Broadalbin's Honor Roll
World War I


World War I Veterans Monument, Main Street


Contributed by Broadalbin Historian, Gordon Cornell.

Note:  The men in bold blue letters paid the supreme price for our freedom.
Names are NOT in alphabetical order.


Roy Spencer * - see below Leon E. Seward * - see below
Lee Walsh *- see below Leslie Putman
Clement Phillips Harry Mason
Harold Pitts -see below Chas. De Nault
Elwood Lee Ralph Lasher
Percy Earl Clarence Fosmire
Fred Siuci Alexander Creighton
Robert Stralucke Raymond Chapman
Ralph Gorthey Frederick C. Earl
Frank Earl Frederick Crosthwait
Lawrence Wiley Harold Grinnell
Raymond Lawton Jacob Hetzenbuhler
Frank Mosher Louis Cornell - see below
Charles Warren David H. Baum
Chester Benedict Floyd Swears
Harold Trevett Fred Foss
Truman Cruthers Arthur Wendover
David Chapman Eugene Cloutier
Lawrence Costello Leon M. Crannell
Chas. Cruthers Clarence Sawyer
William Van Dersluys Thomas Dorman
Max Fosmire William Hayes
Harland Bovel Henry Satterlee
Percy H. Finch Harry Potter
Geo. H. Farley Jr. Byron Chapman
Jay Earl Walter Ferguson
John Kissinger Clayton Sawyer
Tillotson Trevett Ernest Stutzke
George Webber William White
John Crosthwait James Crawford Jr.
Clayton Bartlett F. Donald Seward
Arthur E. Seward William Sherman
Everett Sharrett Alvin Lengfield
Victor Graves Joseph Galarneau
Robt Husted Chambers Delbert Brewer
Carlton Bovee Samuel Betor
Roy Crannell Frank Galarneau
Ralph Hickok Raymond Burns


Notes from Gordon Cornell, Broadalbin Historian:

Roy Spencer and Leon Seward died while in the service of their country. Their deaths were due to illness however, and not due to combat.

Lee Walsh was killed in action in France. His full name was Robert Lee Walsh. The local American Legion Post is named --- Robert Lee Walsh Post No. 337.

Harold Pitts---- I knew Harold, Howard, Frances, and Helen as well as their father William. Their surname was spelled Pitt.

Louis Cornell---- This is my late father who ALWAYS spelled his name Lewis Cornell.

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