By James F. Morrison

Bicentennial Project of the County of Fulton
Published by the Fulton County Bicentennial History Committee


Picture above:  American Revolutionary Battle Monument, 
located in Johnstown.  
A memorial gift from our Eastern/Southern neighbor, Martha Magill 
at Herkimer/Montgomery County GenWeb



    A History of Fulton County in Revolution deals with all men known to have lived in Fulton County during and with all raids, battles and other incidents that happened within its boundaries

    All battles and incidents are listed in chronological order and all soldiers in the text area n alphabetical order following Battles, Raids and Incidents.

    I am indebted to our Fulton County Historian, Robert M. Palmer, to the Town and Village of Mayfield Historian Albert Niles, Robert Bedford, a local historian and mostly of all, Lewis G. Decker, the Fulton County Bicentennial Co-ordinator, Advisor of the Yorker Post 1776 and a fellow member of the Reactivated Third Regiment of Tryon County Militia.  I am also indebted to the staff of the Department of History in the Old Court House in Fonda and to the Gloversville and Johnstown Libraries.  I want to thank all the above mentioned for valuable help and most of all for the time they spent in helping me in my preparation of this book.

James F. Morrison

September 16, 1976, Gloversville, New York



This book, in its entirety, is transcribed and broken out here in chapters.
Author, James F. Morrison of Gloversville, 
has generously provided a copy for Fulton County's GenWeb.


Table of Contents:

Battles, Raids, and Incidents

Battle of Johnstown

Rosters of Men who fought in the Battle of Johnstown

The Soldiers and Their Stories:
Go to Soldiers A - D
John Apply, Zepheniah Batcheller, Jeremiah Crowley, Benjamin Deline, John Dockstader, Ebenzer Dunham John Dunham

Go to Soldiers D - K
James & John Dunn, John Eikler, Henry Hart, Henry Kelly, Leonard Kretzer, Lodowick Kring

Go to Soldiers L - P
Capt. John Little, Isaac Mason, Jeremiah Mason, John Mason, Adam Plank

Go to Soldiers P - S
John Putnam, Lodowick Putnam, Richard Putnam, Capt. Nicholas Rechtor, William Scarborough, Johan Scholl, John Scholl

Go to Soldiers S
Joseph Scott, Godfrey Shew, Henry Shew, Jacob Shew, John Shew, Stephen Shew, Peter Shite, William Smith, John Sponable, Amasa Stephens, Henry Stoner, John Stoner, Nicholas Stoner

Go to Soldiers V - W
David Van Sickler, Selah Woodworth, Solomon Woodworth, William Wallace

Go to Soldiers Y
Christian Yanney, Henry Yanney, Peter Yost, Jr., Geroge Youker, Jacob Youker, John Youker



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