World War I


The following article was kindly contributed by Carolyn Deming Bayer. It was originally printed in the newspaper, " The Leader-Republican", 
dated April 8, 1918.


Johnstown Has Men in Nearly Every Branch of Service –
One Girl Enrolled.

The anniversary of the entrance of the United States into the war for the making of the world safe for democracy, finds two hundred and sixteen of Johnstown’s sons in the nation’s service, and one girl who has taken up Red Cross work abroad.

Johnstown has also responded nobly to all patriotic movements which have taken place in connection with the war during the past year. In addition to having representatives in nearly every branch of army and navy work, the citizens have showed they are behind the boys who are to go "over there" by giving of their time and money for the various agencies which are part and parcel of this great movement to make this world a safe and better place in which to live.

A glance at the list of names of boys in service should act as an incentive to spend Johnstown’s quota for the next Liberty Loan, so that this city will be among the first to earn the honor flag offered by the government. The following list is the eighth bulletin issued by the Home Service Section of the Johnstown chapter, American Red Cross and any corrections or additions should be reported to H. B. Northrup, chairman of the section.

Abel, Alton W.
Ackernecht, Walter, 102 W. Fulton.
Adamovitch, Steven, 8 John St.
Albrecht, Jacob F., 1 First Ave.
Allen, John A., 2 New Montgomery.
Anderson, Arch, 4 Parkwood Ave.
Anderson, Earl, 4 Parkwood Ave.
Antis, Andrew J., 4 Christie St.
Argersinger, J. P., 107 S. William.
Arnsfield, S. Raymond, 17-1/2 North Melcher.
Baker, George.
Barbour, Breese F., 9 West Fulton.
Bevington, John St. George, 315 S. Glebe.
Bila, John.
Billington, Frank M., 16 Burton.
Blow, Evert, 10 Glebe.
Bordis, Frank, 3 Hamilton.
Bradt, Alden, East Main.
Brodt, Eldon, E. Main St.
Burke, Thomas E. Jr., 115 E. Clinton.
Burke, Frank J., 115 E. Clinton.
Burns, Fred, 3 Gilbert.
Burns, James, 3 Gilbert.
Butler, B. Raymond, 305 South William.
Calderwood, Wm. H., 112 Hoosac.
Carskey, Edward, 7 Nicholas.
Colantori, Guisesppi, 10 Charles St.
Canfield, Francis, 21 E. Clinton.
Causse, Amie, 122 E. Main.
Chapin, Walter, Baker street.
Christman, Ernest, 310 Penn. Ave.
Clute, Fred.
Coffe, Mario.
Connelly, ____, Cady street.
Connelly, Michael, Cady street.
Connolly, Patrick, Cady street.
Cridland, Frederick D., 3 Beaver.
Cross, Harold, East Main street.
Curran, Edward, 122 E. Main.
Dean, W. F., S. William.
Deming, Milton.
Denkert, James R., 198 Wells.
Deyoe, Frank, 108 W. Madison.
Dienst, Frank E., 10 Burton.
Dobipas, John.
Dorn, George.
Dovey, Earl, 111 E. State.
Dowden, Joseph, 3 Knox Ave.
Duffy, Edward, 126 Prospect.
Duffy, George, Sir Wm. Johnson hotel.
Dunn, James P., 318 N. Perry St.
Dye, Asa Henry, Jansen avenue.
Dye, Harold, 126 Washington.
Eisenman, Charles, 13 Worden St.
Everest, Dewitt, 20[8?] Second Ave.
Fitchtingle, Stephen, 205 Byard St.
Finnegan, Walter, 26 Collingwood.
Falbo, Carmelo, 19 W. Montgomery.
Flynn, Martin Jr., 117 Prospect.
Fogarty, Fred, S. William St.
Fulton, Scidmore, 14 E. Montgomery.
Glynn, Emmett A., 527 N. Market.
Groff, George, 703 S. Perry.
Goodemote, Harold, N. Market and Fulton.
Grant, Leonard W., 101 S. Perry.
Haban, Michael, North Perry.
Grovenburg, John.
Hackney, George S., 11 N. Melcher.
Hanson, Fred, 6 E. State.
Hart, Harry B., 526 N. Perry.
Hawley, James L., 63 E. Main St.
Hayner, Walter J., 101 Water.
Hays, John E., S. William.
Hayward, Harry, 23 Worden.
Hennelly, Edw., Prospect street.
Hespelt, William C., 426 N. Perry.
Hees, Clarence, 209 Wells.
Hess, Reginald, 209 Wells.
Hinds, Harold, 405 Glebe St.
Hlozansky, Stanilaus, Yost St.
Hoffman, Charles L., 4 South Chase.
Hook, Edward.
Hornett, John Jr., 27 S. William.
Houghton, Frank, 204 Wells.
House, Fred, 2 Spring St.
Hurd, Samuel, Water St.
Hutchens, Harold, 303 S. William.
