The Civil War:
Report of the Death of Daniel Gustin


Copied from LeRoy Ruller's files, from a meeting.  Kindly contributed to the site by descendant, Robert Ruller.

Death of Daniel Gustin

As announced in our last [meeting], Daniel W. Gustin, a member of Captain Cuyler's Company from this village died in camp near Alexander, Va., on Thursday evening, Nov, 6.  His remains arrived at Fonda on Wednesday and were taken in charge by a delegation of the Johnstown Light guard, of which the deceased was a member and brought to his late residence in this village, and buried by the company attended by the Fonda Cornet Band, with military honors, the same afternoon.  Rev. Mr. Marshall of the M. E. Church officiated and after some appropriate remarks, read the following letters received by the family of deceased, which have been handed to us for publication:

Letter from quartermaster Livingston, Alexander, Va
Nov 7th 1862


I have been selected to perform the painful duty of informing you of the death of your husband, Daniel Gustin, which occurred last night at 10 o'clock.  He was taken Sunday last while apparently in good health, with bleeding of the lungs.  He received the best of care, both from the surgeon and from the officers and soldiers of his company who seemed to vie with each other in furnishing him with every attention and delicacy so soothing in the sick chamber.  He expired easily and without a murmur.  His company haved raised among themselves a fund to have his body embalmed and sent to Fonda.  The process of embalming is going on now and the body will be express on Monday morning, and should, the express agents say, arrive at Fonda on Wednesday the 12th.  I telegraphed the news to Daniel Stewart this day.

Hoping you will receive comfort and support in your affliction from him who doeth all things well.

I am, with respect, yours,
D. C. Livingston




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