry Dockstader

  G  CO.

Lieut. D. W. Southwick

H  CO.

Henry Mastin Seth Hill Robert Kelly
  Adam Miles  


K  CO.

Frank Lapoint

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

After the Roll Call the meeting adjourned to the Mohawk Opera Hall where a grand and beautiful dinner was served to about 300.  The Band discoursed pleasing selections while the veterans and their wives were doing justice to the eatables set before them.

at 2 o'clock the meeting was called to order at Wagner Opera Hall.  Treasurer J. H. Allen then made ihs report for the year as follows:

Balance last year, $32.35
Printing Proceedings and Postage, last year,      $9.13
Printing and Postal Cards, 4.00
Secretary 15.00
Ribbon for Badges, 3.08
Printing same 1.75

Balance due to Treasurer, 61 cts.
Report accepted as read.

On motion comrades Clute, Potter and Liitt was appointed  to take up the annual collection.

The secretary had received contributions for the expense fund from J. K. Fical and N. D. Holt, making the whole amount raised $33.83.  Balance after paying balance due Treasurer, $33.22.

Secretary Harris read the invitation from secretary Stamback of the 116th N. Y. to meet with them at Niagara Falls, June 14, 1886 [1896].  Plattsburg and Saratoga was suggested.

Motion made to hold the next reunion at Plattsburgh.  Voted down.

Motion made also to go to Niagara Falls with 116th; also voted down for the reason that it was too far away; finally it was decided to have it at Saratoga next year.

Officers elected for 1896:
Seth Hill, President, Porters Corners
Frank Lapoint; 1st Vice-President [illegible]
[illegible - Wade Getman?] - 2d-President, Kings Station
Chas. Bramer, 3d Vice-President, Fort Plain
Lieut. D. W. Southwick, 4th Vice-President, Plattsburg
Adam Getman, 5th Vice-President, Gloversville
Wm. M. Harris, Secretary, Gloversville
Geo. C. Potter, Ass't. Sec'y, Gloversville
J. H. Allen, Treasurer, Gloversville
Rev. J. H. Enders, Chaplain, Fort Hunter

Motion made by Secretary Harris that the salary of the Secretary be $10, in place of $15, hereafter.  On motion, the offer was accepted.

Comrade Loyd made a motion that a committee of three be appointed to Draft Resolutions on Deaths reported to the Secretary.

Committee appointed:  C. C. C Loyd, Secretary Harris, and Capt. J. J. Buchanan.

Motion made and carried that our next Reunion be held on the 17th of September in Saratoga.



Geo. D. Fuller, A Co., Gloversville
George Minch, B Co., Canajoharie
Fred Quackenbush, C Co., Fultonville
Henry Roll, D. Co., Syracuse
Samuel E. Hoxie, F Co., Emansburg
W. H. Wiers, C Co., Decatur, Texas

Thirty years ago, on October 2, 1865, at Savannah, Ga., the 153d Regiment N. Y. Vols. was discharged from the service of the United States.  Of the 1090 men whose names had been upon its muster roll, 202 had ended the conflict of life, and had been given their eternal muster out.  At this time about 740 who were members of the Regiment have gone into bivouse on "fames eternal camping ground."  During the past year six comrades have obeyed the call to "Rest".  In view of these facts, the 350 survivors, through their committee duly appointed at the reunion held September 19, 1895, desire to cherish memory of these comrades who are in the advance, to commend their souls to God, and their last resting place to all who love our country and who honor its defenders.

Respectfully submitted,
C. M. C. Loyd, Wm. M. Harris, J. J. Buchanan
Gloversville, N. Y.
October 2, 1895.

Communication from absent comrades were read by the Secretary as follows:

Capt. J. F. McGuire, Detroit, Mich.
John E. Hubbell, Rubicon, Mich.
N. D. Holt, Freemont, Mich.
James F. Arms, Spokeville, Wis.
Wm. McMiller, National Home, Wis.
Lieut. J. S. Veeder, Pana, Ill.
Wm. Nobles, Rockford, Ill.
Lieut. John D. Brownell, Minneola, Kan.
William Orr, Lawrence, Kan.
J. L. Hugenin, Parsons, Kan.
Charles A. Tiederman, Cairo, Neb.
Albert Waufel, Blandin, Neb.
Stephen Millgate, Grand Island, Neb.
James Leighton, Bedford, Ind.
John H. Weldon, Lamberton, Minn.
J. K. Fical, Colorado Springs, Col.
Martin Cooley, Savannah, Ga.
M. V. B. Ashley, Castleton, Vt.
Nelson Tracy, Burlington, Vt.
A. J. Steenbarge, Mooers, N. Y.
Lieut. G. H. Hodges, Kings Station, N. Y.
R. Bierman, Cherry Valley, N. Y.
Abram Stewart, Johnstown, N. Y.
Wm. Nickloy, Johnstown, N. Y.

The thanks of the Association was tendered to the citizens of Canajoharie, and comrades of Farrel Post for their kind and cordial reception given them this day.

A large number of the veterans visited the old fort in the village.  A photograph was taken by A. Loyd of those present.  The members with their wives left for home all heartily pleased with the reception and  welcome that was tendered them by the citizens.

The Secretary would request all members who change their address, to send him at once the new one; that he may send reports and notices that will not be returned.  Also to report the death of any of our members, that a correct list may be had on the Roll.

Secretary 153d N. Y. V. Association
127 Washington St.,
Gloversville, N. Y.



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