Ingersoll, Ervin R., 113 E. Clinton Ave.
Irish, Lewis Henry, 183 E. Main.
Jurik, Frank, 39 W. Main.
Joel, Claude, Prospect St.
Joyce, Patrick, 103 Pearl St.
Jerome, Chauncey, 111 Mason.
Kakavouler, George.
Kane, William A., 11 Fisher Ave.
Kane, Richard, 11 Fisher Ave.
Kaufman, John A., 326 N. Perry
Keaveney, Frank, 111 Prospect St.
Keaveney, Joseph M., 111 Prospect St.
Kilmer, Alexander, 1 Beaver.
King, Richard, 11 Fisher Ave.
Knox, James E., S. William.
Kring, Raymond, 3 Glenwood Ave.
Lanning, Patrick, 22 E. Clinton St.
Lee, Thomas P., 109 Prospect St. 
Lamb, Percy J., 10 Hamilton.
Leek, Charles, 10 Court.
Liddle, Henry R., 230 N. Perry.
Leppert, William, 212 N. Perry St.
Lince, Grover B., 3 Grand St.
Little, Elmer, 1 N. Melcher.
Lorenc, Stephan.
Lucas, Ernest, 102 E. William.
Lyon, J., 1 Snyder Ave.
Mackey, Leo.
Maloney, George M., 200 Glebe.
Masarik, Kristian, R. F. D. No. 2, Gloversville.
McLaughlin, Wallace F.
McGuire, Hugh, Pearl St.
McGuire, James J., 216 Burton St.
McGuire, Frederick, 216 Burton St.
McMartin, Walker, 202 S. Market.
Merrick, Bentley, 304 S. Melcher.
Meserve, Sidney B., 12 Court.
Mihalik, Fabian, Mill St.
Miller, Leon P., 25 Cady St.
Miller, Howard, 15 Veghte.
Mills, Lawrence P., Second Ave.
Muhlberger, Fred J., 413 Clinton.
Myers, Wm. R., 4 Matthew.
Nellis, William, 416 W. Clinton.
Nellis, Stephen, 416 W. Clinton.
Newburger, Richard, 15 Matthew St.
Neuendorf, F. N., Market St.
Nixon, Orville, 531 N. Market.
Nolan, M. E., S. William.
Northrup, J. A., S. William.
O’Brien, James V., Sir William Hotel.
Oliver, George H., 104 W. Madison.
Passero, Samuel, 304 W. State.
Pathe, Earl G., 15 E. Fulton.
Pitman, Everett, 402 Glebe.
Pierson, Paul, East Main.
Putman, Everett M., 160 E. Main.
Quilhot, Harold J., 2 Jansen Ave.
Rekemyer, Alfred R., 200 Wells.
Rekemyer, Harry.
Richter, Harry F., 12 Wells.
Ripton, Leonard W., 123 E. Clinton.
Riska, Joeff, Ext. Mill St.
Riska, Lewis H., 111 Wa_e street.
Rizzo, Carmelo, 3 Reservoir.
Roucoules, Marcellus, 110 W. Fulton.
Rowles, Harwood, 510 S. William St.
Rudd, Roy A., 103 Meadow.
Russo, Concett, 121 N. Market.
Ryan, Joseph M., 108 Dove.
Santorallo, Louis, 316 W. Main.
Snyder, Fred E., 10 Water.
Shadow, Charles, 114 Mason street.
Scott, Elvin, 109 Burton.
Scott, Floyd, 106 Burton.
Scott, George, 412 N. Perry.
Showerman, Donald W., 107 N. Chase.
Shubert, Grover C., 15 Chestnut.
Shults, Edward, Knox Ave.
Shults, Dr. Byron, 1 Knox Ave.
Simek, Frank, Yost St.
Simmons, Ward, 114 Hoosac St.
Sitterly, Orville.
Skola, Mike, 126 Mill St.
Skoda, Clement, 111 Water St.
Slovic, Frank, 14 John.
Smith, Charles Lewis, 205 Burton.
Smith, Edward, 45 Chestnut.
Smith, Everett, 4 Prindle Ave.
Smith, Nelson J., 111 Mason.
Snow, Merrill, Whitmore Ave.
Staley, Seward C., Veghte St.
Steenburgh, George, 18 Hoosac.
Stephens, Herbert, 5 Yost.
Stewart, Archie, 104 E. Clinton.
Subik, John, Hillside Park.
Svech, Martin, 10 E. Canal.
Sweeney, Edward, 151 E. State.
Sweeney, Richard, 151 E. State.
Traplinek, Paul, 111 Water.
Ten Eyck, George, 129 N. Perry.
Tipper, Frank, 2 Dove.
Todd, Reuben, 8 Veghte.
Tipper, Frank, 2 Dove St.
Tipper, William J., 2 Dove.
Torrey, Eugene L., 242 N. Perry.
Trumbull, Edward.
Tymeson, Charles P., E. Main.
Ulrich, Charles, 713 S. Perry St.
Ulrich, Philip, 713 S. Perry.
Vacek, George, 108 W. Fulton.
Van Sickler, Rynier, 510 N. Market.
Vedder, Sterling H., 25 N. Melcher.
Voight, Charles, 132 E. Montgomery.
Wagner, William.
Waite, Alfred, E. Main Street.
Walrath, Sherman, Walnut & Percy.
Walters, Floyd V. H., 210 S. Melcher.
Ward, Joseph H.
Wauffle, Charles, 4 Burton.
Webb, Cyril, Maple Ave.
Webb, Harold, Maple avenue.
Wells, John E., 209 S. William.
Wells, William, 203 S. William.
Wessel, Harry, 15 Whitmore Ave.
Wilbur, Jay S., 525 N. Market.
Windsor, Charles Riehl, 320 West Main St.
Wilt, Antone, 5 Walnut.
Woodward, George H., Elmwood Ave.
Wright, Frank, 14 E. Montgomery.
Yost, Ernest, 12 Fisher Ave.
Younglove, Joseph R., 14 Hoosac.


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