Women's Auxiliary
Johnstown, World War I


Mrs. Edward Wells, President



Mrs. Edward Wells, President
Mrs. Clarence Liddle, First Vice-President
Miss Marie Jensch, Second Vice-President
Miss Mabel Pitman, Secretary
Miss Ethel Finnegan, Treasurer
Mrs. Bethune M. Grant, Jr., Historian
Mrs. F. M. Neuendorf, Trustee
Mrs. Walker McMartin, Trustee
Mrs. A. B. Wassung, Trustee


Mrs. Clarence Liddle Miss Marie Jensch
Miss Mabel Pitman Miss Ethel Finnegan
Mrs. B. M. Grant, Jr. Mrs. F. M. Neuendorf
Mrs. Walker McMartin Mrs. A. B. Wassung


With the founding of the American Legion as a national organization having as its avowed objects among other things, "the preservation of memories and incidents in the Great War," and "the safeguarding and transmission to posterity of the principles of justice, freedom and democracy," nothing is more natural than that mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of Legionnaires should have a part in the fulfillment of these worthy objects.

That the womanhood of the nation in various phases of war activities performed its duties and met its responsibilities in the most trying times of the great conflict is a matter of fact fully recorded in the annals of the great war.

In full recognition of these facts, the founders of the Legion wisely incorporated within the organization provisions for the establishment of women's auxiliaries, to act in connection with the thousands of local posts scattered throughout the nation. That these auxiliaries would exert a most potent influence for good has already been amply demonstrated, and although the Woman's Auxiliary to Johnstown Post 472, American Legion, is, comparatively speaking, still in its infancy, its co-operation with the Post and its influence has already been keenly felt.

The problem of furnishing the quarters of Johnstown Post was largely solved through the efforts and generous response of the Woman's Auxiliary. When the first observance of the signing of the armistice was celebrated in Johnstown last year, Johnstown Post 472 received - again through the generosity of the auxiliary - its colors, and the presentation on November 11th, 1920, in front of Johnstown's historic old Court House proved to be one of the really notable features of a splendid celebration. But a feature of that program which touched the hearts of all Johnstown ex-service men and which won for the Auxiliary the warm praise and heartfelt gratitude of the boys was the delicious and substantial repast served in Eagles' Hall.

The scope of the Auxiliary's future program is, however, broader and more far-reaching than can be fully appreciated at this time. With the organization of the Woman's Auxiliary of Johnstown Post fully completed and awaiting the receipt of a charter, its co-operation and influence will be more keenly felt and more deeply appreciated by all.


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