Dwella Groff

Civil War Veteran


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Civil War Veteran: 
Enlisted at age 22, on Aug 14, 1862 at Wells.  
Company K, 115th Regiment NY Vol. 

He was captured at Harper's Ferry on September 15th, 1862 and paroled on the 16th.  Dwella was wounded and captured at Deep Bottom, Virginia, on Aug 16, 1864.

Buried in Olmsted Cemetery, Northville, Fulton Co, N. Y. near cedar trees in the back of the cemetery. There, a very nice stone is displayed with plaque about his military service.

Family of Dwella Groff

Parents of Dwella Groff

1.  NICHOLAS GROFF  (son of John P.) was born 1814 in Hope, Hamilton Co. NY, and died August 28, 1895 in Northville, NY- buried in Kings Cemetery, Sacandaga Park.  He married Caroline Kent abt. 1839.


1. MALONA GROFF, b. 1835, Fulton Co., NY; d. 1900, Fulton Co., NY.; grave moved from Cranberry Creek Cemetery to Sacandaga Park.

2. DWELLA GROFF, b. February 24, 1840, New York State; d. January 17, 1923, Northville, NY.  He married Esther H. Tyrell, daughter of Gershom Tyrell and Sally Hall.


1. MINNIE GROFF, b. July 17, 1869; d. August 17, 1869, Infant 30 days. Buried in Olmstead Cemetery, Northville, NY.
2. ZINA GROFF, b. September 1870, Northville, NY; d. November 30, 1877.
3. MAGGIE GROFF, b. September 1873, Northville, NY; d. December 28, 1877, 4 years 7 months.

3. PHEOBE M. GROFF, b. 1846, New York State.

4. JOHN PETER GROFF, b. 1848, New York State; d. January 17, 1923,
Gloversville, Fulton Co., NY.
  He married Caroline Ford on June 3, 1872 in Northville Methodist Church, Northville, NY. They are buried in Ferndale Cemetery, Johnstown, NY.  On the day that John died, the family went to Northville to tell his brother Dwella, only to find that Dwella had died the same day.

Children of JOHN GROFF and CAROLINE FORD are:

1. Fred Groff, b. February 7, 1875; d. September 28, 1906.
2. Laura Groff, b. April 18, 1876, New York State.
3. Julia Groff, b. February 2, 1878, New York State; d. July 13, 1915; m. Lorenzo Blowers.
4. Mary Louise Groff, b. October 16, 1880, New York State; m. Roscoe Bumstead.
5. Sarah Groff, b. 1882, North Greenfield, Saratoga Co., NY; 
d. October 24, 1889, Greenfield, NY. Age at death 7 yrs. 1 month 2 days, buried in South Corinth, Saratoga County, NY.
6. ARTHUR J. GROFF, b. April 4, 1884, New York State; 
d. 1958, Johnstown, Fulton Co., NY.  Burial: Ferndale Cemetery, Johnstown, NY.
7. Tressa Blanche Groff, b. August 3, 1886, New York State; d. January 12, 1954; m. Leo G. Hallenbeck, June 14, 1905.
8. Ransford H. Groff, b. October 17, 1888, New York State; d. February 4, 1957, Gloversville, Fulton Co., New York; m. Mary Ackerbauer.
9. Florence Groff, b. May 15, 1892, New York State; d. 1968; m. Frank L. Muddle.
10. Clarence Peter Groff, b. February 12, 1895, New York State; d.
December 28, 1976, Gloversville, NY, buried in Broadalbin Village Cemetery, NY.
11. Henry Bushnell Groff (twin), b. May 28, 1896; d. July 31, 1981,
Gloversville, Fulton Co., New York; m. (1) Nellie Nellis; m. (2) Gladys Dovey; m. (3) Ruth Sherwood.  Henry owned Henry B. Groff Glove Company.
12. Harry Groff (twin), b. May 28, 1896; d. 1896, died in infancy.
13. Rose Groff, b. July 25, 1889, North Greenfield, Saratoga County, NY; d. September 16, 1889, Greenfield, NY.

5. ELIPHALET GROFF, b. 1850; d. October 22, 1863, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY.  Age at death: 13 yrs., 2 months, 4 days;  Burial: Wadsworth Cemetery, Hope, Hamilton Co., NY


(Please note that I have only listed the children I know about, If there are any corrections or additions, please contact me - thank you, Marcia Buffet.)


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